My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Year 2009 - Spring

April / May / June

APRIL 2009

I Changed My Room Again

On April 1, 2009, Wednesday, April Fools' Day, I got up at 6:45 am - No Foolin'. I found I was connected to the router, but not to the internet, though the signal was strong. I rebooted my computer, but then the computer could find no wireless signals. Before breakfast, I added Genesis 26. Before lunch, I added Genesis 27, Genesis 28, Genesis 29, and Genesis 30. After lunch, I added Genesis 31. I waited outside for the Elderplace bus until 2:00 pm. Then went inside. I changed ponchos. Matthew picked me up. He had been delayed, waiting 17 minutes for someone else. We were only late a very few minutes for my podiatrist appointment. Dr. Yoon found that my calluses were thicker, but there were no open ulcers on my toes. He wants to see me again in 5 weeks. Gary was waiting for me as soon as the doctor was through with me, but he had to stop at a Kaiser pharmacy to pick up a prescription. That didn't take long. He took I-84 home to save time, but it took as long as it usually takes taking Powell. I was home a little after 4 pm. The installer for the home vacuum system (in the walls) was just finished. Before supper, I added Genesis 32. After supper, I rearranged my room again, moving my recliner under the window and my computer onto the other big set of shelves. I swapped my drawers and microwave with the recliner. I added Genesis 33, Genesis 34, and Genesis 35. I got my internet connection after 10 pm. I checked my emails and my SodaHead messages. I chatted with my daughter. I watched Mousehunt.


On April 2, 2009, Thursday, I didn't get to bed until 2 am, so after breakfast I napped to the BeeGees. After lunch, I connected with my daughter online just before she left to meet her friends. I watched Highlander and Becker, then napped until supper. After supper, I uploaded my new web pages to the internet. I added Genesis 36 and Genesis 37. I checked out and watched an Airwolf episode.

The Cable Guy Truck

On April 3, 2009, Friday, I got up with my alarm. I checked my bank balance and found my Disability had been deposited. After breakfast, I wrote checks for tithing, rent, and pay-in to the state for health care. The Verizon man arrived to hook us up to the fiber optics. I began to watch episode 2 of Airwolf but my computer crashed. After shutting it down, waiting a minute, and rebooting, It seems to be fine. I chatted with Erin and answered my SodaHead replies. I lost my internet connection at noon. It was the cable guy, getting ready to switch over to Verizon. Ed came over. We watched Song of Hiawatha on DVD, then a NUMB3RS episode. We left about 4:45 pm to go get supper. We went to Taco Bell/Long John Silver's. I had the L7 meal with fish instead of the chicken. Afterward, we went to Dairy Queen where I had a small strawberry sundae and Ed had a banana split. I took photos while we were out. Ed dropped me off at my place then left to do some errands. I couldn't get video, but did get audio, through my HDTV Tuner, so I hooked up the Verizon box to my old 13" TV. That worked fine, but they have rearranged the channels so it will take time to get accustomed to them. I have an internet connection, even though my computer is telling me I only have local access - as long as it works. They had to revert to Dan's original router for some reason. I began exploring the new channel alignment. I checked my email and my SodaHead replies. I watched Stargate: Continuum on TV.

On April 4, 2009, Saturday, I got up with my alarm. I managed to reconnect my HDTV Tuner and Monitor to the Verizon box and got it working. After breakfast, I discussed the wireless and TV channel situation.

97th Latter-day Apostle Sustained

General Conference started at 9:00 am on Channel 23 (it was also on the BYU Channel). President Monson conducted the first session. Neil Lindon Andersen sustained as an Apostle to replace Elder Wirthlin who had died.

  • Pres. Thomas S. Monson spoke first of the mission of the Church and of Br. Wirthlin no doubt still being part of that mission in the spirit world.
  • Elder Robert D. Hales spoke on being a Provident Provider. Stay out of debt, avoid dependencies (addictive behavior), do not covet. Lessons in Provident Living:
       1. "We can't afford it". and
       2. "Are you buying this for me, or for you".
    "I will give away all my sins to know thee."
  • Sis. Margaret S. Lifferth spoke on being examples of respect and reverence. Reverence invites revelation. Pray humbly, use the proper language, and the names of deity properly. Call each other brother and sister, bishop, president, etc. Socialize only in the foyer. Turn off our cell phones.
  • Elder Michael A. Neider spoke on being virtuous. Study, obtain God's word. Do your homework. Quorum principles.
  • Elder Allan F. Packer Learning to know how to receive revelation. Testimony and conversion. First desire, plant the word in your heart, test the word (Alma 32). Thoughts and feelings.
  • Elder D. Todd Christofferson spoke of a woman of Peru who lost her home and belongings in and earthquake, yet was smiling and happy, content that the Lord provided all that they really need. The covenants we make with God, starting with the baptismal covenant. Blessings and power conferred. Responsibilities.
  • Pres. Henry B. Eyring said, we all have this in common, we all deal with adversity. How could this happen to the blameless? Heavenly Father loves all humanity. We must learn to make righteous choices when the choices are difficult. Christ knows how to heal and to help us. The Lord always suits the relief to the person in need. The Lord knows our true needs.
  • I was going to connect my computer via a TV Tuner to the cable so I could record TV programs. I found I lacked a short coaxial cable. I organized the shelf below the TV, printer, and karaoke machine.
    I watched a press conference for our new apostle broadcast by BYU TV: 40,000 converts last year in Brazil. The Church is not growing as fast in Europe. He spent much of his teenage life moving irrigation pipes. He has no idea what to expect from this new calling, just hoping and willing to do what he is called upon to do. Apostle, seer, revelator: I know that Jesus is the Christ with a sure and certain witness. He and His Father communicate with us (the general authorities), gained through prayer and supplication, scripture study, as all of us must. Greatest challenge: the rapid growth of the Church. The nature of the governance of the Church is changing as the membership of the Church is changing.
    After lunch (mushroom soup), I watched a broadcast about the Joseph Smith Papers and the revelations he received and that continue to be received in the Church. Story of Joseph Smith meeting Mary Todd Lincoln at a party is certainly not true. Mormon history is Joseph Smith and his continued effect upon the saints.

    Where the Saints Gather

    The second session of the 179th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began at 1:00 pm. Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf presided. He presented the names of the General Authorities for sustaining by the Church. We sustained a new General Presidency of the Sunday School, and a new Young Men's Presidency.

  • Robert W. Cantwell reported on the Finances.
  • Brook P. Hales reported 28,109 Wards and Branches and 52,494 full time missionaries.
  • Elder M. Russell Ballard told the Youth of the Church to listen carefully and learn. There are answers in the Scriptures and in the words of present and past apostles and prophets. Lessons to be learned from the past. Cycles of pride recur because people forget the past. God doesn't leave us, we leave Him. Testimony comes through desire, study, prayer, obedience, and service.
  • Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke of stumbling blocks to faith. Charles Dickens witnessed the saints shipping from England to America to join others in the West. The witness of the world is often untrue. Miracles are hard for unbelievers to accept. Tradition that the heavens are closed and that the Bible is all of the word of God. Hell has been misinterpreted by most Christian churches.
  • Elder Kevin W. Pearson said as parents we have been commanded to teach our children to understand the doctrines of Christ. Faith is complete trust in Him. Faith is kindled by the testimonies of those who have faith. Faith requires exact obedience, even in the smallest details. Particles of faith become molecules, and so on. We need to constantly overcome sources of disbelief, discouragement and distractions (bad habits), which lead to disobedience.
  • Elder Rafael E. Pino lost a three year old daughter in a drowning accident. He was comforted by the knowledge that she was born under the covenant. The only true comfort comes from the Lord. Pres. Kimball taught, "There is no tragedy in death, but only in sin." The tragedy helped him better understand the sufferings of our Savior.
  • Elder Richard G. Scott said many neglect to use temples that are conveniently located while others will make great sacrifices to attend a distant temple. Set goals for temple attendance. Express gratitude for temple ordinances. Listen carefully in the sessions. Once is not enough; repetition is key. The ordinance must be sealed by the Holy Ghost and all primary participants must be pure for the ordinance to be effective. 14 years ago, the Lord took his wife beyond the vail. He did not complain; he knew it was the Lord's will. Earlier, they had lost two young children.
  • Elder Russell M. Nelson said as the Savior submitted His will to the Father, Pres. Monson submits his will to the Savior. Clarifications to parts of the Lord's Prayer. Avoid vain repetitions and pray in this manner. John 17 - Garden prayer. "I pray for them." Keep His commandments and endure to the end. Likewise, we should pray for others. "Pray unto the Father always in my name." Pray for the Holy Ghost, for ourselves and for others. Public prayers should be shorter rather than longer. Special pronouns for deity. "Be thou humble." Revelation 3:20 - That door is opened when we pray in Jesus' name. Family and personal prayers. "Thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever." Pray for the furtherance of the gospel and the kingdom of God on earth.
  • I checked my email and SodaHead replies. I chatted with my daughter and watched a documentary on the gospel in Hawaii. I watched a movie about Sister Missionaries in Austria, The Errand of Angels on BYU, Channel 290. I watched Torchwood on Channel 189. I watched As Time Goes By and My Family on Channel 10.

