My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    

National Integrity? - 2007

Four years ago, this nation re-entered the war with Iraq for good reasons, though not all of them may have been correct. Even so, some of those good goals remain. Thousands have died in pursuit of those goals. I would not have their deaths be in vain.

What are those reasons? For me, they are:

  1. To fight terrorism. No one can deny that there are terrorists there. What does it matter if they are Al-Qeda or some other terrorist group? We defeated and removed Sadaam Hussein and his henchmen.
  2. To foster an Iraqi government in which they can have real representation.
  3. To represent the principles of democracy, freedom, and individual rights.
  4. If the oil is so important, and it appears the world does need it, To protect and defend the resources there.

Some are comparing the Iraq War with the Viet Nam War. If they are right, shouldn't we have learned from history? If we back out, we will be repeating history. If we quit, we are saying that the principles upon which our own nation was founded are no longer worth fighting and dying for. Why should we expect the Iraqis, who have not known these things, to feel to fight and die for them, if we will no longer do so?

Have we so lost the courage and integrity of our forefathers? Do we deserve the blessings of heaven to which we have become accustomed? Time will tell.

Some people want never to have a war. I sympathize. But they seem to think they can have peace without wars. Not yet, anyway. We cannot afford to turn our backs on our neighbors. It's un-American. Some are weary of missing their loved ones and worrying for those who are at war. I deeply sympathize. Some are discouraged by the talk they hear and are losing hope. Our hope is not in strength of arms, but in Jesus Christ, or Jehovah (they mean the same to me but not to all). I say to all: Look to God above for hope and endure the good fight. No lasting reward is of the earth only, but here is where we stand.

January 27, 2007