My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Year 2009 - Winter


On January 1, 2009, Thursday, New Year's Day, I reconnected my HD TV tuner after having it disconnected from the power all night. I had a good picture. I auto-scanned the channels. Then after I used my computer and went back to TV the picture was gone.

Nighttime Snowfall - January 2, 2008

On January 2, 2009, Friday, Ernie's 34th Birthday, I was about to go to bed at 2:30 am and I noticed the sky was unusually bright. Looking closer, I noticed that it was snowing and had already left a layer of snow on the ground. I used my new webcam to take photos and made a panorama view of the back yard.

After breakfast, I was picked up by Vicki and taken to Elderplace. I took more photos of the snow. I weighed 324.1 lbs. My blood pressure was 124/72. I sang karaoke. Ed came to visit after I got home. After supper, I ordered a 17" CRT monitor from It may arrive in as early as a week.

On January 3, 2009, Saturday, Ed came over after lunch. We watched the Sci-Fi channel - gargoyle movies. For supper we went to Long John Silver's. I had three pieces of fish, three pieces of corn on the cob, fries, and milk. Then we went to Fred Meyer where I bought a dry-erase calender for my room. Ed headed off to work after dropping me off at home. I mounted my new calendar on the side of my dresser. I re-setup my computer with the wireless keyboard and mouse and stored away the regular keyboard and trackball.

On January 4, 2009, Sunday, I got up at 6:45 am, shaved, bathed, and got dressed for Church. After breakfast, I waited in the living room for a call from Larry about coming to pick me up. It approached 9 o'clock before it dawned on me, after thinking icy conditions were holding things up, that we meet at 11:00 am this year. I got caught up to my scripture reading schedule with the extra time. Winda made me a sandwich for my lunch at Church. During Fast and Testimony meeting, I had to leave for the restroom, so I ate my sandwich and took my med then. Sunday School was an introduction to the Doctrine & Covenants. In Priesthood we had Lesson 22 (missed in December) on Knowledge. Larry drove me home. The air temperature was still at freezing according to his car thermometer. After supper, it snowed.

On January 5, 2009, Monday, The temperature rose nealy fifteen degrees overnight and erased the snow that fell.

On January 6, 2009, Tuesday, I changed the bed clothing. Ed came over and we watched TV.

On January 7, 2009, Wednesday, I slept all morning after breakfast, then after lunch I rearranged my room, moving my fúton under the window and my computer desk where the fúton was.

Portland Oregon Temple (LDS) via Virtual Earth

On January 8, 2009, Thursday, I woke up after midnight and got up and checked the SodaHead mail. I got back to sleep after three hours. After breakfast, I downloaded MS Virtual Earth and browsed it. I took a snapshot of the 3D image of the Temple they had. I got an email from the people I ordered the CRT monitor from. They say it is out of stock, but they can send me a flat panel monitor as a replacement at no further cost to me (or refund my money). I emailed back that as long as the screen size and resolution are not inferior to the one I ordered, I would like them to send the replacement. After lunch, I soaked my feet. At 3 pm, Marty from Elderplace picked me up and drove me to my Podiatrist appointment. I was met there by Meredith from Elderplace who asked me to tell her my life story, and I mananged it pretty well. The doctor said my foot was looking pretty good. Marty got me home just as supper was being delivered to the dining table.

On January 9, 2009, Friday, Dad's 80th Birthday, My computer booted up normally for the first time in a long time. Jack Frost had been busy, so I wore a coat. After breakfast, Vicki picked me up to go to Elderplace. We had six passengers. I sang karaoke in the McKenzie Room. I had the tuna noodle casserole for lunch. I weighed 322.4 pounds. Vicki had 7 passengers going home. I got home by 2:45 pm. Ed was already there. I returned a call from Br. Belshe and we traded teacing days for High Priest Group. I will teach lesson #23 on Sunday. Ed took me out to The Original Roadhouse Grill. I had Whiskey River Salmon with a large baked potato. Afterward, we went to Fred Meyer where I bought snacks and AA batteries. He went on home after dropping me off. I put a new battery in my wall clock and set it to the correct time. At 7 pm, I phoned Dad to wish him a happy birthday. We visited about the jobs we have had. He worked at a restaurant in the Hollywood district first, then went to work for Elmo McMillan managing McMillan's Lunch and cooking. Later, he worked at the Duck In across the street. Even later, he had a job as a Psychiatric Aide at Fairview Home. When he moved to Albany, Oregon, he worked as a custodian for his church. He was in the hospital yesterday. He will see the doctor on Monday. I talked to Mom, too.

On January 10, 2009, Saturday, (Perigee Full Moon -6:47pm), Ed Owen came over in the afternoon and we watched Monk episodes. He left at supper time. The sky was overcast so I didn't get photos of the full moon.

On January 11, 2009, Sunday, I got up at 7 am, shaved and bathed. After breakfast, I studied for the Priesthood Lesson, How Good and How Pleasant it is ... to Dwell Together in Unity. Unity is so very important, but not for its own sake, but for the sake of the Kingdom of God. As we align ourselves with the principles of the Kingdom of God, we become united with God, one with the Father and with the Son as they are with each other. The mystery of the Trinity is rather the mystery of Unity, and unity is for all the saints to acheive. I got an email from Becky saying that Dad is back in the hospital. He has only 15% use of his kidneys and a MRSA infection of his uterine tract. Larry picked me up at 10:25am. In Sacrament meeting Jacob William Jensen was blessed. The Fox sisters took their turns giving talks. The first one spoke of how she got her testimony of the gospel. The second spoke about the help she got from God in preparing to speak in public. The third speaker was Br. Jones who is black, or at least very dark. He spoke about his conversion and his baptismal covenant. He told how he was able to baptize his son Isaiah, and how the gospel has helped his marriage. In Sunday School we discussed things that the Doctrine and Covenants tells us about Jesus Christ. In the High Priest Group, I led the lesson where we discussed the importance of Unity in the Kingdom of God. After Church, Steve drove me to the Chipmans' where we home taught them. I was home again by 3:15pm.

On January 13, 2009, Tuesday, Ed Owen came over in the afternoon and we watched Fox News. We went to Dairy Queen for supper. I had two corn dogs, fries, and a soda. I bought a small strawberry sundae to go. I finished it at home. Ed left at 6 pm.

On January 14, 2009, Wednesday, I got an email from my daughter about Isaac, but nothing from Becky yet about Dad. I napped in the morning, then shaved, then studied my home teaching lesson. After lunch, I went home teaching with Steve. I gave the lesson on Warning Our Neighbors (D&C 88:81). I got a call from someone with Elderplace offering me a seat at a Writing Workshop to be held for 10 weeks starting Feb 9th at the Glendoveer Elderplace. They will have my social worker set up transportation for me. After supper I got an email from Becky. Mom went to the ER the day before but she is OK and Dad seems to be doing better. They didn't know how the MRSA was doing and he still has kidney problems. He rejected dialysis as a solution.

Mt. St. Helens

On January 16, 2009, Friday, I got about 5 hours of sleep (stayed up watching House and Burn Notice). After breakfast, I took photos of the gibbous moon. Vicki picked me up for Elderplace. She had seven passengers. I took photos of Mt. St. Helens along the way. I sang karaoke after I arrived. No one showed up for the Reading Group and I sang some more karaoke with an audience this time. I had the Cod for lunch. I weighed 324.4 lbs. Vicki got me home by 2:20 pm. I found my wireless connection was cutting off frequently while I was answering comments on SodaHead. Erin had some new photos on MySpace.

On January 17, 2009, Saturday, I woke up to the sound of the wind howling at my window in 35 mph gusts from the north. At breakfast, Diana introduced her boyfriend. I answered my SodaHead comments, then sang karaoke. At 12:37pm, the power blinked on and off and then died. I took a nap. One hour and fifteen minutes, the power came back on and stayed on. However, the signal from the wireless server wasn't being detected. I got the signal again about 4:30pm. I converted a wall lamp into a wall candle holder.

On January 18, 2009, Sunday, I woke up early and checked the comments on SodaHead. At 6:00am, we had a brief power outage. It was pitch black, and I realized that I didn't know where any of my flashlights were. When the power and lights came back on, I made sure I did. The wind was at 37 mph, with gusts to 55 mph. After breakfast I took a nap but found I still didn't have the energy to go to church. At lunch, Dan said that a tree was down over on 1st Street. Too far for me to go take a photo of it. I think I saw something of it on the evening news.

On January 19, 2009, Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day:, At 7:47am, while I was reading a comment on SodaHead, the power sputtered and went out. Dan had finished cooking the eggs only. Winda set up a gas stove on the range, under the range hood, and finished breakfast. We played with an emergency radio thingy they had and listened to an emergency weather broadcast. I timed it and 100 cranks produced 5 minutes of radio. The power came on again at 9:10am (1 hr 23 mins total). I helped Willy and Margaret reset their clocks and TVs. Then I reset mine. I began reading Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbot, first published in 1884. After lunch, I napped.

My computer

On January 20, 2009, Tuesday, Inauguration Day, When I went to breakfast, the Inauguration coverage was on TV (Fox). I watched as Joe Biden was sworn in as Vice President with no glitches. Then Barack Obama was sworn in by Cheif Justice Roberts. Obama started to repeat what Roberts cued him with before he finished (perhaps he should have stopped there). Then Roberts cued Obama with a mis-worded phrase. Obama clearly knew the right phrasing, but after stumbling, he repeated it as Roberts had said (wrongly). I felt they should have done a do over. I went on SodaHead. Ed Owen came about 2:30pm and watched TV with me. At 3:00pm, Ed ordered a pizza for himself. At 4:30pm, Winda brought me a package. It was the 17" flat panel monitor that I have been waiting for. I hooked it up in place of the 19" monitor and we continued watching TV on it (it also worked with my computer). After Ed went home at 6:00pm, I set up the 19" monitor as a TV and connected the new monitor directly to the computer.

On January 21, 2009, Wednesday, The weatherman says we can expect a few inches of snow this coming weekend.

Mount St. Helens from Gresham, Oregon

On January 23, 2009, Friday, I went to Elderplace as usual. I read some in Flatland, napped, then sang karaoke until noon. At first, they took people from the room, saying they were feeding everybody in the Columbia Room, then they put people in the McKenzie Room saying the Columbia Room was full (as it always gets). Another lady took over the karaoke machine before they served lunch (which was very late). I weighed 322.1 lbs. On the way home I got several photos of Mt. St. Helens. I got a MySpace email from someone named "Patrick" (MaryPat), wanting to chat with IM, looking for a friendship. I spent some time trying to figure out my Yahoo! Messenger and got it to show my web cam. I invited a number of people from my contact list to my Yahoo! Messenger. My daughter responded and we chatted for over an hour. She was having her friend Miriam overnight. We discussed her boyfriend Isaac's upcoming Combat Medic training with the Army and some of my experiences. I got to bed at 1:00am.

