My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from November 2001

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   Oh, Man!
   What Was That?
   Meaning of Christmas
   Thanks to God
   A Dogs Life?


There was a man, Gotama, who by the Ganges dwelt.
He led a sheltered life, His father thought it best,
But finally he learned how brief and vain life was.
He thought that he was doomed to die, and die again.
The only gods he knew were doomed to also melt
And be reborn as he, and pass again life's test.
So he resigned himself to seek out life's true laws
Within his inner soul, what some would call his brain.
He left his home and family, and all his former wealth,
And put on saffron robes, to put life to the test.
He went to live with monks, and beg for food because
It gave him time to think, and try his thoughts to train.
A way to leave the path that caused rebirth, he felt,
Was hindered by life's details, so he set upon his quest.
His wants created karma, and karma was the cause
That he would be reborn to live a life of pain.

November 2, 2001

Oh, Man!

I have a fault, when things don't go
    They way I think they should,
I say, "Oh Man!", and then I know
    I didn't do so good.
Some say there are a lot worse things
    I could be out there saying.
But I'd rather speak of filthy things,
    Than take God's Name in vain.
And though it seems a reach, because
    We do not call Him Man,
I know that God is what man was,
    And What we must become.
For we are, as some prophet said,
    But gods in embryo.
And so I think, in anger led,
    To speak of Man just so
Does hurt to Him who gave us birth,
    To Him who died for all.
To Him who watches us on Earth
    Who lifts us when we fall.
He knows and numbers all our days,
    And blesses each of them,
For God in all his wondrous ways
    Is Man with a capital 'M.'

November 8, 2001

What Was That?

Sometimes I want to learn a lot about a person new,
And I'm afraid to speak to them, and they perhaps are too.
How can we let this thing persist? Oh what are we to do?
Communication is the thing that keeps us all together,
But by and large, we start it off by talking of the weather,
Or, "How are you?" when all we meant was, "Glad we came together."
When someone asks me how I am, I sometimes tell him how.
And sometimes I just say I'm fine, so they don't "have a cow."
'Cause most who ask you how you are, don't really want to know.
For I can rattle on and on about the way I feel;
About the injuries I've had; how long they took to heal;
And it can take some time, you know, to tell the sorry deal.
Why, people take offense at every little thing. Absurd!
To blame the person saying it, although he hadn't heard
The thought that stirred the other's wrath upon his spoken word.

November 9, 2001

Meaning of Christmas

Christmas Day is almost here!
That's what the stores all say.
The shelves are full of Christmas things
For which you have to pay.
But wait! That's not what it's about.
It's more of Love and Peace,
And sharing Time with families,
So Joy need never cease.

November 9, 2001

Thanks to God

We offer feeble thanks to God, for all that He has done
In ages past, and in the Now, and in the days to come.
Before the earth was formed, He wrote the Plan of our Salvation.
His first-born Son would bear our sins, without one reservation.
As Abraham of old, who offered up his only son.
Who waited without struggle, the LORD accepted it as done,
And said that He, Himself, would be the needed Sacrifice,
That once for all it would be done, 'twould not be needed twice.
He formed the Earth, with love and care, preparing it for man.
Giving shape to all the places, forming rocks and sand.
He provided Beauty: Sunsets beautiful to see,
Flowers in their multi-colors, Greens and Reds and Yellows free.
He provided for our Health: Herbs and else to take,
Food, of meat, of grain, of root, or fruit, that we may bake
Or boil, or fry, or not. We thank thee God for all these things,
For all the Life and Health and Beauty that Thy Favor brings.
He brought us also here to Earth, and planted us with care
Where we may find a place, with much good soil, and light, and air,
And grow to be our very best, the best that we can be.
And though it's seldom clear to us, and hard for us to see
That God is leading us around, to where we grow the best,
And oftentimes we learn the most while going through a test.
So thank we God, for all the tests we go through frequently,
For I am shown when all is done that they were good for me.
He gives us Hope. Though all around may seem to be without.
By following the Path that He laid out for us, no doubt
We'll find our way is lighted from above, if just a bit.
And when we take that step, we'll find our next is also lit.
We're also never far from Love. Our friends are all around.
Our God, our Savior, angels, too, and family all are found.
Whenever trouble comes to us, our help comes close behind.
Thank God above for His Great Love, and all the Grace we find.
Our heavenly home He has prepared, with richness we can't know,
For our best visions aren't enough, His blessings us to show.
It is enough for us to think how much His Son endured
To make it possible for us to have our fate insured.
We cannot know, we cannot tell, the things He has for us.
They are too much for mortal minds; we only have to trust.
We offer feeble thanks to God, for all that He has done
In ages past, and in the Now, and in the days to come.

November 13, 2001

A Dogs Life?

You think yours is a dog’s life?
Is that good or bad?
I hope you have a happy day!
The best you’ve ever had.

November 29, 2001