My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    

My Writing Group

First of all, I need to make clear that the Writing Group is only mine by the fact that I am a member of it. It was started by and is led by Jessie E. Turner, an already published poet and fantasy writer. We have met weekly at times, but currently are meeting monthly at her home, not all of us attending every time. It is to this group of people, more than anyone else, with the exception of God, that I will indeed be grateful when I finally publish my novel (or novels).

I feel I am getting good support and encouragement for my writing from the group. I occasionally read a poem, but generally, I have been working on my "Sam and the Sea" story.

* Jessie's novels are about people, magicians, and dragons. She now has her own website, Also, see some of Jesse E. Turner's Poetry (posted here with permission).

* Cheryl sometimes brings something she is writing.

* Dick is writing a fiction story based on his childhood experiences and historical occurrences of southwestern Oregon. His chapters always make me feel like I am there.

* Marla is new to the group and I haven't heard from her writing yet, but she brings good comments to the group.

* Noelene's story is fiction, but based on what she has learned of fighting and preventing cancer naturally. It is set in England and includes the language, customs, and feel of England.

* Sharon is working on a Star Trek novel, and I am impressed by how well it compares with the few other Star Trek novels I have read.

* Stacey is writing a fantasy novel with a magical forest, magical creatures, and a mind-reading dragon.

* My novel, growing out of the little piece, Sam and the Sea, and bearing that name until I find a better one, started with the simple act of imagining a man standing on a cliff over the sea waiting for the sunrise. With the encouragement of the group, a new world opened up in my mind. I do not know where literary inspiration comes from, whether it comes only from what's within oneself, or to what degree it may come from outside of oneself. In any case, I believe I learn about myself and others when writing about my characters. I now have a whole world to explore within my mind. There I sometimes meet new characters. I hope my readers will enjoy that world as well as I am.