On January 24, 2009, Saturday, I was awakened at 6:00am by my Yahoo! Messenger by MaryPat. "She" asked questions that revealed she had not, as she said she had, read my profile. She said, "Some men are liers." She said she was in West Africa, not New Jersey (which sent up a red flag). Her syntax was not American and her typing was that of a school child, though she claimed to be 28. And when I told her that every time I have been contacted by someone in West Africa, it had been by someone running a scam, she at least pretended not to get it. I tried going back to sleep, but couldn't. I shaved for the first time in almost two weeks, since it was now possible people would view me on my webcam. My computer crashed and said it wasn't getting the video signal. The screen said I should check my connections. After rebooting several times and finally getting the screen back, I could not regain my wireless connection. About 4:00pm I got a wireless connection, but local only. I watched Merlin's Apprentice.

Prints in snow on porch

On January 25, 2009, Sunday, I woke to a ping from my computer at 5:00am. My internet connection was finally established and my anti-viral software was updated. I reinstalled Yahoo! Messenger and checked my e-mail. My computer said it was 32o F outside and snowing lightly. I went back to sleep until my alarm woke me. It definitely snowed! After breakfast, I took photos of it. I took a bath and dressed. I noticed the snow was falling again. Diana made a tuna sandwich to take with me for my lunch. As Larry drove me to Church, I took photos of the countryside snow. Before Sacrament, the Bishop took me aside and told me they were releasing me from my Ward Activities Coordinator calling. I was released in Sacrament meeting. The talks were on Gratitude and Thankfulness - Sometimes it is just a problem of not remembering what you should be thankful for. Our Gospel Doctrine class, led by Sis. Childs was on the Great Apostasy and the Restoration. In High Priest Group, led by Br. Arnell was on Elder Urchtdorf's talk on Hope from General Conference. We also talked about how to serve those who are feeling despair. I took more photos of the snow on my way home. Shortly after I got home, my home teachers, Brs. Belcher and Chipman came and taught me this month's lesson. Just before supper, my daughter sent me an email and I started a chat session with her. We chatted for over six hours.

On January 26, 2009, Monday, I said Good Morning to my daughter about 7:15am with Chat. We chatted a while. I did some garbage collecting and straightening in my room while watching Stargate SG-1. We chatted again after lunch while she was at the college. We tried out our web cams and I took some screen shots of them. I sent a couple of hours trying to find the MSN Messenger download, but ended up with my old Windows Live Messenger. However, when my daughter connected with me again, I discovered the web cam controls. By then, she was at home so we didn't share our camera views. I did discover that the web cam views for the WLM program were mirrored left to right.

Another Snowy Day, January 27th

On January 27, 2009, Tuesday, Snow began falling again at 8:15am. I checked my comments on SodaHead. At 9:45am I found Erin was online so I IM'd a greeting. She is getting ready to go to OMSI where she volunteers. Margaret gave me two CDs: Tennesee Ernie Ford - The All-Time Favorite Hymns and Jim Reeves - Twelve Songs of Christmas. My daughter didn't come online until after 6:30pm. I assumed she was home, but she was in a writing class and bored. Her teacher was apparently talking with individual students. Her assignment was finished. She was expecting a ride home after 9:20 pm with a friend and her brother. Erin was home again and online about the same time and I was chatting with both for a while.

On January 28, 2009, Wednesday, was Margaret's 83rd birthday. We had ice cream cake and sang her Happy Birthday to celebrate. I chatted with my daughter in the afternoon and evening. She sent me a WAV file of her singing and a video of her dancing. Both were good. I sent her some photos and videos, one of me singing, "My Girl". I played the audio of her singing most of the night to sleep by.

On January 29, 2009, Thursday, I woke up to fog outside. Some of it was freezing.

The Sun, taken through fog.

On January 30, 2009, Friday, I woke up early, having gone to bed at 9 pm. It was 30o F outside. After breakfast, I went out on the front porch to await the Elderplace bus. It was not only foggy, but I discovered the porch was covered in a thin layer of ice and was like it had been slathered with butter. When the bus arrived, Vicki enlisted Winda's help in getting me to the bus safely. They put down throw rugs of various kinds which helped, though even they slid a little. I took photos along the way. When I got there, I weighed 320.5 lbs. I went to the McKenzie Room but they didn't have the karaoke equipment there. I had only brought my CDs and a video cable. The lady who reads for the reading group arrived about 10 minutes late, and since the equipment wasn't there, she read without the microphone. I had the Halibut Provencial. All the food was cold and I had to ask for the sliced peaches (and got apricots, because they were out). After lunch, I went out back and took some photos (including the photo of the sun shown here) and waited for the driver. She loaded a couple of participants before me, then three more after me. I was home by 2:10pm. The ramp was still icy but the porch was dry. Winda gave me some fruit bars for a snack. I chatted with both Erin and my daughter online and updated my web pages. When she got home from school, my daughter sent me a video clip of her and her boyfriend. I converted it from a MOV file to an AVI file so I could play it on Media Player. She asked about my converter program, which was freeware, and I sent it to her. In the process of explaining it, I learned more about it myself. I batch converted all my personal MOV files, then packed 30+ clips into one movie about a Zoo trip I took. Then I sent her that 22 minute movie.

On January 31, 2009, Saturday, After breakfast, I napped most of the morning. In the afternoon, Ed came over and we watched five episodes of "As Time Goes By" that I had recorded from TV. After supper, I chatted with my daughter. She had fallen asleep after she got home from her Spanish class. I hooked up my WinTVR to my computer and my karaoke machine to my HRTV monitor. I recorded tonight's "As Time Goes By" and "My Family".


Mt. Hood from Boring, Oregon

On February 1, 2009, Sunday, After breakfast, I shaved, bathed, and got ready for Church. Larry drove me to Church. Sacrament Meeting was Testimony Meeting, being the first. Br. Card spoke for the Bishopric. His granddaughter was blessed this morning. He spoke of that. She was older than most children who are blessed and even I noticed her apprehension as the men approached her to assist in the blessing. Br. Card said that he reached down to her and held her hand through the blessing. He said it's like that with the Savior. If we can grasp the Savior's hand, we can receive assurance in the scary times. Sister Waddington spoke next. She told how she joined the Church as a teenager. Then she told of the time her 11 year old son asked, "Why do we go to the Mormon Church?" She had responded with: "It's like if you have a choice between a whole pie and a piece of pie. Which would you choose?" He said he would choose the whole pie. It's the same thing. If we can have the whole gospel, why settle for pieces? Br. Chipman spoke of the importance of Temple work, both for the dead and for the living. I ate my tuna sandwich for lunch between meetings. In Sunday School, we discussed the nature of personal revelation, how to prepare ourselves for it, how to recognize it, and that we are capable, when we are ready, to receive all that Joseph Smith received. In High Priest Group, we were told how to obtain and use our individual online accounts with the Church website. We were also told of plans for events and classes on gardening, food preparation, and storage. I took twenty photos on the way home, including the one of Mt. Hood. Diana gave me a muffin for a snack. I chatted with my daughter online and recorded the movie "Monster House" from TV.

Web Cam Views

On February 2, 2009, Monday, Groundhog's Day, Punxsutawney Phil (a groundhog in Pennsylvania) saw his shadow. According to legend, this means that winter will last for six more weeks.

The origin of Groundhog Day is rooted in a German tradition that on the Christian holiday of Candlemas (which falls on February 2) hibernating animals can predict weather conditions. More specifically, if the animal casts a shadow, then winter will last for six more weeks. If no shadow is seen, spring will arrive early.

I chatted with my daughter and her boyfriend at Chemeketa. Erin chatted me up at the same time and we played Checkers (she beat me soundly), a Trivia quiz (I actually beat her on that, but I don't know how since I didn't know most of the answers), and Wheel of Fortune (I won the second round). Erin invited me to go with her on the Tri-Met LIFT bus to OMSI on Tuesday next week. Ed came over in the afternoon. I had a lot of trouble keeping my Messenger connection and finally gave up. In the evening, I napped, then I reconnected with Christina. She told me about Meebo. I looked it up, signed up and connected to both my Yahoo and MSN accounts. Erin wanted to share a poem with me, but couldn't, so I went back to my Messenger. I wrote a haiku poem, The Moon Sails Over.

On February 3, 2009, Tuesday, Pay Day, After breakfast, I checked that my Disability payment had been deposited, then wrote out the checks for tithing, rent, and SPD (what the State wants back for my healthcare). I wrote a separate check for the amount that Winda didn't get last month because they didn't notify her or me of the rent increase in a timely manner (they still haven't told me).
I ordered a new Large Print Quadruple Combination scriptures (black, unindexed) from Church Distribution (2-3 weeks for delivery) for $45.25.
My computer seemed sluggish, so I rebooted, then deleted unused files. My internet connection did not come back. Ed came over after lunch. We watched Sci-Fi. After supper, and Ed left, I disconnected my computer and rearranged my shelves. When I got my computer reconnected, the internet connection was back.

Mum's Flowers

On February 4, 2009, Wednesday, After breakfast, Steve called to say he would pick me up at 9:30am (I had thought it would be 10:30). I hurried getting ready, leaving a mustache of sorts. He picked me up and we went to Mum's Flowers in Gresham, run by Sis. Chipman. Steve ordered flowers for the Brother we were going to visit. I took photos of the shop while she worked on the arrangement. Steve had gone to mail something and when he got back, we took the flowers to the Arters'. He was home from the hospital and still not able to get up. We stayed and visited for a while. Then Steve got me home for lunch. I chatted with my daughter in the afternoon and again in the evening. I sang karaoke before supper.

On February 5, 2009, Thursday, Winda and Dan were talking about how to get rid of the recliner in the living room. At first, I thought I didn't have rooom, but then I thought if I slept on the recliner and got rid of the futon I'm currently using, I would even have more room. Winda thinks she should check with the County whether that would be OK. I did test it out to see that it would work out as a bed, and it is perfect. I figured out how I would rearrange things when/if it is approved. I was offline most of the day, but don't know why.

On February 6, 2009, Friday, I went to Elderplace as usual. There were 8 passengers today. I sang karaoke on my machine even though the Elderplace machine was set up. No reading group members showed up.

On February 7, 2009, Saturday, I didn't recover my internet connection until evening. Erin played me a game of online Checkers, and a diving game. She beat me again at Checkers, but I had 4 kings instead of none and I lasted a lot longer.

Mt. Hood from Boring, Oregon

On February 8, 2009, Sunday, After breakfast, I shaved, bathed, and got ready for Church. Larry drove me to Church. I took several photos of Mt. Hood along the way. The Sacrament Meeting talks were about Faith. In Sunday School, we discussed how God speaks to us and how we can recognize His voice, and how we need to be trained by our experiences with Him to hear and obey. In High Priest Group, we discussed the role of Elijah in restoring the keys of the sealing ordinances. After I got home, I took photos of my fish, experimenting with aperture and exposure. I chatted with my daughter online and studied the Priesthood lesson for next Sunday, "Beware the Bitter Fruits of Apostasy".

