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     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from December 2009

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   The Wisdom of Solomon
   Ye Are Gods

The Wisdom of Solomon

King Solomon of old
Was wise as any king.
He had the wealth and power
To try most anything.
He searched to know the reasons,
For how things work in life.
He sought for words of wisdom
That men might cease from strife.
He tried to find the answer
To why men work in vain
And what of all the earth
Was best for man to gain.

King Solomon at last
Concluded life was vain
For man to strive to work
Or anything to gain.
That what was best for man,
In all of life down here,
To do what God commands,
And to His name give fear;
Rejoice in all your joy,
And bear up through your pain,
And God will judge our deeds,
And bring us home again.

December 5, 2009



I thank thee Father for Living Bread
Whom thou hast honored at our head,
And for the sweetness to the taste
Of bread we take, but not in haste,
When, Lo, our Savior suffered deep
Our souls in purity to keep.
And, O, the water that we drink
While of the Savior's love we think,
To whom it was a bitter cup,
To us, it means we're lifted up.

May we be worthy of that bread,
And of the cup for which He bled,
That we, when life is done below,
Where all thy saints shall dwell, may go.

December 6, 2009


Ye Are Gods

What does any Father want?
But that His children grow
Into adults with proper frames
And know all they can know.
They may inherit all He owns
But He will always be
Father to each one of them
Throughout Eternity.

Some preachers say that "Mormons" think
To make themselves like God,
Yet they themselves say, Christ is God.
The Bible says "We will be like Him".
And "We shall see Him as He is".
As the LORD He said, "Ye are gods"
And confirmed it in His flesh.
Dare we deny His word?

It's not that we have power
To make ourselves divine,
It's just what God has promised us,
It's by His power, not ours.
If it is blasphemy to trust
That what God says is true,
Then we are heretics indeed
To take Him at His word.

December 16, 2009