    On April 5, 2009, Palm Sunday, I woke up a little after 7 am, but my wall clock said it was after 8. This was the old schedule for the Daylight Saving Time change and my smart clock doesn't know it was changed. After breakfast (waffles and eggs), I reset my wall clock and moved it to another wall. I moved my TV and accidentally disconnected the cable. After I had reconnected it, I had trouble getting the TV (HDTV tuner, monitor, and karaoke speakers) working again, but I did finally.

    Our LORD's Living Prophet

    General Conference started at 9:00 am on BYU TV. Pres. Thomas S. Monson conducted.

  • Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf said it is fitting that we should have this coming week to focus on our Savior, the life He lived, what He suffered, and what He accomplished for us. All of the solutions the world offers us have some truth but fall short of giving us the peace that we want. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings hope and faith. It is not a quick fix. "We have to stay with it." We have to wait for the seed we planted to sprout and grow and flower and bear fruit. Ours is not a second hand religion. We need to get off the sidelines and practice what we preach. We can walk the path where Christ leads. Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever. He invited all to follow Christ - it is never too late to begin.
  • Elder Neil L. Andersen says that he knows "with pure and certain clarity" that Jesus is the Christ. Quoting Pres. Monson, "The Lord will shape the back to fit the burden placed upon it." He has seen the power of God at work in lives around the world. He has been trying to become what his wife Kathy already thought he was. There is much we can learn from good people around the world, but we must not shrink from that which is unique in the restored gospel.
  • Elder Steven E. Snow said, "We need to get on with our lives." "Maybe we are too comfortable, fearful, or lacking in faith." 1. Follow the prophets. 2. Keep an eternal perspective. 3. Have faith. 4. Be of good cheer. These are the way to meet unexpected changes in our life.
  • Sis. Barbara Thompson said the LORD has promised that He will strengthen us. We are to strengthen our own family and help to strengthen others'. Are we not all beggars?
  • Elder Jeffrey R. Holland directed his words especially who are alone, or feel alone. The loneliest journey ever made, the LORD's mission to atone for our sins in our place. Because He made that journey, we will never have to, to be utterly alone. "I will not leave you comfortless. My Father and I will come to you."
  • Pres. Thomas S. Monson spoke of the world financial situation. It would be easy to become cynical or fearful about it. He said to focus upon our blessings as members of the Church. None of us makes it through life without troubles and tragedies. "Men are that they might have joy." How can we have joy? By making the gospel of Jesus Christ the center of our lives. Faith gives strength. Three examples:
       1. His paternal great grandparents: Lived in comfort, listened to the missionaries, were converted. They sold their possessions except for one tiny trunk. Eight weeks as sea with poor food, poor water. Young Nathanael became ill. No drugs, no doctors. He died. They held on. Comforted by the words, "In the world ye shall have tribulation, but behold, I have overcome the world."
       2. Br. Muli, who became blind, learned the good news of Jesus Christ. He once again found hope and joy. He learned of one who held the priesthood of God. and traveled by canoe to receive a blessing. He acknowledged that the gospel was now the light of his life.
       3. East Prussian woman, whose husband had recently been killed in war. She was required to travel a thousand miles. She took with her a strong faith in God. With her 4 children, she had to gather food from fields and forests along the way. One morning, she found her 3 year old daughter had died. All the children died one by one. As she knelt digging the last grave, she was prompted to pray. She did, and being reminded of what Christ had done for her and her family, she found strength to finish her journey alone. She later bore testimony that she knew if she was faithful and continued on, she would be reunited with her family.
  • I watched Writer's Block, then Money or Mission on BYU TV. We each had a hot dog in a bun for lunch. I watched part of a program on Channel 291, the Presence about the Ark of the Covenant as representing God's throne in heaven. Acacia wood has a red sap. The Mercy Seat. The two cherubim of on piece with the Mercy Seat. Kept in the most holy place. It was Jesus, the Shepherd of Israel, Jehovah of Hosts, who dwelt between the cherubim.
    I learned that Temples are to be built in Mexico City, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Calgary.

    The afternoon session of Conference began at 1 pm. Pres. Henry B. Eyring conducted.

    Houses of the LORD (Temples)

  • Elder Dallin H. Oaks quoted Matthew 16:24-25, Latter-day Saints are unique in doing so. All Stake and Ward leaders and lay members serve in their callings without money. LDS are likewise known for cooperative efforts with others in caring for the needy. These attributes come from our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and our commitment to the covenants we make with God. We are called to declare the Lord's standards, not to bow to the world's standards. Satan wanted to become God apart from God. We believe we can become gods by aligning ourselves with and joining ourselves to God. Self-centeredness kills spirituality.
  • Elder Stephen A. Bednar said serving in the Temple is important: That the sheaves may not be wasted at the last day. Houses built unto My Name. Christ will manifest Himself unto His people there. We are strengthened by adversity, and adversity will come as we do what will further our closeness to our God. Protection provided in our temple covenants. Let the fire of the covenants burn in your hearts. Places of refuge. Be worthy of the ordinances and blessings of the temple. Repent, prepare, and do whatever needs to be done to return to the temple.
  • Elder Gary E. Stevenson said, "You are never lost when you can see the temple." We can make our homes a house of the Lord.
  • Elder Jose A. Teixeira said, "We are not left alone." There is a plan, that makes it possible for us to qualify for heaven. The gift of choice between good and evil (choices have consequences attached). The gift of the light of Christ (conscience). The Lord's commandments. The testimonies of others. The prophets.
  • Elder F. Michael Watson grew up in Spring City, Utah. How to get home in thick fog - "Give the horse the reigns." "How can I, except some man should guide me." D&C Section 1, "Search these commandments ... Whether by mine own voice, or by my servants, it is the same."
  • Elder L. Tom Perry said, "As members of the Church, sometimes we seem to be missing in action." We should not leave the missionary work to the full-time missionaries. Like sending paramedics to do the shepherd's job. We must warn our neighbors. Open our mouths. "How great shall be your joy in the kingdom of my Father?"
  • Pres. Thomas S. Monson said "my soul delighteth in the song of the heart." Warned of the dangers of pornography wherever it may be encountered. Cease now. Attend the temple often.
  • I watched a program on Channel 27 (PCC) on the Constitution of the United States. I watched a program on the authenticity of the details surrounding Christ's life. After supper, I went online and checked email and other messages. I watched a program about archaeology and the Book of Mormon.

    Cornelia (fellow writer) and Matthew (driver)

    On April 6, 2009, Monday, I got up with my alarm (got a good night's sleep). After breakfast, I copied my web page changes to the internet. I prepared three pieces for submission to Write Around Portland for publication. The Birdbath Bird, The Acts of the Apostles, and Coffee Reverie. I shaved. Nurse Linda came from Elderplace and interviewed me for my care review. I bathed. After lunch I cropped the photo I want to submit for the WAP publication. It was a sunny day. I wore a cap and Blue Ray lenses over my tri-focals. Matthew picked me up at 12:44 pm. We arrived nearly ten minutes early for the workshop. Several people did not show up. I prepared my own submissions, then helped Cornelia write out some of hers. The only exercise (7 minutes): Either a. "In their place at the table ...", or b. "When they said goodbye ...":

    When they said goodbye, they continued to visit in the entry. After a bit they said goodbye again, but having stepped through the doorway, turned and continued talking as if they hadn't finished with "goodbye". If the weather had been less temperate, it might have driven them away. Then everyone walked together out to the car, and it seemed forever before they were in their care and driving away, with a wave from the passenger seat and another "goodbye". I heard recently that "Aloha" means "an intimate sharing of spirit". Maybe that's what "goodbye" means to some people.

    Matthew picked us up about 3:20 pm and I was home at 4 pm. I downloaded photos from my camera to my computer. Norma came over at supper time. I remained at the table until 6:30 pm, chewing carrot sticks and watching TV. When I got back to my room, I discovered that my internet connection was gone. I watched TV. I got my internet back and surfed SodaHead. By the end of the day, the temperature matched the previous record for the day, 78o F.

    On April 7, 2009, Tuesday, Because I didn't get to sleep until almost 4 am, I went back to bed after breakfast and slept until lunch. After lunch, I added Coffee Reverie to my Poetry pages:

    Mom's Diner, SAWYER'S LUNCH
    The smell of coffee takes me back.
    I haven't had coffee for years.
    Not that I like it.
    I had one cup of coffee
    I thought tasted good
    And I don't remember the brand.
    My Mom always had a pot on
    When I was young.