On February 9, 2009, Monday, After breakfast, I started a web page on the topic of Apostasy as I am studying it for Sunday's Priesthood lesson. I was surprised when it led into the topic of the Antichrist, and antichrists in general. Then I rode my wheelchair down to Fred Meyer. I got $40 from the US Bank ATM so I would have cash for OMSI. I bought a small can of WD-40 and a bag of blueberry bagels. I also got a roll of quarters. When I got outside, I removed the wheels from my wheelchair and sprayed the axles with WD-40. It did seem to roll easier. I made my way home. I chatted with my daughter who had gotten to school only to find that her Speech class had been cancelled.

My Writing Journal

After lunch, Marty picked me up for the Writing Workshop. I was his only passenger. At the Glendoveer Elderplace, I met Karen, our facilitator for the workshop. There were supposed to be 13 participants, but only about 8 showed up. We selected our journal from a good assortment. I settled for the black one pictured here. We had three writing exercises: 1. Make three statements about yourself, but make one of them a lie;

a. I've been widowed, divorced, widowed, and divorced.
b. I was 50 years old before I ever saw the planet Mercury.
c. I go fishing every other weekend.
(the last one was the lie)

2. (7 minutes) Either start with a. "I come from ...", or b. "My name ...";

"I come from several generations who made their homes in the Pacific Northwest, particularly the northern Willamette Valley of Oregon. My Irish lines go back to the mid-1600s where they appeared in the swamps of North Carolina. Both my Irish and German ancestors spent time in Illinois at the time of the Civil War. One of my great-great grandmothers was a Shawnee. My Native American heritage was magnified when my great grandfather married his sister's daughter."

and 3. (1 minute) Either start with a. "I want to write because ...", or b. "I remember ...".

"I remember climbing Mt. Hood during my Senior outing to Timberline Lodge."

We had a snack half way through. Karen will not be there next week, but will be back in two weeks. Marty drove Cornelia and I home. I was home by 3:45pm. I worked some more on my Apostasy web page. While chatting with my daughter again, I learned she is getting a new phone.

On February 10, 2009, Tuesday, It snowed overnight and was still snowing at breakfast. I took pictures of the snow. I got myself ready for my OMSI trip. Shortly before I left, an Elderplace bus came for me to take me to a Podiatrist appointment. I refused, not having heard of the appointment, and having already promised to be somewhere else, OMSI. At 10:35am, I went out and wheeled to Norma's home where Erin lives. It was raining lightly. I waited in the living room watching a Filipino program on their big TV. Shortly after Erin came out, our Tri-Met LIFT bus arrived. The driver loaded me on first, then Erin in front of me. We made a stop, but didn't pick anyone up. We arrived at OMSI at 12:03pm. After Erin reported in we went to the Diner to have lunch. I had a small pizza (chicken, spinach, and prosciuto), some whole grain chips (but too salty), a Blueback (berry) Smoothie, a Mountain Dew, and a cookie. Erin had a stir fry plate. She checked at her Lab and was told she could show me around the museum. We went first to the DaVinci exhibit. I learned about the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper paintings, about DaVinci's inventions and weapons. We got to try out a trebuchet (a mechanical slingshot), and I even hit the target I had indicated (through some miracle). I was not permitted to take photos in the exhibit until we got to the trebuchet.

I took Erin's photo in a mock Mona Lisa portrait. We had to turn it around to get the best lighting. We visited the science lab, and especially the part where they had live animals. We handled two snakes: a corn snake and a ball python. They were very friendly with Erin. I shopped in the Gift Shop and, with Erin's help, found a little wind-up flashlight for a souvenir. We waited near the entrance for our bus, and when it came (a little late), we went out to meet it. The driver was a woman named Michael. She loaded Erin and I side by side so we could talk, though Erin was a little behind. I took photos on and from the bus. We picked up a man in Gresham and dropped him off at a church. We finally got home a little after 7 pm. When I got home, Diana had supper ready for me. I transferred my photos to the computer, renamed them, and did some editing and made some panorama photos. I copied some photos (and a video of Erin handling a corn snake) to her via Messenger. She went to bed and Christina came online. I copied photos to her and we chatted about our days. Then Christina went to bed. I then updated my web page for today.

On February 11, 2009, Wednesday, I added a page for My OMSI Photos. After lunch, I went with Steve to visit one of our families for home teaching. I napped until almost supper time. After supper, I went on They have a new look. I had to ask for help to find out how to locate the replies I had gotten since my last time on. Our second home teaching family cancelled tonight's visit.

On February 12, 2009, Thursday, I woke up about 5 am and couldn't get to sleep. I got up and wrote a poem, You Smile. After breakfast, I created a Valentine's Card for Erin, using a photo I took at OMSI and the poem I wrote this morning. I Instant Messaged the card to her. I napped before and after lunch. I chatted with my daughter, then made a Valentine's card for her and her boyfriend. I wrote another poem, Happy Valentine's, added it to the card, and messaged it to her. She got her new phone today and is figuring out how to work it. Suddenly, I noticed my external hard drive was not working - the light was out and my computer could not detect it. After supper I began rearranging my room as if the recliner was already to be move in, except the futon is still taking too much of the space. The left end of the futon is now where the recliner will be.

Mountains in Washington State seen from Oregon

On February 13, 2009, Friday, I got up about an hour early, not being able to get back to sleep, though I did get eight hours of sleep. After breakfast, Vicki picked me up to take me to Elderplace. When I got there, I gave Vicki my Blood Glucose monitor to take upstairs, then studied for my Priesthood and Sunday School lessons. I sang Karaoke until my lunch was delivered. I used the Elderplace machine for that. I left three books in the library. While looking through the HarperCollins Study Bible, I got the idea to Add a personal Scripture commentary to my web site. I weighed 323.9# and my blood pressure was good, 100/70. I got home about 2:20 pm. I got three more boxes of glucose test strips. Beckett, my EP social worker phoned to see if my transportation to the Writing Workshop was set up OK. I also talked to her about the recliner situation. She said she would send a note to my doctor and nurse, in case they had any objections or input. I found a place to temporarily store some of the things setting in the middle of my room and got it looking pretty good by 4 pm. After supper, I created an index for my My Personal Scripture Commentary. I created the page for Genesis Chapter 1.

On February 14, 2009, Saturday, Valentine's Day, and Oregon's 150th Birthday, I got up about 6:30 am, couldn't sleep any longer. I added links and comments to the Genesis Chapter 1 and created the Genesis Chapter 2 page. At lunch, Dan told me that it showed big flakes, but didn't stick. I created the Genesis Chapter 3 page. I received my Large Print Scriptures by Fed Ex. I prepared the binding by folding back the pages a hundred at a time, alternating left side and right side, from the outside toward the center. At supper, Winda's daughter, the one who owns the house, was in charge, and when I told her about wanting to move the futon out of my room and the recliner into it, She said, why not do it now since we have the manpower available. So Dan and Raymond took the futon apart (it was coming apart, anyway) and removed it. They brought the recliner in. I put eight sliders on the bottom to make it easier to move around. I stitched a pocket on one end of my afghan to hook over the back of the chair, making a cover for it. I moved some things bqck to the corner from where I had moved them to make room for the futon and stacked the storage containers between them and the recliner (under the window). I straightened up some more things and had Dan take out some more garbage.

My Room Viewed from the Doorway

On February 15, 2009, Sunday, I got a good night's sleep in the recliner. I was up about 6:30 am. I took pictures of my new arrangement. After brekfast, I shaved and bathed. Larry picked me up for Church. His wife was able to go too. Sacrament meeting talks were on Agency. The Sunday School lesson was on the first principles and ordinances of the gospel, and I led the discussion in High Priest Group on Apostasy. Br. Hansen told me I was doing a good job with the lesson. He told me he had been in other quorums where the instructors were doing all the talking. My group helps me out really well. At one point, half the men in the back row had their hands up. It still bothers me that I can't think of their names, even the ones I know I know. Afterwards, Steve dropped off his son at home and we went and home taught the Chipmans. After the visit, I told Br. Chipman about my hard drive problem. He said it sounded like a power supply problem. After Steve dropped me off at home, Dan gave me a piece of homemade pizza and some Tang. After supper (pizza and lasagna), I chatted with my daughter and watched Disney Channel programs with her.

On February 16, 2009, Monday, I woke up thinking about the four women who told me they didn't want to get married. Actually, the last one didn't tell me; someone else told me. The first one actually married someone else, and the second one, as far as I know never married. The last two married me, and ended up divorced. I got up early and sewed a loose button on my favorite shirt. I added 2 John, 3 John, and Jude to my Scripture Commentary. Both Jude (Judah), brother of James (Jacob), and John the Belovedspoke of apostates. John writes to the Church as a lady, partly I think a code because of persecution, and also as the Bride of Christ. I added Genesis Chapter 4 and Genesis Chapter 5 pages. Someone called from Glendoveer Elderplace to say that the Writiing Workshop had been cancelled for today. They will extend it another week. After lunch, I added Genesis Chapter 6 as well. I watched episodes of Dead Like Me. After supper I added Genesis Chapter 7 and Genesis Chapter 8 pages.

On February 17, 2009, Tuesday, I added pages for 1 John Chapter 1 and 1 John Chapter 2. Ed came over and we watched 3 old movies on DVD. Becky sent me an email that Dad is back in the hospital. For supper, Ed and I went to Taco Bell / Long John Silver's. I had the L7 combo but swapped the chicken for fish and the coleslaw for corn on the cob. Ed had the T3 (tacos). When we got back, we watched TV. Ed left at 7 pm. I phoned Mom and visited with her. She expects Dad home from the hospital in a few days. I added pages for 1 John Chapter 3, 1 John Chapter 4, and 1 John Chapter 5. I added pages for Revelation Chapter 1 and Revelation Chapter 2.

On February 18, 2009, Wednesday, Before lunch, I added Revelation Chapter 3, Revelation Chapter 4, Revelation Chapter 5, Revelation Chapter 6, Revelation Chapter 7, and Revelation Chapter 8. After lunch, I added Revelation Chapter 9 and Revelation Chapter 10. About 6:30 pm, I got my internet connection (lost over 24 hrs) and received an email update on Dad (he's being handled by Hospice now, they think he may have only months to live.). Then Windows Messenger wanted to update itself. When I rebooted to finish the update, my internet connection was gone again.

On February 19, 2009, Thursday, Before lunch, I added Revelation Chapter 11, Revelation Chapter 12, Revelation Chapter 13, Revelation Chapter 14, and Revelation Chapter 15. After lunch, I added Revelation Chapter 16, Revelation Chapter 17, Revelation Chapter 18, Revelation Chapter 19, Revelation Chapter 20, Revelation Chapter 21, and Revelation Chapter 22. My computer connected to the server in the house, but not the internet. After supper, I added Matthew Chapter 1, Matthew Chapter 2, Matthew Chapter 3, Matthew Chapter 4, and Matthew Chapter 5.

