My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from February 2007

Poems on this page:
   Finding My Way
   To Valentine
   Love That Lasts Forever
   Valley of the Shadow of Death
   What I Love About the Gospel

Finding My Way

There've been many a path that I thought I saw clear
     As I sought my way through to my Home.
I'd felt ease as I trod down the path that I saw -
     The pathway was sure; I'd not roam.

So I'd pocket my Compass, the way was in view
     (I could see how to get there from here).
But the things that I thought I saw best were untrue
     And I'd soon see the road disappear.

Now I've learned that my Compass is best kept in hand
     And my eyes on the place where it steers.
For the scene in the distance is tricky at best
     And it may not be as it appears.

But my Compass still points to the place I will go,
     Though the valleys and hills lie between,
And will bring me one day to the place that I love
     Where my soul will grow on ever green.

February 14, 2007

To Valentine

To Valentine, a Saint of old
We owe our gifts of love.
Tho' no one knows just who he was
Or when he went above. [bef. 300 AD]
Apparently, we owe our thanks
To Chaucer, author bold,
For how we link a lovers day
With his Saint's Feast to hold.
His legend has sprung up since then; [aft. 1300 AD]
A thousand years and more
Had past since he was martyred on
Some far, forgotten shore.
And now we give our Valentines
A Valentine or kiss,
A box of chocolates and some flowers,
This Day we dare not miss.
For so expected it's become,
(Though some have oft' rebelled)
That after so long we have found
By Love we are compelled.

February 14, 2007

Love That Lasts Forever

I've got a love that lasts forever;
Loving on and on.
A gift from God in heav'n above,
It never will be done.

I'm only learning now to use it,
After fifty years.
It's brought me lots of happiness,
And brought me many tears.

Oh, I have probably wasted it,
But I'm not left with less.
No, it is growing stronger still,
Though I have made a mess.

For Love will not admit defeat,
For such a gift divine
Will grow inside me, make me His,
Until His Love is mine.

February 14, 2007

Valley of the Shadow of Death

I dwell in the shadows of imminent Death.
Each moment they threaten to capture my breath.
And round Death's sheer slopes in the thin air up there,
The vultures do circle and soar as they stare.
And though in the darkness below I trek on,
I do so in courage and hope for the Dawn.

For when the Son comes at the break of that Day,
The shadows of Death will all flee far away.
And the dark peaks of fear will be shining so bright
In the brightness and glory of His splendid light.
Then I in my garments of Light will be free
And will rise on my new wings and soar o'er the sea.

February 21, 2007

What I Love About the Gospel

What I love about the Gospel
Is that, first of all, it's True!
After that, so many blessings
For a Christ-like life are due:

Life eternal with the Father
And the Son, our Savior sure,
And the Holy Ghost beside them,
Who has kept us clean and pure.

I love it 'cause it's plain and simple,
Makes it easy to stay true
To the path my Savior started,
As I follow His steps, too.

I love the way it is received
With hope by some downtrodden folk,
And how their burden's quickly lighter
When they take their Savior's yoke.

I love the way it fills my heart
And keeps me singing all the day.
And when the night has fallen o'er me,
Gives me comfort for my way.

And when a trial comes so heavy
That it breaks my heart in two,
Still, the lessons of the Gospel
Lend me strength to see it through.

Then, when death (not life) is over
All my troubles will be gone.
When all the wrongs of earth are righted,
And my soul with God is One.

February 22, 2007


GENESIS is where we start;
Eden was Man's home.
Now man sinned, was driven out,
E'er o'er the earth to roam.
Sin brought the Flood of waters down.
In Abram's seed was found
Salvation in a Man to come;
  From sin we'll be unbound.

February 22, 2007


EXODUS counts plagues, all ten, at
Xenith of Egyptian power
Over Pharoah and his men.
Departed Israel in an hour.
Upon Sinai's lofty peak,
Spoke the God of power.

February 22, 2007