    She had a small diner where
    She served Boyd's coffee,
    For free, if you can believe that.
    Little tables with red and white checkered cloths,
    Stainless steel napkin holders,
    And tall glass sugar dispensers.
    An electronic game in the corner
    Where you propelled a steel puck
    Toward targets at the other end.

    In a neighbor's yard behind the diner
    I suffered my first broken bones
    While rough-housing with another boy.
    Mom closed her diner, took me next door,
    The grocer's wife splinted my arm with a magazine,
    Drove us to the doctor's,
    Who put me to sleep with ether
    To put a plaster cast on my arm.

    I watched a BYU program on "DNA and the Dead Sea Scrolls". All books of our current Old Testament are there, except for Esther. Other writings, too. They are our oldest copies of the Hebrew Bible today. 300 scrolls of scripture, 500 scrolls of other writings. Written between 150 BC and 68 BC, Discovered, beginning in 1947, in 11 caves near Qumran. Most of the scrolls have been published. 10,000 to 40,000 fragments to be reassembled. The speaker, Scott R. Woodward, Professor of Microbiology at BYU, described the process of isolating the desired DNA for examination for species identification, herd identification, and Individual identification. They tested the procedures on a 200 year old scroll of Esther made of twelve different pieces of skin sewn together to make the scroll. It was made from one cow and several sheep. As to the Dead Sea fragments they were given to test turned out to be of a small gazelle-like deer and goat. The Temple Scroll is known as a new law, a new Deuteronomy, supposedly a new revelation. It has instructions for building a temple. All of the fragments came from goat. The scrolls that are thought to be written by the community, were from cow skins from lots of different sources (locations).

    1. We can recover DNA from ancient parchments.
    2. We can identify the species.
    3. Qumran used cow, goat, and deer, but not sheep.
    4. Community scrolls may have been written elsewhere and brought to Qumran.

    I added Genesis 38 and Genesis 39. I downloaded the April Ensign magazine in PDF format and printed the First Presidency Message for Home Teaching. I printed a picture of the resurrected Savior with Mary Magdalene for my wall. After supper, I watched TV and browsed my SodaHead replies.

    On April 8, 2009, Wednesday, I spent most of my time online and watching TV. I did shave and dress in case I might be called to go home teaching, but I was not.

    On April 9, 2009, Thursday, Mostly online (SodaHead, mostly) and in the evening, watching TV, too.

    Lunch at Elderplace

    On April 10, 2009, Good Friday, I was picked up for Elderplace after breakfast. Vicki had bus #15 and still had 8 passengers. When I got there I was weighed, 321.1 lbs, and someone else checked my vitals. My blood pressure was 138/82. Zarina lent me a dollar for pop. Lisa was ten minutes late for her discussion group and at first there was just the two of us. Nanette joined us and we continued. Then someone fetcher her away just as she would have begun reading to her reading group, to take her upstairs to the clinic. I began my karaoke early. Lunch was brought in at 11:30 am (I had cod). I bought two cans of diet Coke from the machine. They didn't call me to the clinic until after 12:30 pm. Sana checked me and Dr. Tierney checked me, and looked at my feet. We discussed my Docusate and she agreed that I could quit it. It was 1:20 pm before I got downstairs, but Vicki saw me immediately and we all got loaded into the bus. I was home about 2:30 pm. I went online until supper, then watched TV.

    On April 11, 2009, Saturday, Pretty lazy, but went online and watched some TV.

    Rainy Easter after Church

    On April 12, 2009, Easter Sunday, After breakfast, I shaved, washed up, and dressed for Church. Larry picked me up at 10:30 am. I brought a pad of paper but forgot to bring a pencil or pen. The Hymns were: "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today", "I Stand All Amazed", and "He Is Risen". Our Youth Speaker, Lindsey Woodward, spoke of the many things Christ has done for her. Then the choir sang, "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked", a song I once sang as a solo for a United Methodist church in Salem in the 60's. Sister Jody Woodward spoke next, again on what Christ means to her. Finally, Br. Keith Kearsly spoke.
    Sis. Childs taught the Sunday School class on the revelations to Joseph Smith that brought new understandings to the saints.
    Br. Paxson led the High Priests in discussing being Valiant in the Gospel, Going on even in adversity, Striving to improve.
    Larry drove me home after church. Someone was measuring the couches in the living room for new coverings. I wrote a poem:

    Early on a vernal morn,
    Angels came, the boulder torn;
    Stirring from His deathly sleep,
    The Savior rose His vow to keep,
    Evermore to live above,
    Restoring us in God's pure love.

    I added it to my Poetry pages. I watched The Errand of Angels again. I updated my journal.

    Dan on Motorcycle he's trying to sell

    On April 13, 2009, Monday, I didn't get up until 7:45 am, having messed up pressing the snooze bar. After breakfast, I went to SodaHead. I copied my EASTER poem into my Writing Journal. I downloaded photos from my camera. I added Genesis 40. While waiting for my ride after lunch, I took photos of some red-tailed hawks, as well as airplanes, blue sky and white clouds, and Dan riding a motorcycle. Gary picked me up at 1 pm. Then we picked up Cornelia, who wasn't feeling well so she would be taken to Gresham Elderplace. Gary got me to the Writing Workshop only 15 minutes late. The first exercise was already in progress. I had (4-5 minutes): I picked a prompt from a bag on the third try, "When she falls":

    "When she falls", the engineer said, looking up at the leaning evergreen, "she'll take out two or three of those houses," pointing to the development below. An ice storm was expected overnight, and a crew could not be brought in before then to eliminate the hazard.

    Red Tailed Hawks

    We discussed the Public Reading on the evening of May 27th. The second exercise (4 minutes): Either a. "A change in the air ...", or b. "People like us ...":

    People like us
       Want to know what is expected of us.
    People like us
       Want to not be told what to do.
    People like us
       Want to live and let live.
    People like us
       Want to live to the fullest.
    People like us
       Want to take care of themselves.
    People like us
       Want to share with others.

    The newer driver picked me up and took me home by 3:45 pm. I updated my web journal and uploaded photos from my camera. After supper, I replied on SodaHead, chatted with my daughter, and watched TV, mostly BYU.

    Lawn of Foster Care Home 2 blocks away

    On April 14, 2009, Tuesday, Abraham Lincoln's Assassination, I slept until nearly 11:00 am, except for Breakfast, because I had gotten up between 3 and 4 am, not being able to go back to sleep. I added Genesis 41. I emailed four photos of Dan on his motorbike to him. After lunch, I added $15 to my pre-paid cell phone account. At 1:43 pm, we had a very short but complete blackout. About 2:30 pm, I took my wheelchair down to Fred Meyer. I got two boxes of instant oatmeal packets, a 5-gallon water container (blue) for my room, a lantern for camping, 3 Hawaiian Love Songs CDs, and a kit for cleaning my TV and computer screens. I got home about 4:10 pm. I rinsed and filled my water container and placed it on a shelf - it took a while since only about a third of the water from the shower head made it into the opening. I updated my bank record. After supper, I added Genesis 42, Genesis 43, Genesis 44, and Genesis 45. Winda brought me a bag of bagels for snacks. For tonight, I had a bowl of my instant oatmeal.

    On April 15, 2009, Wednesday, Tax Day, I got up at 7:40 am (my alarm was off). After breakfast, I went online. After lunch, I added Genesis 46, Genesis 47, and Genesis 48 while watching FOX News. After supper, I added Genesis 49 and Genesis 50. I watched Halloweentown on TV.

    On April 16, 2009, Thursday, I got up at 7:30 am to my Hawaiian Love Songs music. After Breakfast, I went on SodaHead. I added Psalms 1, Psalms 2, and Psalms 3. Ed stopped by to visit. After Lunch, I added Psalms 4, Psalms 5, Psalms 6, Psalms 7, Psalms 8, Psalms 9, and Psalms 10. While watching the opera Abinadi, I added Psalms 11, Psalms 12, Psalms 13, Psalms 14, Psalms 15, Psalms 16, Psalms 17, and Psalms 18. ED went home. After supper, I added Psalms 19, Psalms 20, Psalms 21, Psalms 22, Psalms 23, Psalms 24, and Psalms 25.

    On April 17, 2009, Friday, I woke up just before my alarm went off. Vicki picked me up just after breakfast for Elderplace. We were earlier getting there than I remember before. I studied Hebrew, planning a transliteration for my website. Lisa led her discussion group, then Nanette read from her book, then I sang karaoke. I had salmon for lunch and two bread puddings. I weighed 323.2 lbs. Becket, my Social Worker, interviewed me for a periodic evaluation of my care/satisfaction. I told her I was thinking about looking into the possibility of moving to Salem/Keizer to be closer to family. She said she would get me some information. Vicki got me home by 2:30 pm. Ed showed up about 3 pm. We watched Fox News and BYU TV. Ed and I went out. He stopped at WinCo for something, then we went to DQ for supper. I had two hot dogs, onion rings, and a strawberry shake. We returned home for a little bit, then he left. I added Hebrew transliterations to Psalm 23 and Genesis 1. I added Psalms 26, Psalms 27, Psalms 28, Psalms 29, and Psalms 30.

