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     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from March 2003

Poems on this page:
   Rain's Blessings
   A Poet for the War
   Humble Pie

Rain's Blessings

God's blessings pour down from the skies
   Upon the thirsty earth,
Like rain upon a fallen world
   Brings death and growth and birth.
We may not always recognize
   The good those droplets bring,
For mixed with pain they often come
   To teach us how to sing.
Some things that seem gone awfully wrong,
   Turn later to success.
And things that cause the soul to weep
    Lead on toward happiness.

March 7, 2003


[Joshua 1-4]

The time had come for Joshua
   To do as Moses did,
To take the lead of Israel
   In all the LORD should bid.
God told him to be full of strength
   And courage too, because
He' be with him throughout his days
   If he would keep His laws.
Now Joshua prepared the host
   To go into the land.
He sent two spies to Jericho
   To see how well it's manned.
There was a harlot there who feared
   The LORD, and would be saved.
She hid the spies upon her roof;
   Her city's wrath she braved.
With danger past, she let them down
   Outside the wall by rope,
If she would leave a signal red,
   Her family would have hope.
The spies reported what they'd seen
   To Joshua, their chief.
From wandering in the wilderness,
   Their God would grant relief.
So Israel marches to the stream;
   The ark of God goes first.
The water level drops fast when
   The priests' feet are immersed.
As Israel passes through the ford,
   They gather twelve round stones,
Which once lay in the river bed,
   And now were dry as bones.
They stacked them on the furthest shore
   To mark their passing through,
So when in future, children asked,
   We'd say, "This was for you."
So we would tell you what God did
   They crossed without a fuss,
So Israel could possess the land
   That God had promised us.
So when the people of the Land
   Heard that the Children crossed
The Jordan River on dry ground,
   They knew their cause was lost.
For God, the LORD, had made it clear
   That He was God of all.
The gods of all the Canaanites
   Were surely doomed to fall.
The Children of the Israelites
   Had grown to manhood now.
Their parents, who had crossed the Sea
   Had all died off somehow.
So God told them to circumcise
   As once their Fathers did.
Now that they ate bread of the land,
   The manna bread was hid.
Near Jericho, did Joshua meet
   The LORD to lead the host,
Who caused him to remove his shoes
   And feel the Holy Ghost.
The people of the city feared
   The Children in their land,
And God told Joshua to form
   A giant marching band.
For six days they marched silently
   Around the wall each day.
The seventh day, they marched seven times,
   And then began to play.
And when the trumpets blared out loud,
   The people all did shout.
The walls began to fall down flat;
   No one could be kept out.
They went into the city, and
   Killed all that lived within,
Except the one who hid the spies
   And all her nearest kin.
And Jericho was cursed that day,
   That if it were rebuilt,
The builder would lose both his sons
   To mollify his guilt.

[Joshua 5-7]

Now when they tried to take AI,
   For there abode but few,
They only took three thousand men
   Thinking that would do.
But AI's men came running out,
   And chased them down the hill,
Killed six and thirty mighty men,
   So Israel sought God's will.
And God told Joshua that one
   Among them was at fault
He'd taken things he should have burned.
   This practice had to halt.
So in the morning all were brought
   Before the LORD who chose
The part wherein the sin did lie,
   The source of all their woes.
So Achan, son of Carmi, son
   Of Zabdi, son of Zerah,
Of the tribe of Judah, last,
   Caused all their eyes to tear.
For it was he, who took the stuff,
   The silver and the gold,
The goodly Babylonish clothes,
   And now confession told.
His crime was paid for by his death;
   He and his kin were stoned.
His property and all were burned,
   And thus it was atoned.
So God taught them that He can't dwell
   Among them where there's sin,
And with Him they can never fail;
   Without Him they can't win.

