My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


Third Marriage - Jane and I

Dave & Jane (1978 - 1986)

1978 - 1986

I met my third wife on the phone late in 1977. She was four years older than I, and was born a "blue baby." When she was six, she had undergone open heart surgery. That was only supposed to last until she reached her teens -- She was already 33 when I met her.

Our courtship was not what you would probably consider normal. We became very good friends, but the divorce was not final yet, so we always had people around when we met. She was a pianist and a cake decorator. She taught me to crochet and knit, but I preferred crocheting. I crocheted a six-foot granny square afghan before we married.

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In 1978 we were married and sealed for eternity in the Idaho Falls Temple. She was proxy for my first wife as well, to whom I was also sealed at that time.

I was in an auto accident in November 1979 and broke my right femur, collapsed a lung, and got a gash below my right eye. They put a steel pin in my femur so I wouldn't have to wear a cast for several months.

We moved later to the same downtown apartment building where my first wife and I had started out, moved to a downstairs apartment, and then moved out north on Hwy 99E. Then we got the opportunity to move to a small house across the street from her parents. We had been fairly inactive in the Church after leaving West Salem, and became active again with a little encouragement from our new bishop. We had the opportunity to have my son Ernie with us for a while when his mother went to California to be with her mother until she died.

My wife and I were married for eight years before her health began to fail. For the last three months of her life, she needed a tank of oxygen wherever she went. The doctors had told me that her health was at a new plateau, so I expected it would go on that way for a while. She had been telling me for a while that she was dying, and I would respond with, "We are all dying," but she really knew. About a week before she died, her parents called me over to their house to tell me that the doctors had told them that she was dying. They didn't want to tell her, and I was always with her. It was really hard for her, and I gave her all the support I could once I understood she was really dying.

She died early in the morning of October 1st, and I discovered it when I woke. I phoned 911, said I was pretty sure my wife was dead, and asked them not to use the sirens as her aging parents were asleep in the house across the street. I gained a lot of comfort from the family that met at that occasion, and even Ernie's mother asked me if I wanted to have Ernie with me. At first I said that he should be in school, but later decided that I really needed to have him with me, and he probably needed it too. When I took Ernie back, I visited with his mother. After discussing recent events, we both had the feeling that my late wife had been trying to make it so Ernie's mother and I might get back together again. Certainly, we were able to converse normally for a change.

I was apprehensive about the first night I would have to spend alone in the house. When it came, I got a surprise. I had the experience of being surrounded with the Holy Ghost, and shown that my wife is now happier than she had ever been here on earth, and that her pain is gone. I was ecstatic. I was full of joy the next day at the funeral, which must have seemed odd to many.