    On April 18, 2009, Saturday, I got up at 5:30 am. Before breakfast, I added Psalms 31, Psalms 32, Psalms 33, Psalms 34, and Psalms 35. After breakfast, I went on SodaHead, I researched how I might add comments that would appear when the mouse passed over a word, unsuccessfully. I added Psalms 36 and Psalms 37. After lunch, I added Psalms 38, Psalms 39, and Psalms 40. I added a Commentary page on The Great Congregation. I got my copper/magnetic bracelet and ring in the mail. After supper, I watched TV and replied on SodaHead.

    On April 19, 2009, Sunday, I got up with my alarm. After breakfast, I tried "dry" shaving, like in the Army, because the sink was cluttered. That had mixed results. Diana got the sink cleaned out so I could finish shaving. Then I bathed and dressed for Church. Diana provided me an apple and a pudding cup for my lunch. I studied the Priesthood Lesson, " 'God Shall Be with You Forever and Ever': The Prophet in Liberty Jail".

  • From the Life of Joseph Smith
  • No affliction can separate us from the love of God and fellowship with one another.
  • Adversity lasts only a small moment; if we endure well, we will be exalted in the presence of God.
  • God's power is greater than any evil, and the truths of the gospel will ultimately triumph.
  • The Savior understands all our suffering, And He will be with us forever and ever.
  • The still, small voice whispers consolation to our souls in the depths of sorrow and distress.

  • Mt. Hood from Boring, Oregon

    It was bright and sunny, so I went out on the front porch early and took some pictures. Larry picked me up for Church. I told him I was in need of renewing my temple recommend this month and he told me whom to contact. When we arrived, I stayed outside and took some more pictures. Sis. Arter told me her little grandaughter saw me in my wheelchair and thought I was her grandpa. I said, "I would like to be somebody's grandpa." When I went into the chapel, I got hugged by the greeting lady. I mentioned that I have said she was the only one who hugs me and she gave me another hug. Then another Sister who overheard it, gave me a hug, too. Br. Dickey came to me and told me that since Steve's son is now ordained, they will be home teaching together. The High Priest Group leaders will meet to determine who will be assigned to me during the coming week.

    The Sacrament theme was Prayer.

  • Youth Speaker, Olivia Treanor: Begin and end the day with prayer. We need to be humble enough to accept God's answers. Listen to the Spirit, even if He tells you to clean your room. Missionaries did so and found an address. When they checked out the address, they found someone who had been waiting for the gospel, and he introduced them to friends and neighbors. C. S. Lewis said, "There are two kinds of good: the expected good, and the given good."
  • The Young Women Choir sang, "How Shall I Live?"
  • Speaker, Sister Arter: She quoted from a talk by Pres. Monson, who listed many of the challenges we face. A sign, "Have You Tried Prayer?", placed on a counselor's desk as a joke, is really sometimes the best answer. The Lord told the Brother of Nephi "Thou shalt not ask anything that is contrary to my will." She quoted Elder Maxwell, "Knees often bend before minds."
  • Speaker, Brother Chipman: Said he only remembers one occasion where his (earthly) father didn't give him what he asked. We pray to Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, by the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. D&C 88:63-65, "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name it shall be given unto you, that is expedient for you; And if ye ask anything that is not expedient for you, it shall turn unto your condemnation." and 3 Nephi 13:5, "And when thou prayest thou shalt not do as the hypocrites, for they love to pray, standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward." He told of a time when he locked his keys inside a secured mail center. After trying everything he could think of, his wife asked him if they should pray. He prayed, "Please have someone come by to get their mail." Within 5 minutes, someone did, and let him in to retrieve his keys. Another time when he was having no success in finding work, he had determined that if he didn't find work within a week, he would sell all he owned and he and his wife would go on a mission for the Church. He prayed that God would confirm his decision. The next day, he got a phone call from someone about work and he was soon employed.
  • Sister Conklin taught the Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class on The Law of Consecration. Besides discussing how it was among the Latter-day Saints, I thought back to the City of Enoch, and Jesus with His disciples, and the early Church in Jerusalem, who all sold all they had and used it for the poor, the needs of the saints, and missionary work, and generally building up the kingdom of God.

    I led the discussion on "The Prophet in Liberty Jail". I asked for a show of hands for how many had been to the Liberty Jail site, and more than three-quarters of them raised their hands. Several told of what they saw and experienced while they were there and I think it contributed a great deal to the discussion. I bore my testimony, that, though I have never been through the things he went through for his testimony, I have been though trials myself and the Lord was with me. I know that God will be with each of us to strengthen and comfort us in our trials.

    Orient, Oregon on My Way Home

    Brother Koch (pronounced Cook) arranged for me to be interviewed by Br. card, a relative of Orson Scott Card (who I know as a writer of fiction and computer programs). He interviewed me for my worthiness to go to the Temple. A second interview, with the Stake presidency, will follow, perhaps next Sunday.

    Larry gave me a ride home (I took more photos). He will pick me up Tuesday night about 6 pm to go to the Temple for either a sealing or endowment session. I took more photos from the porch before going inside. I phoned Mom and Dad for about 45 minutes. Dad seems to be doing pretty well considering. He seemed to be glad to hear my voice, as I was to hear his. I updated my journal. I copied my photos from my camera to my computer. After supper, I edited and viewed my photos. I chatted with my daughter online. It was 80o F in my room when I went to bed bout 11 pm.

    Wayne from Southern Oregon

    On April 20, 2009, Monday, It was only down to 75o F in my room when I got up at 7:40 am. After breakfast, I helped Winda thinking of ways to immobilize the risers for her couch, so that they wouldn't be flipped over when moving the couch. I set my alarm for 6:30 am, so I would have time for morning prayer. I went on SodaHead. After lunch, I waited outside, taking pictures, for my ride to my last writing workshop, but they didn't come. Winda called Elderplace but they had not scheduled a ride for me, not understanding that the series had been extended by one week. I wheeled to Fred Meyer. Erin caught up with me on the way and we visited while moving. At the bottom of the hill, Erin went south and I went north. I bought 4 small cans of Vienna sausage for $3 and got $3 cash back for tomorrow night. On the way home, I stopped to rest in the shade at the bottom of the hill. I visited with a fellow named Wayne. Wayne grew up is Southern Oregon. I shared my photo of Mt. Hood with him. He has been on all sides of the mountain and described it. I finally headed home and arrived by 3 pm. I copied my photos from my camera and updated my journal. I went on SodaHead. It got to 80o outside today, supposed to get there again tomorrow. After supper, I fell asleep in my recliner for a while. Then I chatted with Erin, went on SodaHead, and chatted with my daughter. It was 83o in my room. I went to bed by midnight.

    On April 21, 2009, Tuesday, It was 68o in my room when I got up at 7:20 am. I checked my recliner - something is broken in it. After breakfast, Winda phoned my nurse and left a message that I need a hospital bed. I napped in my room. Because the footrest doesn't stay down, it is really hard to get into. Just before lunch, I overheard Winda talking to Sana, but I didn't get up before the the conversation was done. I left a message that one of my problems was acid reflux. After lunch, I went back to my room and napped. I got up at 3 pm and went on SodaHead. About 4 pm, I shaved and got my socks and shoes on. It was very difficult because the recliner's getting worse. I found a broken dowel on the floor, probably the first part of the chair to break.

    Portland Oregon Temple (LDS)

    I gathered the tihings I want to take with me to the temple. After supper I put on my white shirt and tie. Larry called me to say he'd pick me up at 5:45 pm. It's 81o outside, 79o in my room. Larry picked me up at 5:50 pm. I took photos along the way, and when we arrived at the temple. I rented my temple clothing and changed into them. Larry and I went up to a sealing room to wait for others to arrive. Our Ward was sent into Sealing Room #5. There were 7 of us, me, Larry, Joe, John and Chelsea, and two Sisters I wasn't familiar with. I acted as witness part of the time, husband part of the time, and son part of the time. Several of us used chairs instead of the kneeling cushions. It was a good session and I reflected on the blessings of being born under the covenant which my daughter has already. Larry got me home by 9:30. My feet were aching by then. I copied my photos to the computer. I chatted with my daughter and sent her a picture of the temple I stitched together from four separate photos.

    My Inflamed Toes

    On April 22, 2009, Wednesday, Earth Day, I got up just before 7 am. I sorted my new batch of meds. After breakfast, I soaked my feet in Epsom-salted water. On my left foot, the big toe and the one next to it have gotten red and shiny. I actually noticed this yesterday but was either napping or too busy to do anything about it. I chatted with my daughter online. After lunch, I began reorganizing my room to make room for a bed. When I got my computer set up again, I found that it was connecting to the router in the house but I couldn't got on the internet. I went to bed at 8:30 pm after clearing everything off my recliner.

