My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from October 2006

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   Autumnal Equinox
   Passing Fancies
   Mount Hood

Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal Equinox is past
With leaves soon turning brown,
And Daylight Savings Time at last
Will soon have left the town.
I love the colors of the Fall:
The red and yellow trees,
The orange and green, I love them all,
Though brought by chilling breeze.
I'll see the squir'ls run here and there
To stow away their food.
And hear leaves rustle in the air
To stir my passive mood.

October 4, 2006

Passing Fancies

A king once wanted some quick thought
To answer every question brought,
And so he charged his counselors wise
And offered them a worthy prize
To conjure up a statement true.
And then they prudently withdrew.

They gave the matter serious thought
Then to the king their answer brought.
“This too shall pass”, they did advise,
Would make the people think him wise.
So when he held his courts anew,
He always used this answer true.

And though the people were impressed
How well their treaties were addressed,
It was depressing when they thought
How quickly all for which they sought
Would disappear in ash or grime,
A victim of that rascal, Time.

And so the country grew depressed,
Anon the king became distressed.
His hall was now an empty lot,
For no one now his counsel sought.
There was no toil. There was no crime.
All hope was lost for fear of Time.

The king again his counselors sought
And bid them once again give thought
For something else, if they were wise,
To make the people lift their eyes,
To see beyond their present stew,
What hope for all could come to view.

And so the wise men gave hard thought
To all the trouble they had brought
With those four words they deemed were wise.
What in the world could they advise?
The king would want some wisdom true,
But nothing glib this time would do.

So what would you advise the king,
What words to his attention bring?
Are there some reasons you love life,
That won't dissolve with loss or strife?
My hopes are not in this vain world,
But onto my Lord Jesus hurled.

This world is practice for the next;
That's why we are so often vexed,
We're trying out for something more.
Such glories we're preparing for,
We cannot dream the half of it.
This exercise will make us fit.

October 6, 2006

Mount Hood

How silently the mists reveal, familiar, though it be,
My fav'rite mountain silhouette against the morning sky.
The sun, though newly risen, casts Hood's shadow over me.
I've known that shape since I was young; It made me want to fly.

I climbed its snow-clad shoulders once, to where I was alone,
And sang my heart out to the world, though no one cried hello.
The air was clear and cold, but I stood warmly 'neath the sun.
No one, I thought could be above; all else was now below.

'Twas then I got my first real look at how we must appear
With someone up there looking down - We really are quite small.
But while I sang with heart so full, I felt God really near.
And knew He loves us anyway; He watches over all.

October 8, 2006