My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from April 2004

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   God's Word
   New Answering Machine Message

God's Word

To those who say the Bible is
   The Word of God complete:
I find that every age of man
   With His Word is replete.

To Adam in the Garden then,
   With Eve, his wife, as well,
God spoke, and gave command
   ... Even when he fell.
And Adam and his sons of yore
   Made sacrifice to God
And pleased Him, or dissatisfied,
   According to His Word.

Though we no longer have the words
   Writ down for us to see,
The Word of God they were back then,
   And sure, they still would be.
Down through the ages, God did speak
   To prophets known by us,
And many more now quite forgot.
   It has been ever thus.

When Jesus came, He chose out Twelve,
   Commissioned them to preach,
To baptize in His name, to heal,
   To seal on earth, and teach.
He made them prophets, gave them pow'r
   To speak His Word to men.
Some of which was written down,
   And some was lost to ken.

And when the Twelve had done the work
   The Lord had given them,
And faithful Saints had lost their lives
   For New Jerusalem,
The Church no longer dwelt on earth
   In truth and purity,
It's power drawn from man, not God,
   Polluted Charity.
For governments chose priests at will,
   And councils doctrines formed,
And so the Church of Satan grew,
   And true believers stormed.

So Darkness fell upon the world
   A thousand years, or more.
The written Word that was preserved
   Was locked away in store,
Until the light began to shine
   Upon the darkened world.
A glimpse of Truth from God above
   Into the dark was hurled.

God's Spirit once again did move
   Upon the watery deep.
Explorers moved across the seas,
   Their destinies to keep.
A Promised Land, long hid from view
   And searching minds did yearn
For freedom from corruption
   And God's true ways to learn.

A New World gained its Liberty,
   A Nation born to God.
A Prophet, and God's priesthood
   Upon the earth now trod.
Fresh revelations came from God
   Bringing truths long lost,
Illuminating what Christ did
   For us, and at what cost.

The Bible, though it is God's word
   Is finite still, you see;
God's Word is Infinite, so fills
   Up all Eternity.

April 25, 2004

New Answering Machine Message

I'm sorry, Sir or Ma'am, to say
That David Sawyer's gone away.
I'm not sure when I'll reappear
So don't leave any message here.
When I return, you'll know I'm back,
'Cause this will play it's former track.
Until that time, I'll tell you true,
I wish the very best for you.
But if you must, this tape will beep,
And if there's room, your message keep.
When I get home, I will rewind
And try to answer each I find.

April 28, 200