Mount St. Helens from Gresham, Oregon

On February 20, 2009, Friday, My Daughter's 19th Birthday, I went to Elderplace, a usual. Vicki had 8 passengers to pick up. I went online and checked my email. I sang karaoke starting at 11 am, using the facility's machine. After lunch, Sana took me upstairs to the clinic to see the doctor. The doctor's only concern about the recliner was the possiblilty of bedsores. I assured her that my manner of sleeping has not qualitatively changed since I started using the recliner, or for that matter when I had a hospital bed. She also explained the new hypertension medication, replacement for Toprol. Vicki had only 6 passengers to take home (and one coat). I took photos of airplanes and Mt. St. Helens on the way home. Ed came pver at 3 pm and we watched The Last Mimsy on DVD, then the first two episodes of MacGyver. Ed left at 6 pm. I was able to get online and wish my daughter a Happy Birthday. I got another update from my sister about Dad. I added Matthew Chapter 6, Matthew Chapter 7, Matthew Chapter 8, Matthew Chapter 9, and Matthew Chapter 10.

On February 21, 2009, Saturday, Before lunch, I added Matthew Chapter 11, Matthew Chapter 12, and Matthew Chapter 13. After lunch, I added Matthew Chapter 14, Matthew Chapter 15, and Matthew Chapter 16. After supper, I added Introduction to the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi Chapter 1, and 1 Nephi Chapter 2. I watched As Time Goes By and My Family on TV. I was offline all day.

On February 22, 2009, Sunday, Martha's 92nd Birthday, After breakfast, I shaved, bathed, and dressed for Church. Larry picked me up. The Sacrament talks were on Family Home Evening. Malia, a Young Woman, suggested the teens should put away their cell phones. Emily, a mother, was reminded of the word "gather" while she was preparing her talk. It suggested to me a web page on "Gathering". Brenda, a grandmother, told how her son told her that the best part of Family Home Evening for him was bearing personal testimonies. Our Sunday School, Gospel Doctrine, class was on the restoration of the Priesthood, and I was reminded that we should be bringing Our Heritage to class. The Priesthood lesson was from a talk by Elder Hales, "Christian Courage". When our meetings broke up, it was raining outside. I took my poncho from the bag behind my wheelchair and put it on. Larry took me home. My home teacher called to let me know they wouldn't make it today, maybe Tuesday. Diana gave me a tapioca pudding for a snack. I added The Preface to the Doctrine & Covenants. We sang Happy Birthday to Martha and had chocolate cake to celebrate. I added the first four Sections of the Doctrine & Covenants. I was offline all day.

On February 23, 2009, Monday, About 2 am, I was alerted that my internet connection was finally active. I added $15 to my cell phone account, as a payment was actually overdue. I checked my email and SodaHead activity before going back to bed at 4 pm. I napped most of the Morning after breakfast. Erin chatted with me. Her power chair quit working on Friday while she was out. She has cancelled her activities for this week, hoping to have her chair fixed. marty picked me up at 1 pm and took me to Glendoveer for the Writing Workshop. Karen was the facilitator again. For our exercises, I wrote:

1. (5 minutes) Either start with a. "My favorite time of day ...", or b. "On my way here ...";

"On my way here, I sang along with the bus' radio. They were old, familiar songs that I knew most of the words to. I had my wheelchair folded and strapped to the partition in front of me. The rain outside sealed me into my own little world. Marty, the driver, exchanged a few sentences with me (we know each other), but mostly it was a quiet, restful ride."

2. (7 minutes) Either start with a. "I wish I could be ...", or b. "Of all the people I know ...".

"Of all the people I know, a young woman who lives in foster care around the corner is the most amazing. She cannot control her hands or legs and uses her head to control her power chair to get around. She draws, paints, and types on her computer, by holding her tools between her teeth. She makes eating without hands look graceful. She has a wonderfully warm smile and a generous heart. She is optimistic and tender-hearted. And I'm glad that she is my friend."

Souvenir T-shirt

Marty arrived about half an hour after the workshop was through. In the meantime, I visited with a lady from the workshop who was waiting for a different ride. Marty got me home just after 4 pm. Ed showed up almost immediately after I did. I chatted with Erin online. After supper, Winda came into my room and gave me a souvenir Tee-shirt from the Philippines, with a map of the islands on it. Apparently 3XL is smaller there than here, though it fits, but not loosely. I sent a photo of the shirt to both Erin and my daughter. Ed went home at 7 pm.

On February 24, 2009, Tuesday, Mardi Gras & National Pancake Day, My internet connection was lost again when I woke up. After breakfast, I went back to bed until 10 am. Carolyn, our music lady, came and sang with the residents to both guitar and the piano. We had pancakes for lunch in recognition of National Pancake Day. Ed came over a little after three. I experimented with my website while watching Fox News. Ed left at 6 pm. I made some cosmetic changes to my website. My home teachers came a little after 7. They brought a lesson about how we can benefit from the First Vision. We also talked about my computer problems: external hard drive not working and my internet connection (or lack thereof). I reset the hub, but it didn't help. I added Joseph Smith - History to my Study Scriptures. I was offline all day.

On February 25, 2009, Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, I woke up about 3:45 am and had trouble going back to sleep. I woke to my alarm at 7:30 am from a dream of disintegrating layered candles that I'm sure I've had before. I booted up my computer but was still not detecting a wireless signal an hour later. I edited the web page that I added yesterday. My ride, an AMR vehicle, arrived at 9:30 and took me to my podiatrist appointment - I was late. The assistant trimmed my nails and the doctor looked at my toes. He wants to see me in 5 weeks. My return ride was supposed to pick me up at 11 am. 50 minutes later we found out that the ride had accidentally been cancelled. It arrived about 12:15 pm. I arrived home just before 1 pm. Lots of rain both ways. When I went to my room to get my pill, I noticed my internet connection was active. After lunch, I contacted Erin. She has her chair working with a spare part. The shop has ordered a new part for her. I napped in my chair until supper. After supper, I found my computer was offline again. I added Joseph Smith - Matthew. I added 1 Peter 3, 1 Peter 4, 1 Peter 5, 2 Peter 1, 2 Peter 2, and 2 Peter 3.

My Window

On February 26, 2009, Thursday, I got up to my alarm at 7:30 am, and looked out the window. It was snowing with snow already covering the yard. I dressed and went to the front door and took a panorama of the neighborhood. I took some more pictures including one of my window from the outside. I had granola with warm milk and an egg sandwich for breakfast. Before lunch, I added 1 Peter 1, 1 Peter 2, James 1, James 2, and James 3. After lunch, I added James 4, James 5, Hebrews 1, Hebrews 2, Hebrews 3, Hebrews 4, Hebrews 5, Hebrews 6, Hebrews 7, Hebrews 8, Hebrews 9, and Hebrews 10. After supper, I added Hebrews 11, Hebrews 12, and Hebrews 13. I added the italics to the Hebrews pages, then added Philemon. I was offline all day.

Mt. Hood from Gresham MAX line

On February 27, 2009, Friday, I got up at 6 am and rearranged my computer, hoping to get better reception for my internet connection. I managed to break the paper tray for my printer and get better access to the connections at the back of my computer, but when I booted it up I got connected to the hub, but not to the internet. Before breakfast, I added Titus 1, Titus 2, and Titus 3. After a breakfast of pancakes and eggs, I put my shoes and socks on and gathered everything I would need for Elderplace. Vicki picked me up. She had nine passengers (both ways) today. At Elderplace there was a memorial for Charles Doyle, who had been a missionary to Japan and a probation officer, among other things. I didn't know him, but was invited to attend the memorial. There were two employees, two strangers including me, and the widow and a daughter. At my time, I sang some karaoke without the benefit of the words. They didn't have the cable for the video. I weighed 320.2 lbs. I took photos the whole time, 98 by the time I got home. When I got home, Ed was napping in his truck out front. Ed and I watched TV while I downloaded today's photos and renamed them. I made panoramas of some of the photos. Ed left at 6 pm. I added 1 Thessalonians 1, 1 Thessalonians 2, 1 Thessalonians 3, 1 Thessalonians 4, and 1 Thessalonians 5. My computer connected to the internet about 7 pm. I updated my website on the internet.

On February 28, 2009, Saturday, Before lunch, I added 2 Thessalonians 1, 2 Thessalonians 2, 2 Thessalonians 3, 1 Timothy 1, 1 Timothy 2, 1 Timothy 3, and 1 Timothy 4. After lunch, I added 1 Timothy 5, 1 Timothy 6, 2 Timothy 1, 2 Timothy 2, 2 Timothy 3, and 2 Timothy 4. Ed dropped by about 4 pm, we watched TV, and then he left at 6 pm. I added Colossians 1, Colossians 2, Colossians 3, and Colossians 4.

MARCH 2009

Wet and Windy in Boring, Oregon

On March 1, 2009, Sunday, When I woke up, my computer told me it was 25o F outside. By the time I was done with breakfast, it had warmed to 35o. I don't know if there is a definition of Lamb-like and Lion-like weather that one can depend on, so I'm not sure what to expect from the tail end of the month, based on the folklore. It is windy and the forcast for the day is showers followed by rain. I shaved and bathed. Larry picked me up for Church. Bishop Ipson bore the first testimony in Fast and Testimony Meeting. He reflected on the hymn, "We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet". He noted that there were only two lines about the prophet. Other things we are thankful for in the song are: the Gospel, blessings, service, peace, hope, assurance, and our promised home with God in eternity. Sister Chipman began hers with her usual "Talofa!" A visiting sister, the mother of one of our own, told how she joined the Church bout 35 years ago. Another sister, one who had been involved with the recent 24-hour Roadshow, spoke of how impressed she was with the behavior of the young people involved. Another spoke of the blessings of Family Home Evening to her family. One of our missionaries got up and bore his testimony of the gospel. A sister got up to tell how that missionary's testimony in her own home had affected her and her husband. Br. Childs spoke about how he and his wife had just finished reading the Book of Mormon in 40 days and some of the things they got out of the experience. They plan on reading "the Isaiah chapters" again in more detail. Another Sister bore her testimony of the gospel and her experiencing it with her Seminary students. Sunday School was on "The Only True and Living Church". In High Priest Group, We split up into committees. I went with Larry and the Temple and Family History group. We discussed ways to promote Temple attendance and family history research. The groups rejoined and reported on what they had discussed. It was raining very hard when the meetings let out (I'm leaning toward "Lion-like"). I took some photos of the weather. Larry took me home. Diana gave me a banana and a cupcake to supplement the roll I had eaten after Testimony meeting. Steve called and gave me some more information on our home teaching families and said he would take me out to lunch at Red Lobster before we home teach one of our families on the 11th of the month. I downloaded the photos I had taken today. I added Philippians 1, Philippians 2, Philippians 3, and Philippians 4. Philippians 4. After taking a short break, I added Ephesians 1, Ephesians 2, Ephesians 3, Ephesians 4, Ephesians 5, and Ephesians 6. I added Matthew 17, Matthew 18, and Matthew 19 before going to bed.

