My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    

My Daughter, Christina

Christina's 4th Grade Photo


Christina was born in Salem, Oregon, six days late. I think it was because it was snowing on her due date (her mother and my first anniversary). Even so, she was always small as a youngster, in the fifth percentile. Her doctor was concerned about it and sent her to a specialist who put her on an enriched formula diet. It is hard to know if it helped any, but she remained small for her age.


She was using the computer by the time she was two years old, using the mouse to play picture games. Her "favorite color" would change every day. It seemed she would pick one out of the blue every morning and that would be it for the rest of the day. When she was little, I used to call her "Kid", but as she got older, she decided she didn't like that, so I did my best to stop calling her that.


Christina's Graduation Photo

She went to Kindergarten in a Portland public school. She picked up reading quickly and excelled in it. Then her mother and I home schooled her for the first three regular grades, having her tested each year by the Multnomah County ESD. After three years, she seemed to be getting bored, so we discussed it together and agreed we would send her back to public school for the Fourth Grade. She did fine.


After her mother and she left and moved to Salem, and after I got through the initial shock, I began writing letters to her about once a week. She has been writing back about once a month.


She has since gotten her own computer, a digital camera, and a Palm Z22. She began e-mailing me. I got word that she is now "mobile". We now communicate mostly by e-mail. She is busy with both school and church activities. With the exception of my one year at Chemeketa Community College (1992-93), nearly all computer classes, her grades are better than mine ever were.

Christina and Isaac


She is now in her Freshman year of college at Chemeketa Community College. She's working on a major in Photography and minor in Video Production or possibly something involving computers (since she's on them so much anyways). In her spare time (any time she's not in school or doing homework), her main hobby is hanging out with her friends and her boyfriend Isaac. If she can't be with her friends she likes to talk to them online, be entertained by youtube, make music videos, sing, learn her guitar, take photos, write songs, play Guitar Hero and watch TV/DVDs.