My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from February 2003

Poems on this page:
   Hail Columbia!
   David's Lament
   So You're Thirteen
   My Darling Valentine

Hail Columbia!

A Falling Star on its way home
   Held Seven who had risen high
Above the blue and white of Earth,
   And were returning now to die.
A sudden wrench, inertially,
   Was all it took to draw them through
From this existence to the next;
   The Seven left for life anew.

The Star passed on to break apart,
   Creating trails of brilliant white,
Hot searing smoke in coldest space
   While, from the earth, a chilling sight.
The people who looked up espied,
   In puzzlement and disbelief,
A different sight than what they'd sought,
   And understanding soon brought grief.

And when those people looked around,
   They soon discovered proof in view,
For here and there upon the ground
   Were pieces of the Star they knew.

At Florida, where it was aimed,
   The families of the Seven wait,
Expecting soon with hugs to meet,
   Not knowing for a while their fate.
They learn the signal has been lost,
   They wait in silence for some word,
And then the truth is known at last;
   They seek the solace of the Lord.

I did not know a one of them
   And yet a part of me does grieve.
They represented me up there,
   For I myself could not take leave
To wander in the cold of space,
   Experience all the splendor there.
For I have yearned from days of youth
   To visit planets far and near,
To feel the freedom of the void
   And learn the things that no one knows.
I'll live my life out on the ground
   And gather what some other sows.

Not only have they been in Space,
   Where I have only dreamed to go,
They've gone now to another place,
   Where when I die, I too will go.
The astronauts are pioneers;
   The Seven went, and now they dare
To go beyond this mortal realm
   To Heavenly realms of regal fare,
For there, imagination fails
   To brace us for the truth we'll see
When we will stand and see His face
   Is smiling for Eternity.

February 2, 2003

David's Lament

As David, King, said long ago
He'll not return, but I will go
To be once more with my dear son,
When all life's trials are finally done.
So things I've lost in this drear life,
Though much I've loved them, 'mid the strife,
Are not forever lost to me;
They'll be restored Eternally.

February 2, 2003

So You're Thirteen

So, you are gonna be Thirteen!
  I hope you're treated like a queen,
    A princess, anyway, I mean.
You've been a Woman (Young, that's true),
  For just a year, and so you're new,
    But "Woman", still, that's quite a clue
To what you can be when you've grown,
  When skin and muscle, hair and bone,
    Have formed the woman still unknown.
What will you be when you're mature?
  Cling to the good; the bad abjure;
    Strive to be honest, brave, and pure.
Then you will be all you can dream
  (Impossible as that may seem)
    As long as you depend on Him.
These are my Birthday thoughts for you.
  May Year Fourteen have troubles few,
    And may the LORD's light guide you through.

February 6, 2003

My Darling Valentine

My Darling Valentine:
   You own this heart of mine.
Though you have left me here,
  I still find frequent cheer
In thoughts that tell of you:
  The things you'd say or do,
Nostalgic scents that drift,
  The memories that sift
Into my consciousness
  And leave my mind a mess.
The pain and joy are blended so,
  That I could never let one go
For fear the other would not stay,
  Or come to me another day.
If I shed tears of bliss
  (the memory of a kiss),
Or pain (of heartache deep),
  I would each droplet keep.
I know not now thy face;
  I could not bear thy grace,
For burning bright it is
  That thou in heav'n bear His.
But when in death I lay
  My weary bones in clay,
I'll be revived at last
  (My sinews welded fast),
And join you in that place
  Where grace answers to grace.
Then we'll be joined in heart
  And never more will part.

February 10, 2003
written for my two deceased wives, Sandy and Jane.