My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    

About This Site

This website began on June 2nd, 2003, and was originally intended to be used only from a floppy disk. It is amazing to me how quickly it grew. I began making an HTML presentation of my poetry using Front Page. In the next three weeks I added employment and education information, making the presentation a resume and portfolio of my talents. On my birthday, the 15th, my son Ernie told me that he planned to provide me with an on-line website. On June 23, I first e-mailed my web pages to him.

On August 18, Ernie posted it to his webspace. It was called Dave's Poetry Corner. I added a page with links to my son's site (then Otter's Den), and to my Church's site. I added a "What's New" (now "NEWS") page. I found some older poems I had somehow overlooked and added them. On Aug 26, I created and added a page for Thai Cafe with links to the poems I wrote relating to it.

In September, I began using tables to format parts of my page. I wrote and added the poem, "I Remember 9-11". I updated my autobiography. I added a link for to my Links Page. At first, I used Notepad to update my site, but it was tedious. Then I began using Web Easy by VCOM and redesigned my site:

Ultimately, I found it too restrictive. I didn't get to use the whole screen, and it didn't seem to work with the server's software, either, so I began using notepad, and borrowing code from the Front Page pages, I learned a lot about how the HTML works. I redesigned my web pages around the them of the "Title of Liberty" from the Book of Mormon. I used a Table to handle the main links for navigation:

I used this format for over a year. In July of 2005, I was able to get my own webspace and domain, I purchased a version of Visual Basic and found it was excellent for editing my web. As the time grew near to renew my site and my domain, my Medicaid coverage was being transferred to Medicare (who did not cover my room and board). As my Disability payments were now being used for that (June '06), I thought I would have to give it up. Then my son offered to let me use part of his webspace. I redesigned the web pages with a different look, but still with the red, white, and blue and the "Title of Liberty" organization.

I put the main navigation links in the left cell of a three-column table, making the header a little less "bulky".

On June 6, 2006 (6-6-6), My son sent me the information I needed to copy my files to his He added a folder for mytitleofliberty and I copied my files without a hitch(took an hour and a half), and my new site was born.

I began looking for a way to save editing all my pages to make the same change on each. I discovered frames, and studied how they worked. I rewrote all of my pages to load into a new index.html. It would provide the header in a frame at the top of the page from a second file, and the navigation bar from a third file, and the rest of the page would be a third frame to load all the other pages into. I provided an image link for each of the other pages, in case they were called up without going through the home page, to go to the home page. I finished converting the files on June 15, 2006, copied them to the Internet, and tested them.

I soon discovered that there could be problems when someone should locate a page without entering through my Home Page even though I added a link to my Home Page on each page (apart from the Navigation Bar). So I rewrote each page (112) with IFrames for the Heading and Navigation Frames. I have also added to the Navigation Bar.

I discovered that my forms, including my navigation bar, would not show on my Pocket PC and so removed them from my code. I used an image from a photo of my friend Ed's flag for the background of my new pages.

In January, 2007, my son Ernie gave me two books, one on PHP and one on CSS. I began immediately rewriting my files to use the CSS formatting. My new design had no image behind the type to confuse when reading. Using div, I added my navigation links at the side, added more pictures, and sequential links at the top and bottom of pages where they would be helpful.

After further working with CSS, it now looks like this:

In February of 2007, I lost my at home connection to the Internet, and in March my laptop began misbehaving as well, and I was not able to update my online files for eight months. But early in September, the family of my caregiver and the owner of the house provided a wireless access, though I had to mount a convex mirror to reflect the signal for reception in my room. It works, and you can see the changes I have made, both the differences and the similarities.

In December, 2007, I created a darker, crisper, screen. I always liked the darker blues and reds, but it meant using white for the text color.

And in May, 2008, I just had to change it again.