My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from September 2007

Poems on this page:
   Labor Day Road Trip
   Above the Fray

Labor Day Road Trip

We set out in the morning light
To take some photographs,
Heading for the rising sun,
And toward the mountain pass.
Away from cities did we ride
To nature’s open space.
I took some photographs
Of Mt. Hood’s shadowed face.
We saw two deer along the way,
A mother and her fawn.
Just calmly grazing by the road
As our car sped along.
We stopped at several wider spots
To see what we could see.
We peered into the valleys,
Covered all in tree.

When we arrived at Timberline,
We found we weren’t alone.
Although the snow left long ago,
It was a pleasure zone.
For people came from all around
To hike or see the view.
It was so long since I’d been there,
For me, it was all new.
I saw a chipmunk on the porch,
The first since I was small.
I took some photos of the peak
That rose behind it all.
We had our lunch on the upper floor.
The food and view were great.
And then we headed down the hill;
Our trip would terminate.

But I was soon to be surprised,
For my friend, he turned east,
And soon the land grew dry and blonde,
With solitary trees,
A land of canyons, deep and wide,
Geography in sight.
For miles and miles we drove southeast
To Jefferson’s east side.
Then north we turned and finally found
The ghost town that he sought.
I went into a rock shop there;
A souvenir I bought.
And then we finally headed home,
First north, then west, we sped,
O’er plain and mountain, then at last,
Back to home and bed.

September 7, 2007


Above the Fray

My Savior keeps me safe above
While battling sin below
I’m fully circled in His love
Of this I surely know.

But if my body’s full of pain
And I much sorrow know,
I cling to Him for peace again
While serving Him below.

I love to live above the fray
Where nothing may alarm,
Living life from day to day,
My spirit safe from harm.

September 22, 2007