    My Bed, Built from Futon Parts

    On April 23, 2009, Thursday, I got up about 7 am. After breakfast, Winda said that Becket had called to say the odds were slim that I would get a hospital bed. I thought of a way to use parts of the old futon to make a bed. I showed Winda my toes. She left a message for Sana. I told her about my lack of internet connection and she phoned Verizon. She, and I, and Dan talked to Kyle at Verizon. We found out that Verizon only guaranteed the wireless signal from their router for ten feet, and we are using the old router, not the verizon router.After lunch, Ed arrived and we watched Dinotopia: the Movie, followed by What I like about You. Dawn, from Write Around Portland phoned to find out if I wanted to read at the public Reading in May. She also said it looked like they will be able to print my "The Birdbath Bird" photo. Ed left about 7 pm. I was offline all day.

    A Sunny Day in Gresham

    On April 24, 2009, Friday, I got up at 7:30 am. Just before I had to leave, my computer connected to the internet via linksys. Vicki arrived by 8:30 am to pick me up for Elderplace. They moved the Reading Group and Karaoke from the McKenzie Room to the Sandy Room. We had Lisa's Discussion Group in the McKenzie Room still. Sana looked at my inflamed toe and drew blood for an A1c test. After lunch (salmon), someone took my vitals. I weighed 321.4 lbs. My blood pressure was 140/78. Sana and Dr. Tierney saw me in the clinic. They will send me a wedge for my bed. The Dr. will order antibiotics for my foot. I talked with Becket about transportion to the Public Reading for Write Around Portland and about the bed. She said she had not yet had a chance to look into the possibilities for Salem. I experimented with the TIFF photo format, but saw no real difference between it and the JPG format, and it takes a whole lot more memory. Vicky had me home at 2 pm. Ed showed up shortly after. I activated my new Debit Card. Ed left about 6 pm. I began reading A Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization. Just before 8 pm, Winda brought me my antibiotics, sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim. I am to take two tablets, twice a day. I took my first dose at 8 pm.

    On April 25, 2009, Saturday, When I got up at 7:30 am, I had lost any signal from the router. After breakfast, I went back to bed and watched TV. Ed came about 11 am. We watched Paint Your Wagon and I Married a Monster from Outer Space. Ed left at 3:30 pm. I watched Funny Girl, the first half of The Lion in Winter, As Time Goes By, and My Family. I wrote a poem, Twenty-Four, for Erin's birthday, then put it on a graphic to make a birthday card to email, but still did not have internet connection. I was offline all day.

    On April 26, 2009, Sunday, I got up at 7:30 am. After breakfast, I went back to bed. At 10:30 am I woke to find I had an internet connection. It was through linksys and it was slow, but I checked my e-mail and e-mailed to Erin her birthday poem. I lost my connection before 11:30 am. In the afternoon, Larry phoned me to tell me that next Sunday our meeting schedule changes - 11:30 am until 2:30 pm. Dan and Veraun came to home teach. Veraun gave the lesson on Teaching True Doctrine. I got the internet back, linksys, but it was too slow to load pages.

    On April 27, 2009, Monday, I got up at 7:30 am. After breakfast, I learned that the MJKNB network is the Verizon hub here in the house. I got the code key from Dan and had no trouble getting on. I checked my emails and SodaHead replies. I chatted with Erin who shared some photos from her birthday party. I slept most of the afternoon. After supper, I moved my bed near the computer. My connection to the router changed to Local Access Only.

    On April 28, 2009, Tuesday, I woke up at 7:30 am. Still had Local Access Only. Later, my internet connection came back.

    On April 29, 2009, Wednesday, I got up at 7:36 am. I went on SodaHead. After lunch, Winda brought me a package. It was my new "swamp" cooler. I set it up, including filling it with water. About 2:30 pm, I lost my internet connection.

    MAY 2009

    On May 1, 2009, Friday, Pay Day, I got up at 6:00 am and checked my bank balance. I wrote out checks for tithing, room and board, and SPD. I took the last of the antibiotic for my foot. After breakfast, Vicki picked me up for Elderplace. The weather was nice. Someone moved the karaoke machine to the McKenzie Room. Sana and the doctor looked at my foot and were still concerned about it. They said they would give me another week of the antibiotic for it. I was sent to the Sandy Room for karaoke, but the karaoke machine was still in the McKenzie Room, so I never got to sing.

    Harry's Fresh Deli

    On May 2, 2009, Saturday, Ed came over in the morning and we went to Harry's Fresh Deli in North Portland for lunch. I had "Just a Dog" (with a pickle and chips), a side order of potato salad, and a bottle of milk. After that, we went to his Credit Union where I got cash from its ATM. We went to his house for a bit, then picked up his mother from a care home on Glisan Street, took her to the pharmacy, and took her home again.

    On May 3, 2009, Sunday, I stayed home from Church again because of my foot. The antibiotics I was promised finally arrived at 10:30 am (after two days without) and I began taking them immediately.

    On May 4, 2009, Monday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening online and listening to the TV.

    On May 5, 2009, Tuesday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening online and listening to the TV.

    On May 6, 2009, Wednesday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening online and listening to the TV.

    On May 7, 2009, Thursday, A MedWest driver picked me up to take me to my podiatrist appointment in the afternoon. At first he said he couldn't take me without foot rests on my wheelchair until I told him I could transfer if he had a seat for me to sit in. He did. Dr. Yoon didn't see any problems with my feet, though I told him about the infection and and the antibiotics I was taking for it. An Elderplace driver, Matt, picked me up and took me home. Before going to bed, I moved some shelves to between my bed and the wall.

    Our Front Porch

    On May 8, 2009, Friday, Vicki picked me up as usual for Elderplace. They took me to the Sandy Room to sing karaoke, which I did, though the room was empty. At 10:45 am, I went to the McKenzie Room for Nanette's reading group, but was pulled away almost immediately to be seen by Sana and the Doctor. My blood pressure was 128/66. I'm not sure they were convinced my toe was alright, but they didn't prescribe any more antibiotics. They said they would have the occupational therapist see me about the wedge for my bed. I went back downstairs and sang in the Sandy Room until lunch time. I had the apricot chicken. I weighed 325.0 lbs.

    On May 9, 2009, Saturday, Ed came over in the Morning. we went to the Stark Street Cinema to see the 10:45 am showing of the New Star Trek movie (the 11th). I bought a container of Dibs for a snack. The movie was very good, but I missed a few minutes when I had to go to the restroom. After it was over, we went to Taco Bell/Long John Silver's on Stark for lunch. I had two pieces of fish filet (instead of my usual three), fries, coleslaw, and a soda. Ed stopped at a Home Depot before returning me home.

    On May 10, 2009, Sunday, Mothers' Day, I shaved and dressed for Church. Diana gave me an apple and a lemon meringue pudding to take for my lunch. Larry picked me up. Sacrament meeting was about Mother's, of course. The Primary children sang a song, too. Potted flowers were given to the mothers at the end of the meeting. Sunday School was "The Law of Tithing and the Law of the Fast". Before the Priesthood opening I checked with Br. Koch and he arranged for my second interview for my Temple recommend with Pres. Pale. It was complete before we sang "Called to Serve" in Priesthood Opening. In the Quorum, Br. Paxon led the lesson of "Responding to Persecution with Faith and Courage". Larry took me home by 3 pm. About 4 pm, I phoned Mom to wish her a Happy Mothers' Day. Jim is away in Eastern Oregon, but both he and John (in Idaho) had already phoned her. MY Priesthood lesson for next week has been moved to the following week due to next week being Ward Conference.

    On May 11, 2009, Monday, I looked up a possible solution for a problem Willy has with his Canon camera. It is a problem with the lens mechanism, but I was unable to fix it. It seems to have been dropped a number of times or deliberately smashed. I told him that if he decides to discard the camera, not to let the memory chip go (it is 256MB).

    On May 12, 2009, Tuesday, I rearranged my room, putting my bed back under the window and the mirror over the bed. I moved my computer to the wall where the head of the bed had been. After supper (we had a Burrito Supreme, nachos, and potato salad), I took my wheelchair and went to Fred Meyer. I bought ten cans of Van Camp's Pork & Beans (at 39 cents each), a small can of Vienna Sausage, a bag of Ginger Snaps, a 32 oz bottle of honey, and a bottle of Dr. Pepper. I found I had to rest several times on the way home. I poured about a third of the honey I bought into an empty container to keep in my room and put the rest out on the dining table for everyone to use. I snacked on ginger snaps.

