My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


The Search Resumes

1972 - 1973

As will happen, two Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door. While she was still living, Sandy asked me not to talk to them, though I had been willing to hear them out. For her sake I turned them away then, but this time I let them in and listened to them. First off, they believed that when people die, they do not exist until the resurrection. I think that idea influenced me some, Sandy having recently died. They also told me that the Trinity doctrine that I had been raised with was wrong. I studied it out and had to agree - the Bible doesn't teach it. I attended their meetings and even went door to door with them for awhile.

I saw Bev again. She and a blind friend, Kay Harn, were downtown. They came to my place, visited, and stayed overnight. She was attending a college in Monmouth, Oregon. We renewed our acquaintance, but it was never the same as before. Before I learned that, however, I moved to Monmouth, Oregon. I shared a remodeled garage with a male student attending the same college. I commuted about twenty miles to work each night by bicycle, and back home again in the mornings.

At work, they let go some of our custodial crew and hired ABC Window Cleaners to come in to do some of the work. I and the oldest of the custodians remained. Then I could only work three days a week. And then they laid me off, but claimed I had quit. After a hearing by the Employment Office, I got my Unemployment benefits and I was soon hired by ABC Window Cleaners, who already knew me and my work.

After three months in Monmouth, I moved back to Salem, to a first floor studio apartment on State Street. The manager seemed friendly, but he soon began talking about turning my front closet into a small restroom. The next month the manager talked me into moving into a larger apartment (with it's own bathroom) for $10 more per month.

The next month, the manager talked me into moving upstairs, to a room with a view (and its own bathroom), for another $10 per month. I met Elaine, the woman who would become my second wife while I was moving upstairs. We got acquainted while she was moving into my old apartment. The following month, the manager was still trying to make changes to my living situation. I moved out to an apartment in South Salem. But Elaine was having trouble with the manager harassing her and I went back to help her.

At first, I stayed with her at night for her protection, but I ended up living with her. I got rid of my South Salem apartment and we moved together to a house on Lee Street, which turned out to be too expensive (the utilities), and we moved again to an apartment on Bellevue St.