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     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from November 2008

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   Shadow of Death
   Tommy True

Shadow of Death
(SHE DIED NOV 20, 2008)

The Shadow of Death has lately passed
(Which ever since our birth,
E'en since we drew our earliest breath,
Has darkened each on earth),
From one sweet Sister that we love,
Whose passing we will rue.
Her suffering in the flesh is done;
Her trials here are through.
She's passed from darkness into light
With promises of more.
The Savior's words to her are true;
She'll find what lies in store.

May we in all our sorrow here
Not fail to feel the joy
For one who's passed beyond the veil
To go where none annoy.
May we find peace in troubles here
Knowing Christ has won
The vict'ry over Death's strong grip -
The Shadow's pow'r is done.
As long as we walk hand in hand
With Christ our Savior dear,
The chilling Shadow drawing nigh,
We'll never have to fear.

November 20, 2008



Thanks be to God for His pleasing things,
His gracious gifts of Love,
All things that from His hand come down,
No Evil from Above.
Knowing His good-will toward men
Stills every fear I'd have.
God's Grace extended in His Son
Is all we need to save;
Victorious in His Love at last,
In every trial here,
No evil thing can separate
God's love from me so dear.

November 23, 2008


Tommy True

Tommy true, it will be so.
All things will soon work out.
Though things get worse before it comes,
There is no need to pout.
As Elvis sang, so long ago:
"Some things were meant to be."
So hold on tight, enjoy the ride,
And see what you will see.
But in the end, it will work out,
Your hopes will all come true.
For be assured, God loves us all,
And that means me and you.

November 28, 2008