    On May 13, 2009, Wednesday, I got up at 5:30 am. I had a cough from a tickle in my throat, and nasal congestion. I began updating my journal for the last two weeks. Some days are just gone from memory. I downloaded pnotos from my camera. After breakfast, Winda phoned Sana about my cough and congestion. She took my vitals: BP 120/90, temp 97.0o, pulse 76. I finished updating my journal and added a couple of photos. I added Psalms 41 and Psalms 42. I updated my web pages on the internet. After lunch, I chatted with my daughter (she at school) online. I napped about an hour before getting ready for my ride to the optometrist. A MedWest driver picked me up. I told her how to get there. The doctor tested my eyes several ways. I do not have macular degeneration. He fitted me for new lenses and dilated my eyes so he could check for diabetic deterioration and found none. I left the office just at 5 pm and phoned Winda to let her know I was on my way. I had corn on the cob, a chicken leg, and potato salad for supper.

    On May 14, 2009, Thursday, I got up at 7:40 am. After breakfast, Winda made me a warm lemonade to which I added honey, and later more hot water. It did help to soothe my throat. I washed my personal dishes and silverware in the bathroom sink. I added Psalms 43 and Psalms 44. Ed came over while I was having lunch. We watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. An Occupational Therapist from Elderplace came over to check out my bed. She seemed to be pushing a hospital bed. I told her I was happy with my self-engineered bed. She said I could bring home a wedge from Elderplace when I'm there tomorrow. After the movie, Ed and I watched Fox News. He left at supper time. After supper, I watched NCIS and Reba.

    On May 15, 2009, Friday, Vicki arrived after breakfast with the wedge I was promised for my bed. She drove me and six others to Elderplace. One of the workers took my vitals: I weighed 327.9 lbs, my BP was 120/70, and my tempe was 99.4o. I went to the McKenzie Room and waited for Lisa's Discussion Group to gather. We had barely begun when someone came and said I was wanted in the Meds Room. I took the elevator up. The Meds person wants me to bring my blood glucose monitor in at least every other week, and to check my strips each time I open a new container. Sana caught me before I went back downstairs and checked me out. She rechecked my vitals: BP was 120/64, temp 98.9o. She said she would ask the doctor to prescribe some cough syrup for my cough. When I went back downstairs, I went to the Columbia Room and listened to Rachael sing. I requested a John Denver song for her last and she sang "Sunshine on My Shoulders". I was really sad I couldn't sing along because of my cough. I had fish for lunch. I got some photos of Mt. Hood on my way home. I tried out the wedge. It was the perfect width, but I couldn't sleep on it, so I went back to my blankets for support. The cough syrup arrived late and I began taking it just after 8 pm.

    On May 16, 2009, Saturday, Ed came by about 10 am and left at 7 pm. We watched episodes of NCIS. He brought 3 cases of Caffiene-free Pepsi with him, but after I had drank two cans, I checked my blood sugar and found it was high. Then I checked the can and discovered they were not diet Pepsis.

    On May 17, 2009, Sunday, At 2 am, I decided to not take any more of the cough syrup. It seemed to impair my ability to clear my breathing. The effects wore off very quickly after 2:15 am. I began to have a productive cough. I stayed home from Church, of course, and watched the BYU channel. Boyd K. Packer told of a time he was asked to tell how he could "know" that God is. He told he was inspired to ask, "Do you know what salt is?" He said it's like explaining what salt tastes like to someone who has never tasted salt. Another speaker, said that Jesus re-introduced the idea that God is our Father in Heaven to the Jews. I thought that was odd, so I looked it up. There are just more than a handful of passages that link God or Jehovah to the idea of Father, and they all appear to refer to Christ rather than to the Father of our spirits. Even the Jewish leaders of Jesus' day did not claim God as their Father, but Abraham.

    On May 18, 2009, Monday, Mt. St. Helens erupted (1980), I was up early, unable to go back to sleep. I was unable to go online, but updated my web journal. At 6:50 am, Dan knocked on my door (I know his knock). When I asked why the knock, I got no response. I thought to myself, If this is a fire drill, they're going to have to do more than that. At 7:15 am, Dan knocked again, and this time responded. He said everyone was eating. I asked him if he knew what time it was (apparently, he didn't). I got myself ready (pills and all) and went out. After breakfast, I went back to my room. I watched BYU TV. After lunch, We watched Merv Griffin's Crossword, then I went back to my room and continued watching BYU TV. After supper, I went out on the front porch and enjoyed the cool breeze and the fresh air. I watched BYU TV nand then NCIS before going to bed.

    On May 19, 2009, Tuesday, I woke up at 8 am to Dan's knock for breakfast. Feeling much better and hoping to become productive again. I spent most of the day writing a poem, What Is Truth?.

    On May 20, 2009, Wednesday, I printed a poster photo of Mt Hood and pasted it to the back of my old food tray, making it a framed picture for my wall.

    On May 21, 2009, Thursday, I sang karaoke until lunch. I hooked the video up through my computer monitor because the karaoke screen was scrambled and the TV monitor would not work. I managed to get online off and on and cleared my e-mails.

    Hummingbird Perched

    On May 22, 2009, Friday, I woke up at 6 am without remembering whether I woke up before that or not. I napped until 6:30 when the alarm went off and listened to four or five Hawaiian love songs before getting up. I shaved, bathed, and dressed. I entered all of the CBG results into my spreadsheet. For breakfast, I had a scrambled egg sandwich and oatmeal. I got ready for Elderplace, including finding one of my leis to wear for Hawaiian week. Vicki was quite early (8:25 am). And we were early getting to Elderplace as well. I gave my CBG tester to Merga who delivered it to the Meds person. Sana had me go upstairs to the clinic at 10 am. My blood pressure was 122/70. She checked the redness on the toes of my left foot. I went down to the McKenzie Room for Lisa's Discussion Group and stayed for Nanette's Reading Group. I was Nanette's whole audience. At 11 am, an aide got me to check my weight. I weighed 321.7 lbs. Then I went to the Sandy Room and set up for my karaoke while the Art instructor was cleaning up her stuff. I sang until 11:40 when they served lunch (I had chicken with peaches). Someone brought me my CBG tester after I had finished most of my meal - At that time my blood sugar was 137. After eating, I resumed singing until Ken was ready to watch his Lawrence Welk tape. I waited outside with Mr. Burley and took photographs. I got one of a hummingbird perched near the top of a small tree. Vicki got me home by about 2 pm. I uploaded the photos from my camera and updated my journal.

    On May 23, 2009, Saturday, This was Tess' first day on the job. She is taking over the weekends in place of Diana.I sang karaoke before lunch. In the afternoon, Ed came over. We watched The DaVinci Code on DVD, then we watched NCIS. He left at 7 pm.

    On May 24, 2009, Sunday, 34th Anniversary of my Baptism, I got up at 7:45 am. After breakfast, I shaved. When getting dressed for Church, I noticed my left big toe was red and swollen again. I studied some more on my Priesthood lesson. Larry picked me up for church. The Sacrament theme was Sacrifice. We had to wait until after the first talk and the special music for the Sacrament because the bread had not arrived. When it did, we resang the first two verses of the hymn and received the bread and water. Sunday School was on the Plan of Salvation. My lesson went well. Due to other matters being discussed in the Quorum I had only 12 minutes (I took 17). We touched on the Gift of Healing and the Gift of Discerning of Spirits. Larry got me home by 3 pm.

    On May 25, 2009, Monday, Memorial Day, After breakfast, I showed Winda my toe. She phone the after-hours number for Elderplace and described it to them. I spent most of the day with my foot up on my bed and chatting online with some TV.

    Plane Approaching to Land at PDX

    On May 26, 2009, Tuesday, When I got up, my toe didn't look to be any worse than yesterday morning. Sana phoned Winda and said she would set up an appointment for transportation to Elderplace for me. About 10 am, a driver arrived to pick me up, but not being told when I would be picked up, I wasn't ready. I put on my shoes and socks, and gathered up other things I needed to take with me and went to Elderplace. I arrived a little afte 10:30 (I was the only passenger). I sat in on the last of the guitar player's songs, then went to the Sandy Room. I put in a CD of Lawrence Welk music. Lunch was late and there were no menus. I asked for fish and got salmon. It was good. After lunch, Sana took me upstairs and checked my vitals. My blood pressure was about 140/80. She checked my toes and then called the doctor in. They decided it didn't look too bad and to treat it as a fungal infection this time. They want me to see the foot doctor, too. They gave me an anti-fungal creme to put on my toes twice a day for two weeks. Back downstairs, the occupational therapist asked me about the wedge. I told her it didn't work out though the width was perfect. Sherry, bus 34, took me home at 2 pm. I was home by 3:20 pm. After 8 pm, I soaked my foot in warm, soapy water, dried it, and applied the anti-fungal creme.

    On May 27, 2009, Wednesday, I got word of a podiatrist appointment for tomorrow; I will be picked up at 12:45 pm. Winda told me they are going to start me on antibiotics, too, as soon as it is delivered. I couldn't get online between breakfast and lunch. After lunch, I was on and off (involuntarily) several times.

