My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from July 2003

Poems on this page:
   Oat's Birthday
   Passing of the Mantle
   Christ, My Sanctuary

Oat's Birthday

Oat has come another year
Along his life's career
To places strange and dear.

But now, today we celebrate,
And wish you on this date,
No ill to be your fate;
That you will prosper everywhere,
In everything you dare,
Victorious, here and there.
Our hearts are full of joy this time,
Remembering with this rhyme,
All memories sublime.
Today we wish the best for you
In every thing you do.
A Happy Birthday Too!

July 1, 2003

Passing of the Mantle

To Bishop Partna (Yes, I think,
    I still can call you that):
I thank you for the way you've served
   Us all, this turn at bat,
For your example, patience, love,
   And sacrifice of time,
And trust that you have felt the gift
   Of blessings so sublime.
To have that mantle taken off,
   And placed on someone new,
Must be relief, and yet a loss,
   A feeling strange to you.
For though it was a burden large,
   You have a sturdy Friend
Who took the greater part of it,
   So you might only bend
When otherwise you might have broke
   Beneath the load of care,
Created by the many needs
   Of those whose load you'd share.
May you enjoy a brief respite
   From duties you have known,
Before you start life's next big step
   To test how much you've grown.
For isn't that what Life's about,
   To test our fiber sore,
So new flesh grows upon the old
   And we can do much more?

July 6, 2003

Christ, My Sanctuary

I learn the Gospel line by line,
  Each day perfecting me.
With Jesus' help, I can be pure
  While in His Charity.
I feel my weaknesses, and know
  What He would have me be.
He lifts my burdens just enough
  To let them strengthen me.
In Christ, my Sanctuary is,
  In all He's given me.
I'll learn to love, as He loves us,
  For all Eternity,
To bear the Light in which He dwells
  And gaze unflinchingly,
As eye to eye we meet again
  In halls of purity.

July 26, 2003