On March 2, 2009, Monday, Isaac's 18th Birthday, I got up at 6:45 am and checked my email and bank balance. Before breakfast, I added Matthew 20. Before lunch, I added Matthew 21, Matthew 22, and Matthew 23. After Iwas sure I had everything I would need (I even found my blood tester), I went outside on the porch and took pictures until my ride arrived. Gary picked up Cornelia, as well. By the time I got to the writing workshop, they had already started. I had less than half of the eight minutes for the first writing exercise.

Elderplace Bus at Glendoveer for Writing Workshop

1. (8 minutes) Either start with a. "It makes me smile when ...", or b. "I am proud of ...";

"I am proud of nothing that I can think of. I prefer the words, 'Glad of', 'Happy about', even 'Grateful for'. I think of Pride as one of the deadly sins. I am grateful to be an American, not proud. I didn't earn it, as some have. I was born that way. I will defend it's freedoms with my life, but I feel no 'pride'."

2. (7 minutes) Either start with a. "Down in the cellar ...", or b. "When he walked in ...".

"Down in the basement with the concrete walls, concrete floor, and tiny windows (that even I as a child could not crawl through after climbing a ladder to reach them), was where the washing machine was, and where the clothes lines stretched to hang washed clothes to dry. Here, I would sometimes play when the weather was not tame enough outdoors."

In between the two exercises, I read a short writing sample by Thomas Mann for the rest of the group.

A different driver picked me up. He already had another passenger. He dropped Cornelia at her home, then took a round about route along Roberts Lane (with all its speed bumps) before taking me home (bout 4:10 pm). At first, I thought he was going to drop off his other passenger somewhere first, but he didn't. I chatted online with my daughter and wished Isaac a happy birthday. We had spaghetti and ice cream for supper. I downloaded the photos from my camera. I watched NCIS on TV. I added Matthew 24.

Birdbath Bird

On March 3, 2009, Tuesday, John's 58th Birthday, I got up about 6 am after looking at the photo of our birdbath on my computer screen and thinking of a poem. I wrote out the poem, The Birdbath Bird, and added it to my web pages. After breakfast, I made a birthday card for my brother with the photo and poem on it and emailed it to him, with a copy to my daughter. I napped the rest of the morning until lunch. Margaret fell in the bathroom and injured her eye. After lunch, I rearranged Margaret's entertainment center and swapped TV tables. Mine was larger and it raised her TV to where she could see it over the top of the foot of her bed. Ed came over. We watched TV. I looked up Pizza places in the area and decided to go to Pizza Smeatza in Gresham. When we got to where it was supposed to be, it wasn't. We went on to his place, then down 122nd to Round Table Pizza. We shared a large King Arthur Special and salad bar. We stopped again at his house for something he forgot. He brought me home and left. I shared my leftover pizza with Diana. I added Matthew 25, Matthew 26, Matthew 27, and Matthew 28.

On March 4, 2009, Wednesday, I hit the snooze button once after the alarm went off at 7:30 am. After breakfast, I reviewed the photos I had taken already this month, looking for inspiration for another poem. I filled out and emailed my home teaching report for February. Before lunch, I added Mark 1, Mark 2, and Mark 3. After lunch, I added Mark 4, then took a nap. I got up before 4 pm, downloaded and read the First Presidency message (our Home Teaching lesson), "Come Unto Me In Prayer and Faith". After supper (spaghetti), I shaved and looked for my comb (no success, but I cleaned up the room looking for even one of my two combs). Steve and I visited one of our families. I added Mark 5 and Mark 6.

On March 5, 2009, Thursday, I woke up to the idea that "the proof of love is obedience". I got up about 5 am, checked my email, copied my new web pages to the internet, and checked my SodaHead communications. I went back to bed. After breakfast, I added Mark 7 and Mark 8. After lunch, I added Mark 9, Mark 10, Mark 11, and Mark 12. After supper, I added Mark 13, Mark 14, Mark 15, and Mark 16.

Gibbous Moon low in the sky

On March 6, 2009, Friday, Vicki picked me up shortly after breakfast. She had nine passengers again. I took photos during the entire outing. At Elderplace, I weighed 320.7 lbs and my blood pressure was 120/78. I began singing karaoke, but Liz, one of the counselors wanted to use the room for a discussion group and invited me to join it. The topic was basically how we are getting along and it was a chance to get to know people. At 10:45, Nanette read for the reading group (she had missed a couple of weeks), reading from 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Then at 11:15, I sang karaoke, first from the Elderplace CDs and then from my own. I had fish (talapia) for lunch (with bread pudding for dessert). I got some interesting photos on the way home, and some of the moon from my porch after I arrived. Norma and Winda were sitting at a new glass-topped dining table. I took photos of it and them. I went to my room an downloaded 153 photos to my computer and renamed their files. After supper, I added Luke 1, Luke 2, Luke 3, and Luke 4.

On March 7, 2009, Saturday, I got up at 6:30 am to find my computer was offline yet wanting to check for program updates. It was scheduled to check for updates on a weekly basis, yet hadn't done so since August 8th last year. I rebooted, but then, it was not getting any wireless signals (though before I booted it reported a strong signal in the house). Before breakfast, I added Luke 5. Before lunch, I added Luke 6, Luke 7, and Luke 8.

Fred Meyer Parking Lot (East End)

After lunch, I wheeled to Fred Meyer. For the first block, Willy and I raced (he was heading to his bank) and I, pushing myself backwards, stayed ahead of his motorized chair. When I got to the top of the dropoff, I found that Freddie's Is remodeling and has filled the part of the parking lot I used to get there with debris from the remodeling in a large fenced-off area, so I had to go around the perimeter of the parking lot, instead of straight through it. The inside of the store was hardly any better. I bought the ink cartridges that I needed for my printer, and shampoo for bathing and shaving. On my way out, I bought Thin Mints® from the girl scouts. Getting home again wasn't as easy, but I held up pretty good. I installed my ink cartridges and printed my The Birdbath Bird poem, even making a poster of it for my wall. I downloaded the photos from my camera and renamed the files. I put together the panorama shots I had planned. After supper, I set Margaret's and Martha's clocks ahead one hour in preparation for Daylight Savings Time. I also set my wristwatch, my alarm, and my wall clock - the rest should set themselves automatically. I got my internet connection back about 6 pm. I checked my email and my SodaHead communications. I went to bed at 8:30 PST.

Cat Tracks in Snow? But How?

On March 8, 2009, Sunday, Daylight Saving Time ("Spring"? Forward), I got up at 5:15 am (PDT) after my recliner tipped over backward (soft landing - I was positioning myself to go back to sleep for another hour). I checked my email and SodaHead. I checked weather reports from TV. When I went to shave, I looked out the bathroom window and I could see it had already left snow on the ground. I reset the clocks in the bathrooms. I bathed. I reset the living room clock, the cuckoo clock, the kitchen clock, and the dining room clock. I dressed for church. I printed the home teaching message for the month. I went out to the front porch and took photos of the snow there, then I went out on the back deck and took photos of the snow in the yard. I found some sort of animal tracks on the deck (see photo), but they made no sense to me, as if half of the animal went one way and half went the other. Dan was up first and seemed confused, then Winda came out. They had forgotten about the time change. We had Cheerios for breakfast (I also had an egg sandwich).

Mount Hood LDS Stake Center

Larry picked me up for the Stake Conference about 9:15 am. I took photos along our route to church. I handed out a few copies of my poem there.
The first speaker of the conference was Pres. Richard K. Hansen: He bore his that he knows that Jesus is the Christ and that he appeared to the young Joseph Smith. He asked, what does the current economic crisis mean to latter-day saints? He said there was never a better time. In Oct 1998, Pres. Hinckley said it is time to put our houses in order: get out of debt and be wise in using our resources. Now is still the time to get started, if we haven't already done so. On the spiritual side are the blessings that come from heeding the prophets and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. We should "Prove the Lord" in all that he says. If we are faithful, all things work for our good. He spoke of the "Pride Cycle". What better time than when people are having troubles to share the gospel of Christ.
The second speaker was Sis. Sherri Allen: She spoke of the instructions about the oxygen masks on an airplane. You are to fix yours to your face and start breathing normally before helping others with theirs. Before we can strengthen our families, We must first strengthen ourselves. She spoke of the YW values. If you value something, you will take proper care of it.
The third speaker was Sis. Dyke: She spoke of her granddaughter Karina, who was recently baptized. The little girl has Cerebral Palsy. In witnessing, she showed more pure courage than her grandmother. "that body that is filled with light comprehendeth all things." (D&C 88:67)
The fourth speaker was Br. Dyke: He asked, where are we in our process of conversion? We must do things, not just know things. Our desire to share the gospel is a good test. Yeild our hearts unto God. The fifth speaker was Patriarch Hansen: "I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." (D&C 84:88)
The final speaker was Elder James C. Perry of the Seventy: Where does this optimism / understanding / perspective come from? The world has forgotten God. Before he was converted, Elder Perry said he found himself on a quest to find out more about his father who had died. In doing so, he found that he was wanted, part of his father's plans to have twelve children. The missionary lessons struck a chord with him; there was an established pattern. Satan wants to steal our eternal identity. Elder Perry recounted the life of Moses. Born a slave, Moses lived 40 years as a prince of Egypt, then 40 years as a shepherd, before God appeared to him and gave him his calling as leader of His people Israel. On the mountain, God told Moses, "Thou art my son." God showed unto him the world and gave him a true perspective. When Satan tries to deceive him, he is not fooled, for he has just seen God. He suggested that we should consider giving our children their patriarchal blessings when they enter middle school to help give them an eternal perspective of their divine nature and destiny. Oliver Cowdery was told, If you know these things are true, ... rely on them. Boyd K. Packer said, The study of doctrine will change behavior. "Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee." (Isaiah 49:15; 1 Nephi 21:15)
I took photos outside while Larry helped put away the folding chairs. He got me home Just before 12:30 pm. I had mac and cheese for lunch. Steve phoned me to say we would visit one of our families at 2 pm, so I studied the lesson. I was very drowsy and may even have napped a bit. He picked me up about ten minutes late. Our visit was quite long. The lesson went well - I felt the Spirit guided it. I got home again by 3:30 pm. I downloaded the photos from my camera. After supper, I finished catching up on this journal. I chatted with my daughter online. I converted three MOV videos to AVI format for her.

19th Day of Snow in 86 days (22%)

On March 9, 2009, Monday, Just after I got up at 7:40 am it began snowing. After breakfast, I edited a couple of web pages and thought about how to rearrange my room. By 10:30 am, the snow had started sticking and it was coming down heavily. I took more photos and downloaded them to my computer. My daughter came online and I started copying the video that didn't transfer last night. After lunch, Marty picked me up for the Writing Workshop. We picked up two men at Elderplace Gresham, then dropped me off at Elderplace Glendoveer. I took photos, as usual. I wasn't late for the workshop this time.

