My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    

The Source of MAGIC


According to Wikipedia,
"Magic, sometimes known as sorcery, is a conceptual system that asserts human ability to control the natural world (including events, objects, people, and physical phenomena) through mystical, paranormal or supernatural means."

"Magic is a performing art that entertains an audience by creating illusions of impossible or supernatural feats, using purely natural means. These feats are called magic tricks, effects or illusions."


What is the Source of Magic?  I will tell you what I believe. I believe the Source of Magic is the Source of all things, God. By the power of God all things were created, Man was placed on the earth, and dominion was given to him.

After the Fall, Adam was given certain tasks to perform to restore that fellowship he had once had with his Creator. And Priesthood, the power to act in the name of God, was given to him to help him perform those tasks.

Some of Adamís children, like Cain, chose other ways such as murder to gain power, wealth, and approval, even making pacts with each other and with the devil, Godís adversary. Through designs devised by men or ďinspiredĒ by Satan (the meaning of mystical is initiated), Godís power and priesthood were imitated and perverted.

Godís ďMagicĒ is real. Satanís magic is fraud, deception, and lies. He has no real power over any of us unless we surrender to him, and Christ has the power to redeem all if we surrender to Him. The magic of mortal men is merely entertainment and trickery.

Is it any wonder that men who didnít want to follow Godís plan, chose to find other ways to gain these powers, if only by deceiving themselves? Over the millennia, magicians have developed all sorts of practices to help them appear to know the future and manipulate the world around them. Today we have fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot cards, ouija boards, etc. Seeking to speak with spirits of the dead, which Satan could only imitate, men became involved with devils. And yet, when the witch of Endor called upon her familiar spirit by the command of king Saul, she was astonished when God sent the real Samuel to speak with Saul. Magicians use magic wands, kinda like Mosesí rod, used to gobble up snakes, turn the rivers to blood, and part the Red Sea.

God works miracles. They may have ďnaturalĒ explanations, but because of timing, etc., they are still miracles. Some people seem to feel that if you can explain it, it wasnít a miracle, or, if you canít explain it, it couldnít have happened. To my way of thinking, if you can explain how it happened, you still have to explain why it happened when and where it did, and to only those people and not to others. And if you canít explain it, well, maybe we donít understand God as well as we thought we did.

Yes, I believe in Magic!  When I am still, I can feel the power of God around me. I see it in life everywhere. I see it in the beauty of His creation and in the kind actions of people one to another. I have used His priesthood power to heal and to give comfort, to perform ordinances for the living, and to act as proxy in ordinances for the dead who cannot do it for themselves, being out of the body. I have known His power to guide me in important decisions and felt His power to comfort when I was grieving. Science cannot answer all the important questions, as useful as it is. God has all the answers. God has all the power. He knows our pasts and He knows our futures, because He has known us longer than we know ourselves.

by David E. Sawyer, January 3, 2008