My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from December 2007

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   A Christmas Wish
   The Nativity
   Happy New Year

A Christmas Wish

The Star of Bethlehem still shines
For those who do believe.
The Christmas light still glows
In those who will receive.
For though the world around seems dark
And cold to all that's right,
The warmth of truth and joy and love
Is kindled by its light.

So when you feel the warmth inside
And see the light within,
Begin to pray for peace on earth,
That love and truth will win.
For it's the will of God you see
That all will one day be
In tune with truth and all things good ...
May it begin in me.

May it begin in humble hearts,
The peace that God has planned,
And may it grow and grow and grow
To fill the world of man.
It's best to be a part of it
Than stand, or turn away
For what I'm doing, here and now,
Determines where I'll stay.

December 3, 2007

The Nativity

Mary and Joseph were worn from the way,
And the Baby was ready, no time for delay,
But because of the crowds, the hotel there was filled.
They had to make do where the animals milled.
When the Baby was born, they wrapped Him in strips
To protect His soft skin from the hayís piercing tips,
Laid Him down in a trough where the cattle once fed,
And wondered at who He was in that poor bed.

Some distance away, on a hillside that night,
Were some shepherds who tending their flocks got a fright;
For out of the sky came a light and a noise
As an army of angels announced to them joys:
For Godís only Son had been born in the town.
They were given directions how He would be found;
So they ran, each as fast as he rightly might go,
And they came and they found that it really was so.

In a country far off, there were men who were wise
And a word sent from God, made them oft scan the skies
To find the sign-Star that would tell them the King
Had been born on the earth, and to Him they would bring
Gifts of gold, and of myrrh, and of frankincense too,
And bow and adore with the worship thatís due.
And the night when the star came, it filled them with joy
And anon they set out to discover the Boy.

And again, far away, on the far side of earth,
There were some who had heard, and awaited the birth.
And though threatened with death for believing such pooh,
They knelt down in prayer, knowing God would be true.
And indeed, on that night, when the sun was to set,
It appeared still as Day, till the morning was met.
So that everyone knew, God was still on His throne,
And the Child that was born far away was His own.

December 16, 2007

Happy New Year!

This night the year is almost through,
And now I make this wish for you:
I wish the best that God may give,
All the strength to help you live,
As you strive to do what's right,
Following, as you can, His Light.
And may you in the coming year,
Live in faith and not in fear
For God wills that we do our best
And tho' we often face a test,
It's only for a "little while";
And when we join Him, He will smile.
And we'll be ready then to live,
Receiving all He has to give.

December 31, 2007