Before we started, I passed around copies of my The Birdbath Bird poem. Then I read it aloud.
For our first exercise (10 minutes): Either start with a. "It's nice to meet you ...", or b. "Can it be repaired? ...";

"Can it be repaired?" is something my grandparents would have thought of. Things these days are built to be thrown away. You can't fix them without a lot of technical training, and it's usually easier (and cheaper) to buy a new one, with the latest improvements, than to fix it. I suppose there are still some things that like to be fixed, and loved, the old-fashioned things of real wood (where you can find them). I once bought a computer desk, the kind you have to assemble yourself. I followed the instructions, but it broke under its own weight before I could finish it. Rather than trying to get a refund, I made my own desk from pieces of that and concrete decorator blocks I had laying around. I still use those broken pieces in different configurations to this day.

A View of Washington in the Sunshine

The second exercise (6 minutes): Either start with a. "Walking on sand ...", or b. "I could hear the water ...".

Walking on sand is hard if it's dry,
Makes you work like you're climbing a hill.
Walking on sand if it's wet is Okay
For it's firm, and it's cool, and it's still.

My Dad never liked the sand very much
Because it got into his clothes,
But I enjoy sand wherever I can,
Just to feel it between my own toes.

Matthew picked me up and took me home after dropping off Cornelia from the workshop. I was home by 3:50 pm. I took 119 photos while I was out. I saw that my daughter's video transmission was complete. I added to my web journal. My daughter came online but she apparently did not get the file I sent. I downloaded my photos to the computer and edited them. I added my poem, Walking on Sand to my Poetry pages.

Me in My Recliner at My Computer

On March 10, 2009, Tuesday, I got up at 6:40 am thinking about rearranging my room again. I added Luke 9 to my web Study Scriptures. I rearranged the ten gallon fish tank on my dresser, providing a small shelf behind my door for fish supplies, shaving and bathing supplies, etc. I finally found my combs. Ed came by to watch TV with me about 10:30 am. We watched the History channel, Becker, and then Sci-Fi channel. Ed left at 6:00 pm. I rearranged my shelves and computer equipment so I could move the recliner. I watched House.

On March 11, 2009, Wednesday, I got up just after 4 am, because I couldn't go back to sleep. I added Luke 10 and Luke 11. I got my internet connection and checked my email and SodaHead communications. After breakfast, I worked on organizing things in my room, then I dressed for home teaching. Steve picked me up at 11:15 am. We went to Red Lobster in Gresham. I started with Caesar salad, soft cheese-coated biscuits, and diet Coke. The main course was grilled Rainbow Trout, buttered baked potato, and broccoli. After that, Steve made a stop at a department store for something they didn't have in stock. Then we went and home taught one of our families. I gave the lesson. Steve brought me home about 2 pm. Ed showed up about 3 pm. We watched Stargate Atlantis and iCarly. I added Luke 12, Luke 13, and Luke 14.

On March 12, 2009, Thursday, I woke up to my alarm at 7:30 am. After breakfast, I went back to bed, for a nap I thought, but woke up at 11:30 am, feeling rested. My blood sugar before lunch was 209 (rather high). After I ate lunch, I discovered I had forgotten to take my breakfast pills - that explains the high blood sugar. I took those that were only once a day immediately. When I got back to my room, I hung the clean clothes that had come back from the laundry. It is a sunny, if cold and windy, day. I updated my medications list (there were some small errors, and I had not yet swapped the Carvedilol for the Toprol). I ordered refills for my baby aspirin and Docusate (without speaking to a real person). I printed and posted my new meds list on the wall. I took my blood sugar at 2:35 pm (because of my high reading before lunch) and got 93. I added Luke 15. At 3:40 pm, my blood sugar was at 72, so I went to Winda. She gave me a glass of juice. She also gave me a package of sugar free pecan cookies for snacks. I added Luke 16. Before supper, my blood sugar was 90. After supper, I added Luke 17, Luke 18, and Luke 19. My HS blood sugar was 126 (pretty good). I added Luke 20 and Luke 21. I was offline all day.

Waning Moon - See the Upside-Down Bunny?

On March 13, 2009, Friday, Friday the Thirteenth, I got up at 7:00 am with a waning but still bright moon perched over the trees that border the neighbor's yard and peeking through the bare branches of our fruit trees so that I couldn't get a focus on it with my camera. I took pictures of my fish, too. At 7:30 am, my blood sugar was 133. I had eggs, sausage, and hash browns for breakfast. Vicki picked me up for Elderplace. She told me that Ignacia had died recently. I participated in the discussion group with Lisa and Lee on the topic of what our week has been like. Lee had moved to a new place. Nanette joined us near the end. At 10:45, she began reading for her reading group. About 11:20, I began singing karaoke using the Elderplace disk #1. I especially like When You Wish Upon a Star.

Salmon with Rice and Mixed Veggies

My blood sugar was 107. I had the salmon for lunch. It was all very good. I weighed 324.0 lbs. Vicki brought me home by 2:20 pm. I downloaded the photos from my camera, renamed, and edited them. I took a nap. I fixed the toilet paper dispenser. By coincidence, I had salmon for supper, too. Winda gave me a package of onion bagels for snacks. After supper, Winda brought me a small loaf of Cranberry Hazelnut Bread from Trader Joe's. I added Luke 22, Luke 23, and Luke 24. I was offline all day again. Winda says Raymond is having th same problem and Comcast is not answering their phone.

On March 14, 2009, Saturday, I got up to my alarm at 7:30. After breakfast, still no internet connection. I rebooted - now, no signal. Before lunch, I added John 1, John 2, and John 3. After lunch, I added John 4 and John 5. I napped until supper time. By then it was raining and windy. After supper, I studied the Priesthood lesson, Missionary Service: A Holy Calling, A Glorious Work:

  • From the Life of Joseph Smith:
    In June of 1837, when the Church was in crisis, and indeed many apostasized from the truth of the gospel, The Lord revealed to Joseph Smith that he should send missionaries to England. Four brethren were called from Kirtland, Ohio and three from Toronto, Canada. These sailed from New York City on the first of July. This was the first mission outside of North America and brought 2,000 new converts in the first year. Elder Kimball, one of the missionaries, wrote, "Glory to God, Joseph, the Lord is with us among the nations." A second mission, begun two years later, brought 6,000 new members into the Church. On October 24, 1841, Elder Hyde knelt on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives and dedicated it "for the gathering together of Judah's scattered remnants, according to the predictions of the holy prophets." From there, he went to Germany to preach the gospel. In May of 1843, four missionaries were sent on missions to the South Pacific for the first time. Hundreds were baptized in Tahiti when they heard the gospel.
  • Missionary service is a holy work; faith, virtue, diligence, and love enable us to do this work:
    Without these, we cannot hope to succeed.
  • We teach the simple truths of the gospel with humility and meekness and avoid contending with others about their beliefs:
    George Albert Smith recorded, "I called to see Cousin Joseph. He gave me a Book of Mormon, shook hands with me, and said, 'Preach short sermons, make short prayers, and deliver your sermons with a prayerful heart.' "
  • We teach the gospel as directed by the Spirit:
    "No man can preach the gospel without the Holy Ghost" - Joseph Smith Jr.
  • We seek opportunities to teach the gospel and bear testimony of its truthfulness:
    Joseph once told Newell K. Whitney, "If they reject us they shall have our testimony, for we will write it and leave it upon their doorsteps and windowsills." Our testimonies are our personal experiences with God that leave us knowing that the gospel is true, that God lives, that Jesus is His Son and our Saviour, and what it is that we must do for our own salvation and for the salvation of others.
  • I studied my Sunday School (Gospel Doctrine) lesson, "This Is My Voice Unto All", Doctrine & Covenants Section 25:
  • "All those who receive my gospel are sons and daughters in my kingdom."
  • "Thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better."
  • "The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads. Wherefore, lift up thy heart and rejoice, and cleave unto the covenants which thou hast made."
  • "Keep my commandments continually, and a crown of righteousness thou shalt receive. And except thou do this, where I am you cannot come."
  • I added John 6 and John 7. I was offline all day again.

    View from Church on a Rainy Day

    On March 15, 2009, Sunday, the Ides of March, I was awake a few minutes before my alarm went off. Diana arrived to work and rang the doorbell. After breakfast, I printed my web journal for yesterday, which includes my study notes for the Priesthood and Sunday School lessons. I shaved, bathed, and dressed for church. Winda gave me an apple and helped me spread some cream cheese on a bagel for my lunch for church. I added D&C 25. Larry picked me up for church. The rain lightened up while loading and unloading me and my wheelchair, but was raining much harder during the trip.

    In Sacrament Meeting, it was announced that the Foxes had a baby boy a week ago. Our speakers were:

  • Corrine Arnell (YW) - We cannot be made perfect without being joined to our families. How to begin:
    1. Gather materials about our lives.
    2. Make a Book of Remembrance to put it in.
    3. Complete a 4-generation Pedigree with Family Group Sheets.
    4. Attend Family Reunions.
    5. Participate in Temple work.
  • Br. Brian McCann - Lehi's brass plates contained a genealogy of his family. Talk to living relatives first, while they are still alive. 1 Timothy 1:4, "Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies". Not all information, especially on the internet, is reliable. Our High Priest Group is is in charge of family history in the Ward; go to them for help. D&C 128:24, "Behold, the great day of the Lord is at hand; and who can abide the day of his coming, and who can stand when he appeareth? For he is like a refiner's fire, and like fuller's soap; and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness. Let us, therefore, as a church and a people, and as Latter-day Saints, offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness; and let us present in his holy temple, when it is finished, a book containing the records of our dead, which shall be worthy of all acceptation."
  • Br. James Anderson, High Councillor - Sunday, April 12, has been dedicated to Sacrament meetings about Jesus Christ. The bishops will assign the speakers. Friends and neighbors should be invited. He talked about the effect of the book, "Roots", by Alex Haley on the interest of people in finding out about their own ancestors.

    Sister Childs taught the Sunday School class. Meekness means teachableness. Willingness to listen to others even when you "know" what the problem is. Pride is enmity toward God and toward our fellow man. In verse 4, it says 'the things you haven't seen', probably the plates of the Book of Mormon. The Lord instructed President Monson to support Proposition 9 in California, though the President felt he should not get the Church involved politically. The Lord wants the world to know where we stand on this important issue. "Cleave" means both to divide and to unite. I suspect it has to do with our separating ourselves from other influences to unite with our spouse, our God, etc.

    Br. Paxton taught the Priesthood lesson. Joseph Smith said, “After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel.” The three-fold mission of the Church is to:
  • Preach the Gospel
  • Perfect the Saints
  • Redeem the Dead
    Love should be the only motivation for missionary work.