    On May 28, 2009, Thursday, would have been Jane's 65th Birthday, The Comcast guy showed up about 11:30, and Tess called us to lunch 25 minutes early. At 12:30 pm, I went out front to wait for my ride. I took some photos of airplanes. I saw a MetroWest van driving down 5th and assumed he was looking for me, so I shouted and waved. He turned around and came back. But he was looking for William, on the other side of 5th. He called my name in and I wasn't on their list, so it was an Elderplace van I was looking for. Marty arrived about 12:55 in a wagon for me. He got me to the podiatrist's just in time. Dr. Yoon looked at my foot. He found a tiny piece of glass imbedded in my heal, but unrelated to the infection in my toes. He found two breaks in the skin under my third and fifth toes. He recommended antibiotics. At 2:30 pm, Dawn picked me up to take me home. She picked another man up from a dental office across the street, took him home to Glendoveer Elderplace, then took me home. I talked to Sana on the phone. She said to discontinue the anti-fungal creme and they would send me and antibiotic, amoxicillin, this evening. The Comcast guy was done, but my TV was not connected, so I worked out the connections for my HDTVTuner and my WinTVR tuner. I haven't figured out how to work my karaoke machine yet. After supper, I managed to get online through linksys, but kept getting bumped off. At 7:45 pm I got my antibiotics and started taking them.

    On May 29, 2009, Friday, I really wanted to go camping, but I had not been able to reach the person I had expected I might get a ride with today or last night. Ed phoned before supper that he had worked late and wouldn't be over. Linksys worked all day but either the signal was too weak or SodaHead was slow so that I was unable to reply or send mail, except for the first answer on questions. I got an email from my daughter. Her Mom has mild diabetes.

    Me viewed by my Web Cam

    On May 30, 2009, Saturday, This is at least the third day of eighty degree weather with no end in sight. With the window wide open (but screened), my room only cooled to 74 degrees overnight. I closed up in the morning to try to keep the heat out. Before lunch, I swapped the monitors I used for TV and computer. Since I pretty much know how to get the older monitor to work now, it gives me a larger screen for reading, though the two monitors are almost the same width. Linksys came back after lunch but wouldn't let me online. I added Psalms 45 and Psalms 46. Larry phoned to say that he would be out of town the next two weeks. He will let Br. Dickey know that I will need a ride the first Sunday next month. No internet all day.

    On May 31, 2009, Sunday, I added Psalms 47 and Psalms 48. I also added original language text for Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1. After lunch, I added Psalms 49 and Psalms 50. My home teachers came by at 3:30 pm and left a message on Unselfish Service. I was offline all day.

    JUNE 2009

    On June 1, 2009, Monday, I worked out a new floorplan for my next room rearrangement. Default connected to the internet at 3:20 pm. I went online and checked my email and SodaHead. I still can't do a lot of things on SodaHead - could be SodaHead's problem. Before supper, my older monitor that I was using for my computer quit on me. After supper, I disconnected it and set up my newer monitor to use with the computer and WinTV. After I got set up, Linksys connected to the internet and I suddenly found I could do everything on SodaHead that I hadn't been able to do for days. I dismantled my old monitor to look for anything I might find worth keeping. I kept the base and the several plastic and glass layers that made up the screen. The flourescent light is like no flourescent light I had ever seen. It will have to be disposed of carefully because it contains mercury.

    On June 2, 2009, Tuesday, I woke up at 4:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. The computer connection had been lost while I slept. My room was only down to 78o, even with the fan in the window. I tried to sleep again before brekfast. The Comcast man came and added a tuner box to the TV in the dining room. He left boxes for the rest of the TVs in the house, too. I set mine up, but was left with a blank screen with a message to call Comcast for activation. Dan didn't want to do the rest of the TVs until tomorrow. I reconnected the cable to my WinTV Tuner until then. Later, I got an internet connection (Linksys) and checked my email and SodaHead, also my bank record. I sorted my craft drawer.

    On June 3, 2009, Thursday, Becky's Birthday, I got up with strong hopes of rearranging my room. I made out checks for the usual things as it was Pay Day. I hooked up my new cable box and in the process of getting to a dropped cable, knocked my computer, monitor, karaoke machine, and alarm off. The monitor was hanging by it's cords, the rest made it to the floor. Happily, everything still seems to work. It was hot again, so this is why I think I never got my room rearranged. I did get my fish from the 5-gallon tank and put them in the 10-gallon tank. I spent a lot of time on the Internet.

    On June 4, 2009, Thursday, Nat'l Frozen Yogurt Day, I got up at 7 am, having dreamed about being distractedly ready to die. I shaved. After breakfast, when I closed my window, it was 57o outside, but 74o in my room. I took a bath and dressed to go to the Podiatrist appointment. Matthew picked me up and took me to the foot doctor. Dr. Yoon chcked both feet. He said my cellulitis is looking much better. He removed part of an ingrown toenail from my left big toe. He wants me to soak my feet in Epsom salts each day. I got home a little after noon and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and macaroni salad for lunch. Ed came over. He took me to a store over on Airport Way where I bought a desk lamp, popcorn, granola bars, and a license plate saying "One Nation under God". Then we went to Dairy Queen where we each had a banana split. Then we went to Hollywood Video where I bought "City of Ember" and "The Clone Wars". We went to Fred Meyer where I bought a large bottle of honey, a large box of Kleenex, and a large bag of Epsom Salt. When we got home, we watched "City of Ember" togetrher, then he left. We had a thunderstorm about 5:30 pm. I watched "The Clone Wars", by myself.

    On June 5, 2009, Friday, I got up at 7 am and soaked my feet in Epsom salt. It was raining. After Breakfast, Matthew picked me up for Elderplace (he was running Vicki's route). He had a total of 8 passengers, would have had nine but he didn't have to pick one up. Someone weighed me (320.6 lbs). I participated in Lisa's Discussion group until Merga came and got me for Sana. When I got upstairs, I gave the Meds lady my CBG tester. Sana agreed that my foot was doing much better. My blood pressure was 120/72. When Sana was through with me, the Meds lady gave my tester back. I went to the Therapy office and asked about a cup holder for my wheelchair. They said they would pass the request to the person who could handle it. I went down to the Sandy Room to sing karaoke, but I had brought the wrong video cable, so I put on a CD of Lawrence Welk music instead. I had salmon for lunch. I went outside and took photos until Matt was ready to load us. When I got home, I found I was pretty tired. I spent the evening on the computer and watching TV.

    On June 6, 2009, Saturday, I got up at 7:30 am. After breakfast, I began rearranging my room. By lunch, I had cleared out the closet and moved the shelves into it. By supper, I had the dresser and black cabinet moved to the inside wall. By 11 pm, I had the Computer and TV hooked up (internet working, and the bed cleared off, but there was still a pile of things in the middle of the floor.

    On June 7, 2009, Sunday, I got up at 7:30 am. After breakfast, I soaked my feet and dressed for Church even though I had not heard from anyone about a ride. No one came. I rested the rest of the day.

    On June 8, 2009, Monday, I got up at 7:00 am. I spent the day sorting through the stuff left on the floor Saturday. I also went through boxes of papers and miscellaneous. By 7 pm, I had things pretty well cleaned up.


    On June 9, 2009, Tuesday, I got up at 6:00 am. I went on the internet. Ed Owen dropped by, visited and picked up some cans of Pepsi. After lunch, I wheeled to Fred Meyer. They are still renovating. The grocery end was all blocked off except for a narrow walkway to the entrance. They move the Home Electronics Dept and I had to ask directions. I bought a set of speakers for my computer and a mouse pad with a flag on it. I wheeled back home, taking photos all the way. I got photos of a dragonfly. At home, I hooked up the speakers - they work good. After supper, I chatted online with my daughter who was staying over night with her friend Miriam to study for her Speech Final.

    On June 10, 2009, Wednesday, Mom's 80th Birthday: I got up about 6:30 am. I phoned Mom in the morning to wish her a Happy Birthday. My Social Worker from the County called and made an appointment to come see me on Tuesday morning at 9:30. I took a nap in the afternoon. My nurse called to ask about my CBG readings and my foot.

    On June 11, 2009, Thursday, Ed came over and we watched movies on DVD: "Enchanted", "Titan AE", "Romancing the Stone", and "Nim's Island".


    On June 12, 2009, Friday, I got up at 6:30 am to get ready for Elderplace. I took back my walker and the wedge they gave me for the bed. Vicki had 9 passengers. On the bus I discovered I hadn't taken my breakfast pills, so I took them with a can of diet Pepsi. I will take my noon pill when I get home and the Supper Metformin at 8 pm. I returned the things to Therapy, then delivered my CBG monitor to Meds. I bought a book, "A Brief History of Time: from the Big Bang to Black Holes", by Stephen Hawking, and the first episode of "Saving Grace" on DVD (proceeds going to the Oregon Food Bank). I took part in Lisa's Discussion Group, then went to the Sandy Room and sang karaoke until lunch. The transition to digital seemed to go off without a hitch.

