My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from January 2004

Poems on this page:
   Columbia Revisited
   When God Created
   Radioactive Decay

Columbia Revisited

It's been a year now since she fell
   From out the vaulted blue,
Her seven spirits rising high
   O'er bodies they once knew.
Their spirit of adventure stays
   With us now left behind.
That spirit leads us still to strive
   To stretch our common mind,
To reach out yet to other worlds,
   To seek what lies "out there."
While I, earthbound, can only wait
   And send a grateful prayer
To God, who watches o'er us all,
   Who wants us to improve,
To struggle with our trials here
   And gain the strength of Love.
For True Love won't come easily,
   But only suff'ring long.
Then bursting forth from troubles,
   Will fill us with a song.

January 21, 2004

When God Created

When God created all He made,
   Did He create it blank,
Or did He put the details in?
   I'll tell you; I'll be frank.
He didn't leave it all to chance;
   It wasn't some great prank.
He didn't start it like a toy,
   With the turning of a crank.

We find a clock that's running true
   And know that it was wound.
But e'en before that winding too,
   Before it made a sound,
Before it turned a gear, we know
   A Maker must be found.
It would be folly not to know;
   We are by reason bound.

We see the moving of the hands,
   As they, their rounds pursue,
But no idea we have of when
   Their journey will be through.
Nor do we know the day nor hour
   Their stirrings started new.
The Maker knows these things alone,
   His explanation's true.

Was Adam ever any thing
   But human in his shape,
When God sent him from Eden's gate
   In skins of creatures draped?
He had no ancestors on Earth,
   Amoeba, fish, or ape.
Our claim to have evolved from them
   Would make the creatures gape.

There's been no human better fit
   Than Adam in his prime.
To say that Evolution works
   From simple to sublime
On creatures of the ancient past
   Arranged in passing time,
Just doesn't jive; it doesn't fit,
   Like listening to a mime.

We see the moving of God's hands --
   Activity abounds.
We see the Maker's handiwork
   Beyond Time's early bounds.
If we will seek the Truth from Him,
   We'll hear His whispered sounds,
And with the Truth He gives to us
   Our soul He surely founds. 

January 22, 2004

Radioactive Decay

They say Uranium decays
   At constant rate to Lead.
And by comparing mass to mass,
   Compute how time has fled.
But can they know how much was there
   When Time first got its start?
Or does the assumption make it less
   A Science, more an Art?

Another way decay computes
   How long since something died
Is Carbon 14, which, they think
   Is constant, eons-wide.
But here again, assumption made
   Means certainty is lost.
To follow "science," wrongly named,
   Exacts a fearful cost.

But God was there, where we can't go
   With test tubes, tapes, and clocks.
His Word is True; it's all we need.
   His secrets it unlocks.
It's more important to know why
   Than how we came to be,
And knowing we are sons of God
   Means more than all to me.

January 22, 2004