    Before I left, I signed up for a blood drawing at church at 2:30 pm, on March 31. Larry said he would see that I got a ride. He will be there all day (2 - 7 pm). Larry drove me home by 2:20 pm. I made a digital antenna from a coaxial cable as shown to me by one of the brethren. I updated my journal. I downloaded photos from my camera. I tried it out on my HDTV tuner, but my monitor would not show the picture, though the sound for OPB was rather good. After supper, I hooked it up to my old TV and got several channels of rather poor quality, but it did work. I added John 8, John 9, John 10, and John 11. I watched Au Pair III. Again, I was offline all day.

    On March 16, 2009, Monday, I got up at 6:00 am. I added John 12 and John 13. After breakfast, I added John 14, John 15, John 16, and John 17. Then I napped until lunch. While waiting for my bus to the writing workshop, I thought about tomorrow being St. Patrick's Day and wrote a poem, Leprechaun. Marty picked me up, then picked up Cornelia. We got there just a few minutes late.

    Matthew - One of the Elderplace Drivers

    The first exercise (5 minutes): Either start with a. "Saying Yes ...", or b. "Rain ...".

    "Rain should be an easy topic for someone who grew up in Oregon and has lived here for sixty years. Somehow it seems, the rhythms of the weather have changed, and rain is not as reliable as it once was, though it's still quite common. We've had nineteen days when it snowed in the last three months where we would most likely have gotten rain in the past. I still laugh when I hear the phrase 'Global Warming'."

    I read my Leprechaun poem during our snack.
    The second exercise (9 minutes): Either start with a. "I wish I could be ...", or b. "When I leave here today ...".

    "I wish I could be where two of my wives have already gone. But wishing isn't good enough, and I sense that I am not prepared, though I am not afraid. Though this life is full of trouble and pain, there are joys enough to make it worthwhile, and there are still, after sixty years here, important lessons to be learned that I might not be able to learn anywhere else. So I am content, and keep myself busy, and hopefully useful, until the time comes for me to move on."

    Cornelia and I went outside. We saw an Elderplace bus parked at the main entrance. We went there, but it was not our bus. While we waited, there was a hailstorm, so we sheltered in the entryway. Matthew picked me up, but not Cornelia. We dropped someone off at Gateway Providence Medical then he took me home via I-84, which gave me a chance for some scenic photography. I was home a little after 4 pm. Ed phoned and showed up shortly after. He stayed until 7:20 pm. Meantime, I updated my journal and downloaded my photos. Winda brought me my order of Aspirin and Docusate, which apparently came separately from my regular cycled meds. I added John 18, John 19, John 20, and John 21. No internet today, either.

    My Green Hat

    On March 17, 2009, Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day & The 167th Anniversary of the Organization of the Relief Society, I got up to my alarm at 7:30 am. I wore my green shamrock hat to breakfast. After breakfast, Dan reset the hub, and then disconnected it and reconnected it. I was still connected with no internet. I rebooted my computer. The signal was either strong or not at all. I had a connection for a moment, but without the internet. After I set my computer up on edge rather than laying flat, I got an internet connection. I checked my email (nothing important), then added $15 to my cell phone (though I had to register for MyVerizon first, and had to go through it several times). I checked my bank account, too. I phoned Mom (Dad was napping) for about 25 minutes. We talked about her Mom and Dad and their families. I chatted with my daughter on IM. She is taking sinus medication and has found out she no longer has health insurance because of her financial aid for school (and presumably the fact that she is now over 18). Ed showed up right after lunch. I added Acts 1. Ed and I watched TV. Ed left at 7 pm. I added Acts 2. Before going to bed, I opened the window because it was 80o in my room.

    On March 18, 2009, Wednesday, I got up with my alarm, though I was already awake. I spent the morning catching up on my SodaHead communications . . . and the afternoon, too. Just before 8 pm, I lost my internet connection. It came back a couple of times, but never long enough to do anything. The signal strength seemed to be fluctuating. I watched Ella Enchanted on TV. I added Acts 3.

    The World at My Feet

    On March 19, 2009, Thursday, I hit the snooze button once.

    I had been dreaming about being lost in some future New York City, with a big hulking guy (or was I he). There was a lot of technology, but decaying buildings. Most people never left their buildings, and the transportation system took you where it wanted, or just randomly. Debris was always falling from the facades of the tall buildings.

    I was connected to the hub, but not to the internet when I got up. After breakfast, I removed the four foot mirror from behind my recliner and hung it on the inside of my door by red duct tape so that I could see my large fish tank more easily. I took a picture (actually two to join together) which I shall call "The World at my Feet". I added Acts 4 and Acts 5. After lunch, I added Acts 6 and Acts 7 while watching Tin Man on TV. Ed showed up about 3 pm. We watched The Sasquatch Gang. I added Acts 8, Acts 9, Acts 10, and Acts 11. I watched Matrix: Revolution. I wrote the following poem:

    The saints of old, in Peter's day
    Were blessed 'bove all the earth.
    They feasted on the word of God -
    The world knew only dearth.
    The faithful spent their days in praise,
    The Temple was their home.
    They sold their earthly goods for God
    To live and speak as one.
    The prayer of Jesus as He plead
    With Father was fulfilled.
    And this brought hatred from the Jews,
    Who, unbelieving, killed
    The best of all the saints who bore
    Their testimony pure:
    That God had sent His only Son.
    To make His promise sure.
    And some, who once were lost in sin,
    The word of Christ did change
    That God His glory might receive
    Though many thought it strange.
    The gospel, first to only Jews,
    To Gentiles now would go.
    And persecution only saw
    The gospel's fire grow.

    I added Acts 12 and Acts 13. I was offline all day.

    Me and My Camera

    On March 20, 2009, Friday, Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring), I didn't feel like getting up, but I did anyway. Pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Vicki arrived to pick me up for Elderplace even earlier than usual. I really wasn't ready. I wanted to print a poem to take there and couldn't find my karaoke CDs or the RCA cable to put the words on the TV. I weighed 319.6 lbs, then weighed again with the camera and took a photo of it so then I weighed 320.2 lbs. I tried weighing myself without the camera and then taking a picture of the readout, but that didn't work, so you'll have to take my word that the camera weighs over half a pound. Lisa's discussion group went OK. Lee needed help with her hearing aid, and I think, by the time we left, she got it. Nanette arrived and said she had been having trouble with her phone, as I have with my internet connection. Nanette's book was gone that she reads for the reading group, so I read from Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage (at her request) from the chapter on the Last Supper. I didn't sing karaoke because of the missing cable, but I did find my CDs. I had left them last week. I found that whether you choose a hamburger or a cheeseburger you get exactly the same thing. I was rather sleepy for the ride home. One lady didn't think that her residence was her home and didn't want to get off there, but she did. I was home by 2:26 pm, but I rang the doorbell and even knocked once for ten minutes before Raymond answered the door. Margaret showed me some old pictures of her parents (and her). I offered to make digital copies for her, and she said OK. I copied and printed three photos, airbrushing out a defect in one photo. I updated my journal and downloaded the photos from my camera. Margaret gave me some chocolate squares (Ghiardelli) that she got from her cousin Myla. After supper, I tried to help Margaret figure out how to program the speed-dial on her phone, with no success. I added Acts 14, Acts 15, Acts 16, Acts 17, Acts 18, Acts 19, and Acts 20. I was offline all day.

    On March 21, 2009, Saturday, I got up with my alarm. I have been divorced, this last time, for eight years today. I added Acts 21, Acts 22, Acts 23, Acts 24, Acts 25, and Acts 26. After lunch, I sang karaoke for two hours. When I was done with that, I found that my HDTV Tuner seemed to have no power. Then I noticed that I had an internet connection. I checked my emails, checked for instructions for programming Margaret's speed dial, and checked and answered my SodaHead communications. I found the cord for the power strip for my HDTV Tuner had come unplugged and fixed it. I added Acts 27, and Acts 28. After supper, I studied the Priesthood lesson, Living with Others in Peace and Harmony:

  • From the Life of Joseph Smith:
    "One day the Prophet was visiting his parents’ home in Far West, when a group of armed militiamen came in and announced that they had come to kill him for a supposed crime. ...
    "[Joseph] looked upon them with a very pleasant smile and, stepping up to them, gave each of them his hand in a manner which convinced them that he was neither a guilty criminal nor yet a cowering hypocrite. They stopped and stared as though a spectre had crossed their path.
    “Joseph sat down and entered into conversation with them and explained to them the views and feelings of the people called Mormons and what their course had been, as also the treatment which they had met with from their enemies since the first outset of the Church. He told them that malice and detraction had pursued them ever since they entered Missouri, but they were a people who had never broken the laws to his knowledge. But if they had, they stood ready to be tried by the law. . . .
    “After this, he rose and said, ‘Mother, I believe I will go home. Emma will be expecting me.’ Two of the men sprang to their feet, saying, ‘You shall not go alone, for it is not safe. We will go with you and guard you.’ Joseph thanked them, and they went with him."
    - as recounted by his mother, Lucy Smith.
  • By striving to be peacemakers, we can live in greater harmony and love with others.:
    “Brethren beloved, continue in brotherly love; walk in meekness, watching unto prayer, that you be not overcome. Follow after peace, as said our beloved brother Paul, that you may be the children of our Heavenly Father [see Romans 14:19].”
  • We can cultivate peace by honoring one another and refusing to find fault.:
    “If you will put away from your midst all evil speaking, backbiting, and ungenerous thoughts and feelings: humble yourselves, and cultivate every principle of virtue and love, then will the blessings of Jehovah rest upon you, and you will yet see good and glorious days; peace will be within your gates, and prosperity in your borders.”
  • We can cultivate harmony in our communities by respecting the freedom of all people to believe according to their own conscience.:
    Articles of Faith 1:11: “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.”
    I studied the Gospel Doctrine, “The Field Is White Already to Harvest”, lesson for Sunday School. I chatted with my daughter online while watching TV.
  • On March 22, 2009, Sunday, I laid there for about ten minutes after the alarm went off. After breakfast, I checked my online mail, shaved, bathed, dressed, and got ready for Church. Larry picked me up. Sacrament Meeting talks were about the Sacrament. Gospel Doctrine was about how to do our missionary work. And I led the discussion in the High Priest Group on Living with Others in Peace and Harmony. Larry brought me home by 2:20 pm. I was really tired, so I napped until supper. After supper, I added Romans 1, Romans 2, Romans 3, and Romans 4. I watched Peter, Paul, and Mary on PBS TV.

    Spring is Trying to Arrive

    On March 23, 2009, Monday, I got up at 7:30 am with my alarm. I added Romans 5, Romans 6, Romans 7, and Romans 8. I discovered my internet connection was lost again. I downloaded Sunday's photos from my camera. I watched Walker, Texas Ranger. Gary was more than twenty minutes late picking me up. Winda called Elderplace, but was interrupted by the bus arriving. He also had to pick up Cornelia and we were twenty minutes late for the start of the workshop. The others were already reading their first exercise writings. The second exercise (4 minutes): Either a. underline words from one of our writigs, or write something new.