    On June 13, 2009, Saturday, I read in the Stephen Hawking book.

    On June 14, 2009, Sunday, Flag Day, and National Strawberry Shortcake Day, I got up at 7:30 am. After breakfast, I shaved, bathed and dressed for Church. Larry picked me up after 11 am. The Sacrament talks were on Joseph Smith. Sister Waddington introduced her new husband, they are moving this week. Sunday School was on the Word of Wisdom. The Priesthood lesson was on the importance of forgiveness.

    On June 15, 2009, Monday, My 61st Birthday, I got up at 8:00 am because my alarm didn't go off. I got an email from my sister wishing me a Happy Birthday from her family and Mom and Dad. I listened to Rush Limbaugh on KEX AM radio. For lunch, I had an egg salad sandwich, potato salad, and strawberry shortcake (biscuit). I went online then took a nap.

    On June 16, 2009, Tuesday, The case worker from the County Seniors and Disabilities came to do my yearly evaluation. We also discussed the payments I have been asked to make to them which are larger than what I get in my bank account. President Obama, during an interview was buzzed by a housefly which he swatted with one try.

    On June 17, 2009, Wednesday, I got a call from a Medicare surveyor and answered her questions to the best of my ability, but based on the kinds of questions asked, I can't tell what they can possibly learn from them. Senator Barbara Boxer prefers being called Senator rather than Ma'am, even by a Brigadier General.

    On June 18, 2009, Thursday, I heard that North Korea may soon launch a missle across Japan toward the U.S. (Hawaiian islands?) in the near future. They also have a cargo ship hugging the China coast that is suspected of carrying illegal weapons and the Navy wants to search it when it leaves China's waters. I got my new batch of medications at lunchtime. For supper, I had salmon, baked potato, and apple pie. Winda gave me a baked potato for my night snack. Obama's poll ratings are starting to drop. His health care plan is having trouble in the Legislature - appears to cost too much, and several important parts have not yet been revealed. GE is now under the Federal Reserve. I cut my own hair to about 1/8 inch.

    On June 19, 2009, Friday, I got up at 7:30 am. I shaved. Vicki picked me up at 8:25 am. She only had six passengers today. I took my CBG monitor upstairs. I was weighed at 320.9 lbs. I studied my Priesthood lesson in the McKenzie Room. Someone asked me if they could give me a new CBG monitor. Someone else asked me if I would sing karaoke in the Columbia Room at 10 am. When I got there, they were having a Participants meeting, so I didn't start singing until almost 10:30 am. I sang until after 11 am, then went to the Sandy Room for Nanette's Reading. It soon became so noisy there as people gathered and the aid was setting up for lunch that I doubt if even the ladies at her table could hear what she was reading. I had the parmesan chicken (w/ tomato sauce) for lunch. Vicki brought me home by 2 pm (only 5 passengers). Ed was already parked out front. He had a new Emergency Weather Radio. Starting about 3 pm, we had a torrential downpour and a thunderstorm. We watched 5 episodes of "Saving Grace". After five episodes, it didn't look like the story was ever going to save Grace. Without the sexual situations and the foul language, it might have been a good story. I got word of a podiatrist appointment for next Thursday. Ed went home about 5:30 pm, but he left his radio behind. I had corn on the cob for supper.

    Bird on Roof

    On June 20, 2009, Saturday, After breakfast, I wheeled down to Fred Meyer. I got cash from the ATM. I found a CD wallet to hold 336 CDs or DVDs. I found the light bulbs for my fish tank and a black light CFL. When I went to pay for them, the price on the CD wallet was much more than what was on the shelf, so I didn't get it. I went to the grocery section and bought snacks: cookies, bagels, chips, pudding. On the way home I passed a yard sale (mostly in the house) and bought a set of metal shelves for $6. For lunch, I had a grilled cheese sandwich and sliced peaches (light, because we were going to a buffet in the afternoon).

    Our Ill-Fated Outing

    The first bus arrived and took Margaret, Patti, Martha, and Tess. Willy and I waited for the second bus (which arrived right at the end of its arrival window). Winda and Dan left to meet the first bus at the buffet, giving me money for Willy's and my fares. The second driver was expecting three passengers (Martha was to have been one). She called the dispatcher (which is separate company from Tri-Met) and could not resolve the problem. Apparently, they were unable to contact the other bus driver. She also called her bosses, but her supervisor was not there. She ended up having to let us off the bus and waited until Dan showed up. I had some chips and tapioca pudding for a snack. At 4:30 pm, I went out on the porch to wait for the rest of the outing to come home. It sprinkled a little bit. At 5 pm, Dan served me some stew and apple pie. Then I went back out on the front porch. The Tri-Met Lift bus arrived at 5:20 pm.

    On June 21, 2009, Sunday, Fathers' Day, and the 1st Day of Summer, I got up at 7:30 am. My largest goldfish is dead. After breakfast, I shaved, bathed, and dressed for Church. Demonstrations continued in Iran. Larry picked me up just after 11 am. Sacrament meeting talks were on Fatherhood. After Sacrament, the Relief Society handed out (at the chapel doors) cans of Dad's Root Beer with a sticker on them that read, "You're the best, POP! Happy Father's Day". I ate two oatmeal cookies for lunch. Sunday School was about Learning by Study and Faith. I led the Priesthood discussion on Redemption for the Dead. Larry got me home just before it really started raining.

    Crescent Moon

    On June 24, 2009, Wednesday, I napped all morning. After supper, I managed to get on the internet, check my emails, and check my New Happenings on SodaHead for the first time in days. After 8 pm, I went out on the deck with my camera hoping to catch a racoon with her babies that Winda had seen playing in the yard the night before. I caught 4 cats going through the yard just before 9 pm. One went under the deck where Winda thought the racoon kept the babies. It came out and rested with its tail still under the deck for a while. That convinced me the racoon was not under the deck. I also caught the crescent moon, maybe two days old, on camera.

    On June 26, 2009, Friday, Vicki picked me up for Elderplace. She had 8 passengers today. When I got there, I took my CBG monitor upstairs. Sana talked to me about my visit to the foot doctor. I asked her whether I was getting new glasses and she found that they had been ready for two weeks. They are tri-focals as expected. I bought a book, "A History of God" by Karen Armstrong and began reading it. I participated in Lisa's Discussion Group, which started about 15 minutes late. I went to the Sandy Room afterward where I was scheduled to sing karaoke at 11:30 am, though the karaoke machine was still in the McKenzie Room. The Art Instructor was cleaning up for half an hour (from 11 to 11:30). Nanette wasn't there or she wouldn't have been able to read, though she was scheduled for 11:15. The machine was never brought, so I didn't sing karaoke, either. I had salmon for lunch (the menu said it was Red Snapper) and something they called lime cheesecake, though it was like nothing I had ever eaten. Vicki got me home by 2 pm.

    On June 25, 2009, Thursday, Chuck picked me up late for my podiatrist (2:20 pm). We arrived predictably 20 minutes late for the appointment. The doctor looked at my feet. They were looking better, but I told him my feet had been hurting more since about Sunday. He said he thought the "cellulitis" problem I had with my left foot was probably Charcot's syndrome, too. My only remedy seems to be not to use my feet. One on his assistants, while putting my socks and shoes back on, told me that Michael Jackson had died. I later learned that Farrah Fawcett had died only a few hours earlier.

    On June 27, 2009, Saturday, I began wearing the air boot on my right foot, as it was hurting quite a bit. Ed Owen came over and watched TV with me for about an hour. He gave me the Emergency Weather radio that he had left the last time and shared a Snickers bar and Pepsi with me before he left when I was called to lunch. I watched "Mission to Mars" on TV before going to bed.

    On June 28, 2009, Sunday, I decided to cancel my ride to church (as the wiser choice) to allow my foot to recover. I watched two of my VHS tapes with Margaret, "A Simple Wish" and "Short Circuit" and let her watch "Split Infinity" while I moved a few things in my room. I read some more in "A History of God".

    First Quarter Moon

    On June 29, 2009, Monday, I dreamed of waking up while still in the dream. My foot is feeling much better this morning, but I know better than to overuse it. I mounted my web cam on the wall and made a panoramic photo of my room. I napped three hours of the afternoon. Just before supper, I went out on the front porch and took photos of the First Quarter Moon at different photosensitivity settings. It seems, in daylight, that ASA 80 works best for the moon. I went online and checked my email and SodaHead New Happenings.

    My Room

    On June 30, 2009, Tuesday, I woke at 3 am, laid awake for two hours, then got another hour's sleep before breakfast. I napped most of the time between breakfast and lunch. I chatted briefly with my daughter but lost my internet connection. After 8 pm, I went out on the front porch and took pictures of the Gibbous Moon.