My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from February 2008

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   Birthday Wish
   Happy Birthday
   Tiffany and Taylor


The feelings I have are unique to myself,
And are known to no one but me.
Though I try to express them in words known to all,
Still the words donít convey what I see.

While we both may agree that one color is blue
And agree that another is red,
Yet for blue I feel something above other hues
But for others that feeling is dead.

So then while we agree on the words that we speak
We may not really know what they mean
For we give them a meaning by that which we feel,
Filling in all the spaces between.

And isnít it grand, that each person we know
Plants a feeling inside us thatís new,
That exists nowhere else, can be kept and preserved,
And theyíll never know just what we grew.

Still itís not really true that no one really knows
For thereís God, who has been where we are,
And He knows all our thoughts, and without any words,
Speaks and listens to all that we are.

February 1, 2008



Valentines are gifts of Love
    we give our Valentine,
And once a year we take a day
    to strive to make Love shine.
Love blooms again within our hearts,
    revives the flickering flame,
Each fading ember lying there
    will suddenly exclaim,
No obstacle or task too hard
    forbids true Love to act.
To Love, all things are possible;
    this is our solemn pact!
I feel again what first I felt
    when on that smile I gazed.
No other visage now it seems
    could leave me so amazed.
Each tender moment we have spent,
    each passing memory,
Still warms me to my deepest soul,
    renewing Love to me.

February 4, 2008


Birthday Wish

A Birthday poem I will write
To one whose face is out of sight.
However far or near you are
I wish upon the brightest star
That you will have the greatest day.
And wish you well in every way.

February 14, 2008


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, daughter dear!
So you've survived another year.
I'm proud of you for all you've done,
How far you've come, Your vict'ries won,
I wish you well this coming year,
And may each day bring lots of cheer.
May you and yours feel God's hand guide;
May peace and happiness abide.

February 18, 2008


Tiffany and Taylor

Tiffíny and Taylor, gonna get hitched;
May your lives be thus enriched.
Itís no easy way to go,
But rich blessings you will know
If you treat each other right
And not stay angry through the night.
Lots of comfort you will find
If your thoughts are always kind.
I hope that once is all youíll need,
Just like my folks. I wish God-speed.
From one whoís been there several times.
I send this heart-felt wish with rhymes.

February 19, 2008



Having faith that all good things
Once promised, He will do,
Peace with God at last,
Eternal life and true.

February 21, 2008



Perhaps I'll shed a little light
On how this talent works:
Eventually the words will come
To write poetic works,
Revealing what lies deep inside
You, no matter where it lurks.

February 24, 2008