    I was late again today.
    It wasn't my fault.
    I always like being early,
    But things happen
    Beyond anyone's control
    That we have to accomodte.
    We need flexibility,
    Or we'll break.

    The third exercise (6 minutes): Either start with a. the underlined words from the second exercise, or b. write something new.

    A tiny little thing
    May hold a world within.
    The star we see above,
    So far and faint and thin,
    May hold a dozen worlds
    Without our knowing it.
    Worlds below and worlds above;
    How do they ever fit?

    Gary was there as soon as we let out. He unloaded someone at the main entrance, then loaded us and one other passenger. We dropped the other passenger first, then Cornelia. I was home just after 4 pm, and the door was locked. Winda answered after two rings of the doorbell. It wasn't raining very hard, anyway. I updated my journal and downloaded today's photos. After supper, I added Romans 9, Romans 10, Romans 11, and Romans 12. I watched NCIS. I added Romans 13 and Romans 14. I was offline most of the day.

    On March 24, 2009, Tuesday, I got up at 6:40 am. Before breakfast, I added Romans 15 and Romans 16. Before lunch, I added 1 Corinthians 1, 1 Corinthians 2, 1 Corinthians 3, 1 Corinthians 4, 1 Corinthians 5, 1 Corinthians 6, and 1 Corinthians 7. Ed came over as we were finishing lunch. We watched Home Improvement, Eureka, and Lost. Before supper, I added 1 Corinthians 8, 1 Corinthians 9, and 1 Corinthians 10. Ed left at 6 pm. I added 1 Corinthians 11, 1 Corinthians 12, 1 Corinthians 13, 1 Corinthians 14, 1 Corinthians 15, and 1 Corinthians 16.

    On March 25, 2009, Wednesday, After breakfast, I went back to bed. I got up at 10:50 am. Before lunch, I added 2 Corinthians 1, 2 Corinthians 2, and 2 Corinthians 3. Before supper, I added 2 Corinthians 4, 2 Corinthians 5, 2 Corinthians 6, 2 Corinthians 7, 2 Corinthians 8, 2 Corinthians 9, 2 Corinthians 10, and 2 Corinthians 11. Before 10:15 pm, I added 2 Corinthians 12, 2 Corinthians 13, Galatians 1, Galatians 2, Galatians 3, Galatians 4, Galatians 5, and Galatians 6. I finished the New Testament (except for future comments) for web My Study Scriptures. I was offline all day.

    Shortcut Back to the Upper Level

    On March 26, 2009, Thursday, I got up at 7:20 am, and for a change, listened to my Tennesse Ernie Ford CD when my alarm (the CD) came on. Before lunch, I added D&C 5, D&C 6, D&C 7, D&C 8, D&C 9, and D&C 10. After lunch, I took my wheelchair down to Fred Meyer, taking the cement path and going around the fenced off part of the parking lot. I bought some Mint Double Stuffed Oreos for Margaret, and two low-wattage light bulbs. I went to the Home Electronics Department and found a DVD, Song of Hiawatha, and a Karaoke CD+G, Party Tyme: Show Tunes. I bought a diet Dr. Pepper to drink on the way home. I came back up a more difficult shortcut. I had to stand up and push the wheelchair up the hill. I found the ground soggy and covered with pine needles, but I was able to keep my footing all the way. The exposed tree roots on the slope helped with my footing but not with the wheelchair. About a block and a half from home, I came across Vicki who was returning one of the Elderplace participants to their home. When I got back, I gave Margaret the cookies, installed the light bulbs, and sang the songs on my new karaoke CD. Then I downloaded the photos from my camera and updated my journal. Before supper, I added D&C 11 and D&C 12 and topped off my fish tanks. After supper, I added D&C 13, D&C 14, D&C 15, D&C 16, and D&C 17. I was offline all day.

    Police Stopping Biker

    On March 27, 2009, Friday, I got up at 6 am and worked on my web pages. Before breakfast, I added 1 Nephi 5, 1 Nephi 6, and 1 Nephi 7. After breakfast, Vicki picked me up for Elderplace. I weighed 320.9 lbs before lunch. I shared my The Birdbath Bird poem in Lisa's discussion group. Lisa got Nanette a new Chicken Soup for the Soul book to read from, and so she did. Then I sang karaoke from my new CD. I had the Dijon Turkey for lunch. I went to the Library and read some women's experience from the pioneer Northwest. Then, just before I was to leave, they "needed my weight". I weighed 323.0 lbs. On the way home, Vicki said there was a police officer who had stopped someone and had his pistol drawn. Since I couldn't see out the front from where I was, I took a picture from my hip through the front window. It worked, though I had to adjust the contrast and brightness to see it. Vicki got me home about 2:10 pm, which is early. I updated my journal. I downloaded my photos for the day. Before supper, I added 1 Nephi 8, 1 Nephi 9, 1 Nephi 10, and 1 Nephi 11. After supper, I added 1 Nephi 12, 1 Nephi 13, 1 Nephi 14, and 1 Nephi 15. I watched Batman and Robin on TV. I was offline all day.

    On March 28, 2009, Saturday, I got up just before the alarm. After breakfast, I changed the 5-gallon water bottle for Diana. Then I sang karaoke for about an hour. I added 1 Nephi 16 and 1 Nephi 17. Before lunch, I began cutting my hair. After lunch I finished - I took it all off. I created a web page for Scripture definitions. I added 1 Nephi 18, 1 Nephi 19, 1 Nephi 20, 1 Nephi 21, and 1 Nephi 22, finishing 1 Nephi. After supper, I watched Disney's Hercules on TV. I added Genesis 9, Genesis 10, Genesis 11, Genesis 12, Genesis 13, and Genesis 14. I watched As Time Goes By and My Family on TV. I was offline all day.

    On March 29, 2009, Sunday, I hit the snooze button once. After breakfast, I shaved, bathed, and dressed for Church. Larry picked me up for Church. While waiting in the chapel, I wrote the following poem:

    Sunny Sunday at Church

    Joyful in sorrow;
    Peaceful in pain;
    Love for the hater,
    Forgiving again;
    Taking the bad,
    Creating the good;
    As did the Savior
    We do what He would.
    For He served the Father
    In all that He did.
    And if we would follow,
    We'll do what He did.

  • An interesting thing occurred during our Testimony meeting: Two members of another church joined our meeting and bore their testimonies of God. First, a lady, who introduced a young man (though he still had to wait his turn to speak, which may be what the bishop spoke to him about). The young man told how he had been into drugs, and finally got to such a low point in his life that he prayed earnestly to know if God was real, and God rescued him from that life.
  • Gospel Doctrine class was about the Gathering as Zion.
  • Our Priesthood/Relief Society meeting was joint. We had someone from the Church Welfare system give a presentation on Pandemic Preparedness. He said it was a message of home, not of fear, and reminded us we should not go into debt to prepare for this. He told of the pamphlet "All Is Safely Gathered In" and the website He said that washing our hands, covering our coughs, and keeping our hands away from our eyes and mouths are of great help in preventing the spread of disease. D&C 38:30, D&C 1:12.

    I took photos outside of the chapel and on the route home from the car. Larry will pick me up about 1:15 pm on Tuesday for the blood drawing. I may supervise the "canteen" where the juice and cookies are distributed.
    My home teachers came by about 3 pm. Dan gave the lesson about the power of prayer and Veraun provided me with some information for my failed external hard drive.
    I updated my journal and downloaded the photos from my camera. After supper, I added Genesis 15, Genesis 16, Genesis 17, Genesis 18, and Genesis 19. I was offline all day.

    On March 30, 2009, Monday, I got up at 2:30 am, after lying awake about an hour (I had just had 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep). I added Genesis 20, Genesis 21, and Genesis 22. I went back to bed at 4:30 am. Got up again at 5:00 am. I created a page for the word Moriah. I went back to bed about 6:30 and managed a little sleep before the alarm went off. I pressed the snooze button twice. After breakfast, I went back to bed until 11:00 am. Ed phoned and talked to me for a bit longer than usual. He will plan to come over again on Friday. For other reasons, as well, I plan to cancel my regular Elderplace trip that day. My computer said it had to be rebooted to finish an update, which was odd since I hadn't been online for days. So I rebooted. Then I noticed the internet connected, and Erin was online and saying Hi, so we chatted. She has her new control for her chair, but she also has a badly sprained ankle from running over it with her chair. When I went to check my emails, the internet came unconnected again. Lunch was about 15 minutes late. Gary picked me up for the writing workshop (and Cornelia, too). We were on time. The first exercise (8 minutes): Either a. the smell of coffee grounds, or the sound of laughter.

    Spring is Getting More Spring-like
    The smell of coffee takes me back. I haven't had coffee for thirty-four years. I ohly ever had one cup of coffee that I thought tasted good, and I don't remember the brand. My memories are of my Mom, who always had a pot on, when I was young. I think she has since given it up. She had a small diner in Salem for about a year, where she served Boyd's coffee, for free. There were the little tables with red and white checkered cloths, the stainless steel napkin holders, and the tall glass sugar dispensers. She had an electronic game in the corner near the window where you propelled a steel puck toward targets at the other end. It was in a neighbor's yard behind the diner that I suffered my first broken bones, my right wrist, while rough-housing with another boy. I ran to my mother. She closed her diner, took me to the little grocery next door, where the grocer's wife splinted my arm with a magazine and drove us to the doctor's, where I was put to sleep with ether so he could put a plaster cast on my arm.

    The second exercise (2 minutes): Either start with a. "When I rule the world ...", or b. "Tell me why ...".

    Tell me why they call it "common sense"? If there is anything uncommon, it seems to be "common sense". I can't think of any subject that two strangers won't argue over. And they both have to be right.

    Matthew picked Cornelia and I up afterward. I was home by 3:45 pm. I updated my journal. After supper, I added Genesis 23, Genesis 24, and Genesis 25. I added Chronology of the Patriarchs.

    Donating my O Positive Blood

    On March 31, 2009, Tuesday, I got up with the alarm at 7:30 am. After breakfast, I watched TV at the dining room table until almost 9:30. I added to Chronology of the Patriarchs. After Lunch, Larry picked me up and took me to the church for the blood drawing. He let me use his laptop to check my emails, over 100 and only 3 were worth reading. I was trained to handle the "canteen". My trainer's name was kumdora, pronounced "Come, Dora", I'm not sure of the spelling. There was apple juice and water and cookies, dried fruit mix, and raisins. There was a survey and a petition (to put the Red Cross on the tax forms to indicate donations. I oversaw that for a while, then they put me through the info and qualifying questions for my donation. My blood pressure was 136/72. The blood drawing went well. Larry took some photos of it with my camera. The phlebotomist was trying not to get in the shots, but it didn't work very well for her. At the canteen, I had two cookies, apple juice, and took a bag of dried fruit and a box of raisins for later. Larry drove me home by 4:15 pm. We had spaghetti for supper. I added to Chronology of the Patriarchs.