My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from November 2003


To God above, our Father dear:
Hear now my thanks; incline thine ear,
And note my gratitude this year.
No blessing greater than thy Son
King of heav'n and earth in one.
Sinless, he alone has won.
Gave his life for all of ours,
In the grave for merely hours,
Victorious, he, o'er evil's powers.
In the heavens now he leads,
Never failing, me he feeds.
Glad, I worship with my deeds.

November 24, 2003

To Thanksgiving Day 2003

Thanksgiving Day is almost here.
   I have no plans made yet.
But I'm prepared to celebrate
   What falls into my net.
I feel so blessed with what I have,
   Though some might think I've not.
Everything my Father has
   Is mine, and that's a lot.
I'm thankful that He gave His Son
   To suffer here for me,
And die, and rise again,
   that I Might live eternally.
I'm thankful for the Word of God
   He speaks to prophets here,
And that He speaks to me as well,
   To cast out all my fear.
I'm thankful for the people, too,
   Who love me, here and there,
Who help me out with services,
   With money, and with prayer.
I'm thankful for a place to live,
   A window to look out,
For warmth, and food, and all I need.
   I'm cared for; there's no doubt.
So when the day arrives, I know,
   It won't be long enough
To count the ways God's blessed me here --
   Not nearly long enough.

November 24, 2003