My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from April 2002

Poems on this page:
   High Energy
   Ernest Ernie
   Man of Decision
   Pooka Pickle
   K. B. the Ferret
Other Poems:
   His Sweet Song
   Mona Lisa
   Another Year
   Auf Weidersehen
   Princess Diedre

His Sweet Song

Some people seem to go along,
Smiling, happy, handsome, young,
While whistling always some bright song.
For them it never turns out wrong.

Some people never seem to fit,
Sad and lonely, want to quit,
Can't seem to win. No, not a bit.
It isn't fair! What causes it?

What kind of life is it to lead,
To want and yearn, to ache and bleed,
To be put down, to suffer need,
To cry, and think there's none to heed?

There are so many, here and there,
Who feel the weight of worldly care
So heavy that they scarce can bear
Just one more day, or one more year.

And yet above there lives just One,
Who suffered all things to atone,
And dying on a cross alone,
He showed what Love is when it's done.

He bore it all so we might know
That we don't have to, if we go
And do the things He's asked us to,
And persevere until we're through.

Smiling, happy, faithful, strong,
As Jesus gives us His sweet song.
To whistle while we go along,
For we in Heaven will soon belong.

April 1, 2002


There was a young man from Nantucket
Who caught his foot fast in a bucket.
   When he pulled good and sound,
   What he finally found
Was some old chewing gum that had stuck it.

April 2, 2002


My daughter's a girl named Christina
Who is not like the warrior named Xena.
   I am sorry to say,
   She has wandered away.
And I'm looking for her.  Have you seen her?

April 2, 2002

High Energy

My daughter's a girl with a mission.
Let the others relax and go fishin'.
   When her energy's high,
   And to stop her you try
I'm sorry, but you're only wishin'.

April 2, 2002

Ernest Ernie

Oh, Ernie, my son, is an artist.
When it comes down to fame, he's not star-kissed.
   He has kept his day job,
   'Cause his art don't pay bob,
But in all that he does Well, he's Ernest.

April 2, 2002

Man of Decision

My son is a man of decision.
He won't invent nuclear fission,
   But he's sharp as a whip,
   So don't give him no lip.
He knows what he wants. He's not wishin'.

April 2, 2002

Pooka Pickle

In old Erin the Pooka goes wandering.
If you travel there, better be pondering,
   'Cause the danger is real,
   And that prickle you feel
Up your spine, means you may soon be laundering.

April 2, 2002

K. B. the Ferret

There was once a wild ferret named K.B.
Until somebody figured that maybe,
   Treated just the right way,
   He might turn out O.K.
Now, in behavior he's more like a baby.

April 2, 2002

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa was a puzzle
'Cause of her perplexing muzzle.
Hope we will not have to doubt
If your smile is just a pout.
Wish the very best to you.
May your wishes all come true.

April 8, 2002
written for Judy's birthday card at work;
card had a picture of Mona Lisa on the front.

Another Year

Happy Birthday, Cindy dear.
It's come again (Another year).
We hope you're happy, really glad.
Expect the best you've ever had.

April 9, 2002
written for Cindy's birthday card at work.


Happy Birthday to you, friend.
You may think you are near the end,
But I'm sure you're not halfway yet.
You have a lot to give (and get).
So look behind and have a laugh,
Then look ahead to the other half,
And see the possibilities:
Of living for eternities.

April 9, 2002

Birthday Limerick

There is a young fellow named Kevin
Who isn't quite ready for heaven.
   His birthday's come up,
   So we lift our cups up:
May his blessings be seventy times seven. 

April 11, 2002

Auf Weidersehen

Auf weidersehen to Melody.
   For that loss there's no cure.
She means a lot to everyone,
   Of that I'm very sure.
We'll miss her presence here at work
   And wonder how she fares,
And what she's doing where she's at,
   And does she know we care.
We wish her well in all she does
   Wherever she may go.
So take these wishes with you now
   O'er forest, sand, or snow:
May brightest stars be in your night,
   And sunshine every day,
And may your road be arrow-straight
   And pleasant all the way.

April 11, 2002

Princess Deidre

Deidre is a princess rare
With darkened shoal of chestnut hair.
Her eyes give so much cause to stare,
When princes wake from dream so fair,
And even doubt their minds they dare
To think such beauty was ever there.

April 16, 2002