My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    

My Work History

(chronological order)


December 1960 to May 1964: Paper Carrier ($40/mo.) The Capital Journal
     Salem, OR
     Wrapped and delivered newspapers,
     collected money from customers.
     Named Paperboy of the Month for February 1964.

June 1964 to May 1966: Paper Carrier ($40/mo.) The Oregon Statesman
     Salem, OR
     Wrapped and delivered newspapers,
     collected money from customers.

1966: Janitor The Vogue of Salem
     Salem, OR
     Emptied garbage, vacuumed carpets for a dress shop.

Sept 1966 to May 1967: Janitor (PT, $1/hr.) Judson Baptist College
     9201 N.E. Fremont St. Portland, OR 97220
     Emptied garbage, cleaned restrooms, took care of floors.

June 1966, 1967 & 1968: General Laborer ($1.95/hr.) Willamette Cherry Growers, Inc.
     1520 Woodrow St. N.E. Salem, OR
     Unloaded cherry boxes from trucks.

July-September 1966, 1967 & 1968: General Laborer ($1.95/hr.) California Packing Corp.,
     Del Monte Cannery,      1250 Mill St. S.E. Salem, OR
     Controlled flow of beans on belts, swept beans from the
     floor, loaded canned beans into containers.

Christmas Vacation 1967: General Laborer Pilgrim Turkey Packers
     Front Street, Salem, OR
     Thawed frozen turkeys.

Winter 1966 to 1967: Box boy (PT, $1.60/hr.) Harold's Shopeteria
     8535 N.E. Fremont St. Portland, OR
     Bagged and carried groceries.

March 1968 to May 1968: Assistant Baker ($1.60/hr.) Teeny's Middle East Bakery
     80th & Stark St. Portland, OR
     Assisted in mixing, forming, and preparing the dough for pocket bread.

March 1969 to August 1969: Bicycle Messenger ($1.63/hr.) Western Union Telegraph Co.
     545 Court St. N.E. Salem, OR 97301
     Averaged 40 miles a day delivering telegrams over the entire Salem area. Joined the Army.

August 1969 to February 1972: Reproduction Equipment Repairman (E-5) U.S. Army
     Ft. Lewis, WA; Oakland Army Base, CA; Ft. Belvoir, VA; Sukiran Army Base, Okinawa.
     While waiting for the Reproduction Equipment Repair course to start,
     I pulled Kitchen Police, Charge of Quarters, and Guard Duty.
     I learned to disassemble, reassemble, and repair printing presses
     and related equipment. In my fully trained capacity, I helped keep
     the offset printing presses running, and kept the spare parts room
     stocked and organized.

April 1972 (1 week): Tree Planter Barry's Tree Farm
     Salem, OR 97301
     Planted Christmas trees. Rain ended the tree planting.

April 1972 to May 1972: Assistant Truck Loader ($1.25/hr.) Hopfer's Trucking

3152 Alberta Av. N.E. Salem, OR 97301

I worked with the driver of the Goodwill truck, loading and unloading it. Was called to work at K-Mart.

May 1972 to 1973: Custodian ($2.25/hr.) K-Mart

2470 Mission St. S.E. Salem, OR 97302

I worked with one other to empty garbage, sweep and mop the floors, occasionally stripping and waxing them. Cleaned restrooms. They claimed they didn't fire me, and I claimed I didn't quit. A hearing agreed with me.

April 1973 to May 1974: Janitor ($2.25/hr.) ABC Window Cleaners 

630 Marion Street N.E. Salem, OR 97301

As teams, usually in twos, went from business to business on a schedule, cleaning offices and buildings, emptying garbage, sweeping, mopping, stripping & waxing floors, and cleaning bathrooms.

May 1974 to March 1976: Night Desk & Custodian Y.M.C.A. of Salem, Oregon

685 Court St. N.E. Salem, OR 97301

Managed the front desk, rented rooms, answered the phone, made wake-up calls. Maintained floors, walls, cleaned furniture, restrooms, gathered waste.

March 1976 to April 1992: Calender Operator ($12/hr) Asten Dryer Fabrics, Inc., formerly Asten-Hill Mfg. Co.

859 7th St. N.W. Salem, OR 97304

Operated calender for heating, stretching, smoothing, sizing, and chemically treating dryer fabrics. Wrote programs for laptop computer to help monitor condition of fabrics, and insure accuracy of procedures. Participated in Team Management, Attendance Rules Team & Quality Assurance Team.

June 1992 to June 1993: Writing and Computer Tutor ($5/hr) Chemeketa Community College, Information Technology Group

Salem, OR 97301

Assisted students with basic use of computers. Helped students with applications: Lotus 123, Word Perfect, Windows, DOS. Managed desk: assigned equipment to students, answered the phone, took head count every half-hour.

1994 to 1994: Telephone Surveyor ($?/hr.) Public Affairs Counsel (The Nelson Report)

Salem, OR 97301

Used my home phone to phone people from a list, ask them questions from a list, and record their answers.

January 4, 1994 to July 1994: Tape Clerk (minimum wage) Brandon Systems, Corporation

One Kaiser Plaza, Suite 635 Oakland, CA 94612

Worked on a project for BASF being handled by StorageTek of Texas, copying old data tapes for the State of Oregon onto new data tapes. Brandon supplied the manpower. I worked the Graveyard shift by myself, another worked Swing shift, and two others worked Day shift.

November 15, 1994 to April 15, 2002: Computer Programmer ($2,250/mo.) Agency Automation, Inc.

14136 S.E. Stark St. Portland, OR 97233 but currently: 2251 E Hancock St. Ste #202 Newberg, OR 97132

Maintaining Specialty Auto modules already “out there”, i.e., making improvements in technique, logic, or in the look of the output. Updating the modules per company changes and revisions. Finding and correcting errors or problems found with our existing modules. Writing modules for New Markets. Letting Distribution know when changes are ready to be sent out. Documenting the process, both in the modules, as well as in the database, and by email to others. Attended two-day course in Visual Basic 4.0 presented by Application Developers, provided by the Company. Was made manager of the project to convert the Specialty Auto modules from DOS-based BASIC to Windows-based Visual Basic with VB 4.0. I wrote a number of programs to help automate parts of the programming process.