My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from March 2004

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   Reflecting Pool
   Saint Patrick
   A Seed

Portland Oregon Temple Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool

I stood there by the Temple,
   In contemplative thought,
And stared into the water
   On which my thoughts were caught.
The shadows of the ripples
   Cast on the stones below.
And movement on the surface
   Created quite a show.
And looking even deeper,
   I saw the Temple there
Upside-down, it seemed,
   But reaching to the air.
And peering deeper still
   I saw the clouds above
Reflected from the water
   Like we reflect God's love
When we obey, like water,
   The things He tells us to,
And we remember Him
   In what we say and do.

March 6, 2004


When the worst happens
It knocks you flat.
When you come to,
Someone is bending over you.
Just lie still, they say,
Don't try to talk,
You're in good hands.
You are lifted,
Carried to safety,
Cared for,
And rehabilitated.
You are better,
Stronger than you were,
Though you had little to do
With the outcome.

March 9, 2004

Saint Patrick

Brought up in Britain, Patrick was,
   Until sixteen he lived
Unmindful that he needed to
   Receive God's special gift.
Then kidnapped by a foreign band
   And carried far away,
He was a slave for six long years
   'Til he escaped one day.
Returning home, he gave his life
   To God, who'd rescued him.
The things of heav'n took first place;
   The lure of earth grew dim.
Then back to Ireland he went,
   To where he'd had it rough,
To share the truths that he had learned,
   And tell them of God's love

March 17, 2004


Five hundred years ago and more,
  A Jew from Italy went out
And sought the funds to sail away
   (The world was round; he had no doubt).
He felt that God was sending him
   To find the wealthy Orient.
Three ships, provisions, and a crew,
   All this, and more he spent.
And on the sea, blocked mutiny
   When all aboard rebelled.
And finally the coast they spied
   Where they thought "Indians" dwelled.
They made it back to tell the Queen
   Success had been achieved.
Columbus never knew the place
   Was not what he believed.
The indians weren't Indians
   Upon that far off beach;
The India that he had sought
   Was still beyond his reach.
But those who followed after him
   Persisted 'til they knew
That half a world was in their way;
  This gave a greater view.
It led to explorations great
   (A lot of men would die,
Enduring hardships hard to ken),
   New lands and climes to spy.
To these we owe our gratitude.
   Without them we would not
Live in this land of Liberty
   And have the life we've got.

March 17, 2004

A Seed

I have been dropped into a hole
And covered over, swallowed whole,
And dirt thrown in on top of me.
My future dark; what can it be?
But I will send my roots out so.
In all directions they will go,
Reaching out, and so at length,
Finding nourishment and strength,
To burst the grave that I am in,
To seek the sun, my freedom win.

March 26, 2004