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     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from February 2004

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   DNA's Secret
   Skeleton Key Days
   Simon of Cyrene

DNA's Secret

This DNA, Life's building block,
   Tells me that God's been here.
Computer code to program Life
   And guide it year by year.
What human code is so compact,
   Yet does a job so dear.
To think that chance could write such stuff
   Is folly without peer.

I heard today that we don't know
   What all there is to read.
We know that some of it creates
   The proteins that we need,
And other parts control the time
   That certain genes are freed,
But others stay a mystery;
   We know not yet their deed.

Who knows what we will finally find
   When all of it we see;
What wonders then will be revealed
   When there's no mystery.
Do you think we're really smart enough
   To find the final key?

February 4, 2004

Skeleton Key Days

I remember the days
   Of skeleton keys:
When kids were safe
   To play at ease.
The keys were more
   A child-proof thing
Than to keep a thief
   From breaking in.

I remember the days
   Of much less noise:
I'd go and play
   With other boys.
When mom would call
   From blocks away,
I'd hear, and know
   I could not stay.

February 21, 2004
Submitted to on February 21, 2004.

Simon of Cyrene

A man of faith, he came from far
To honor the appointed hour
In Zion of the great I AM,
And share the killing of the lamb.
Arriving there, he met a crowd
Coming out and shouting loud.
A soldier sternly made him take
A rough-hewn cross for Jesus' sake.

He followed Him and marveled then
How graciously He bore His pain.
And when they reached Golgotha's hill
And took the cross, he stood there still.
He read the plaque that Pilate wrote.
He watched them gamble for His coat,
And wondered in his heart, Is He?
The One Anointed, Could it be?

February 27, 2004
     While listening to Andy Griffith sing gospel songs, the songs of the Cross reminded me that we each bear a cross - what we endure in this life. As Jesus bore His cross to Golgotha, He stumbled; His physical strength gave out for He had endured, and bled much. Another took His cross and bore it for Him to its destination. So too, He expects us to bear our cross to the limit of our strength, and then He will bear what we cannot until we reach our goal, perfection.
     I did some research and found that the scriptures say nothing of Jesus stumbling under the load of the cross, though He must have been at the limits of human strength, and we have all seen it happen in movies and reenactments. How many people, do you suppose, as I did, believe that they read it in the Bible that Jesus fell beneath the load of the cross. How powerful are the visual media!- Matt 27:32; Mark 15:21; Luke 23:26