[Joshua 8-9]

And God told them, Go back again
   And finish what you started.
For this time I will be with you,
   So be not feeble-hearted.
Five thousand men were camped outside
   The gates of AI soon.
It's people did rejoice that they
   Might vanquish all by noon.
And when they charged out from the gate,
   The Israelites did flee.
Unknowingly they left the town
   Unprotected in the lee.
For thirty thousand men did wait
   For just that happenstance
And took the town, and burned it down;
   God's plan it was, not chance.
And then the thirty, and the five
   Joined forces to defeat
The men of AI in between
   And cut them down like wheat.
They took the cattle and the spoils
   As God had said they might,
But everything beside was burned;
   They hung its king 'til night.
On Ebal, mountain to the north,
   They raised an altar there,
And wrote the law that Moses gave
   Upon the stones with care.
Then all the people of the land
   Together made a pact;
To rid themselves of this new threat,
   They knew they had to act.
Except the men of Gibeon,
   Who came up with a plan
To make a Peace with Israel
   So not to lose a man.
They wore old clothes and shoes with holes,
   And carried moldy bread,
Pretending they were from afar.
   "Make Peace with us," they said.
Though Joshua questioned them at length,
   He finally was swayed;
And all the elders swore as well
   So Peace with them was made.
After three days Joshua learned
   The truth to their deceit,
That they were living quite close by
   When they for Peace did treat.
They told them that they were afraid;
   They heard that God had planned
To wipe out everyone who lived
   Upon this Promised Land.
Because we made our oath, he said,
   We'll truly let you live,
But bear our water, cut our wood,
   And service shall you give.

[Joshua 10-12]

Because of what was done to AI,
   The Gershonites allied,
Jerusalem's king sent to his friends
   That they might take his side,
For Gibeon was large and great.
   The five kings gathered round
That they might capture Gibeon,
   And the Hebrew children beat.
And Joshua came to Gibeon
   And with the LORD he won
The battle to defend the town
   Before the day was done.
They chased the kings from place to place,
   Killing as they went
The LORD killed more with stones from heaven;
   To Ajalon they went.
In Ajalon, there Joshua said,
   Both sun and moon stand still.
The sun stopped high in heaven,
   The moon too, by God's will.
And when the battle's over, and
   The Israelites had won,
The moon resumed her destined course,
   And so too, did the sun.
The five kings tried to hide themselves
   Securely in a cave,
But Joshua found out where they hid,
   And covered up the cave.
And when the battles all were o'er,
   The five kings were pulled free.
He killed them with the sword, then hung
   Them on a tree.
So Joshua went on to take
   The cities that were owned
By the kings allied with Jerusalem;
   Their skills in battle honed.

March 13, 2003

A Poet for the War

It's not that I would like a war;
   My soul abhors the killing.
The thought of blood and guts spilled out
   Upon the ground is chilling.
There is no Peace, though men protest,
   For Peace requires the willing.
Unless the two see eye to eye
   As brothers (for they are),
Agreeing as to what is fair
   For all concerned -- it's War.
And Peace at all costs is not Peace,
   And War cannot be far.
The only way, I see, that Peace
   Has half a chance is this:
For men to get within their hearts
   The Law of Heav'n, which is,
To love each other as themselves
   And thus know Peace and bliss.
But worldly law does not work thus
   Its only power is force.
That law would not be needed
   If all took the loving course.
It's sometimes necessary then,
   The evil to de-horse.
The course of courage and of faith
   Does call for sacrifice.
But better that we make the try
   Than pay the default price.
It's better far to die like men
   Than live with filth like mice.
The filth I speak of are the deeds
   Of those who lie and sneak,
And try to tear down what's been built
   With havoc they would wreak.
When such things come to governments,
   They dare not turn the cheek.
For they exist to guard the weak;
   Their job is to defend.
When governments have failed in this,
   It's right their rule should end.
With the power to do so, we should help
   All those who need a friend.
The Lord is coming back, and soon,
   So we should be prepared,
That He may find us watching
   When He comes, His arm bared.
May we do all we can for now,
   So He knows that we cared.
He'll plant His Law within all hearts,
   The Law that's from above.
He'll bring a Peace that will not end,
   But grow with Truth and Love.
And make a stable roosting place
   For the lonely peaceful Dove.

March 14, 2003
submitted to on March 15, 2003

Humble Pie

I'm sorry that I didn't see
Your birthday had gone by.
So here's a little poetry
In place of cake or pie.
I hope you had a lovely day,
A birthday celebration.
The one thing that you'd rather have
Is probably a vacation.

March 30, 2003
for a former co-worker who is re-employed.