My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from October 2001

Poems on this page:
   Amy's Birthday
   Jesús' Birthday
   Home Is
   Damp Cotton Sky
   PreeWay's Preview
   Altered States
   In Ages Long Past
   The Time Has Come
   Making Friends
   This Blessed Land
   As We Are One
   Facing Our Fears

Amy's Birthday

So now you're five.
    You're a big girl now.
Things you didn't know then,
    You now know how.
And if you listen
    With all your might,
The LORD will give you
    Inner sight.
To see what is not
    Plain to all,
So you won't stumble,
    Trip, or fall.
And while you keep
    Your hand in His,
A happy life
    Yours surely is.
Happy Birthday!

October 1, 2001

Jesús' Birthday

So now you're eight.
    You're a big boy now.
Things you didn't know then,
    You now know how.
And if you listen
    With all your might,
The LORD will give you
    Inner sight.
To see what is not
    Plain to all,
So you won't stumble,
    Trip, or fall.
And while you keep
    Your hand in His,
A happy life
    Yours surely is.
Happy Birthday!

October 1, 2001

Home Is

A Home’s where the heart goes for peace.
Where troubles and trials do cease.
A fortress to fend off the world,
To stop all the darts that are hurled.
Home’s not concrete, not brick, and not wood.
It’s a place where there’s nothing but Good.
Where the spirit can shut out the noise,
And reflect on its blessings and joys.
A Home is where Family lives,
And trusts, and shares, and gives.
Love is planted, and cared for, and grows
‘Til it blooms in due time like a rose.

October 4, 2001

Damp Cotton Sky

The damp cotton sky lay like a blanket on the town below.
Here and there white streamers of smoke rose to the sky
Making the scene like a white forest upside down.

October 18, 2001

PreeWay's Preview

PreeWay's written me email.
Pree's attempt sure didn't fail.
I don't know if Pree's he or she,
But something tells me Pree's a she.
What a way to greet a Guy!
"Hey Girl"'s not the way I'd try.
It hints that maybe Pree's a he,
But maybe she's just fooling me.
Anyway, I'll take the bait.
I hope Pree doesn't make me wait
To find out what it's all about,
And leave me sitting here in Doubt.

October 19, 2001

Altered States

I’m young. I can explore.
I’m old (never wanted to be).
It’s dying, this body I wore.
I am born anew, living free.
I see things as never before.
This is what God does to me.

October 20, 2001

In Ages Long Past

In Ages long past, we dwelt in the skies.
And we learned from Our Father who told us we'd rise
Once again, at the end of our time on the Earth.
And we learned all we could, 'fore we came here at birth,
Things would look bad, and would sometimes seem grim,
But then all would work out, if we trusted in Him.
There were some that decided they'd rather not go
Through the discipline needed in order to grow.
There was one of our brethren who had so much pride
That he challenged Our Father -- a third on his side.
But he lost to the One who would go to the Cross
And would give up His life so that none need be lost.
Then a third of our number from heaven was hurled.
'Til they found they were bound by God's Word to this world.
And then we, one by one, would be sent to the same.
To gain bodies of flesh is the reason we came.
Like Our Father before us, we have to endure
In this imperfect flesh, that we may be made pure,
Be refined and made clean, by repentance and faith,
Learn to live by His words, every one that He saith.
But though we were to fall into sin and despair,
He promised our Savior would come to repair
All the damage we'll do with our will and our pride,
Be our Friend through that Time, and remain at our side.
For without Him we wouldn't be able to stand,
And the Enemy truly would rule o'er the land.
But with Him on our side, there is naught we can't do,
So we'll hold to His hand 'til the Journey is through.

October 24, 2001

The Time Has Come

The Time has come for us to sink
Beneath the veil of blackest ink,
Where we forget our nearest kin,
And even that we've ever been.
Knowing this, that God has said
His Son will find us where we tread,
Though we've forgot what we have been
And all the marvels we have seen.
He will awaken in our hearts
A yearning for those heavenly parts,
And cause our hearts to seek the Right,
And sift it out, bring Truth to light.
In this His Spirit plays the part
That is essential to our heart,
To open up the spirit-gate
For which our darkened hearts await.
That we may find, at least receive,
The Gospel first, and then believe,
That we may know what is God's plan,
And what's His wondrous goal for Man.

October 24, 2001

Making Friends

Making friends is hard to do.
    It seems that it's all up to you.
The Proverbs say to have a friend
    You must be friendly to the end.
And that advice is surely true,
    But surer yet, it's hard to do.
It's true, you must befriend a stranger;
    And just in this there lies the danger:
You don't know where their mind is at
    When you at first begin to chat.
And so you stay a ways away,
    Wondering what you're going to say.
And so the opportunity there was,
    Or may have been, is gone because
You didn't have the nerve to speak,
    Or else your knees were proving weak.
I've been there lots, I know it's so.
    And I'll be back there soon, you know,
And go all through it once again.
    It's worth it all to find a friend.
But every now and then a spark
    Will interrupt the gruesome arc,
And I will speak, my knees will work,
    And end the cycle by some quirk
Of fate, or by some grand design.
    Who knows what forces lie behind
The things we think are luck or chance,
    And bring a guy and girl to dance?
Or talk of things of import great
    And share, some part, each other's fate.
Or fall in love, if "fall" is right,
    Some star-bespeckled autumn night.

October 25, 2001

This Blessed Land

God has blessed this land!
    But how can we expect
More blessings from His hand,
    If we in pride neglect
To thank Him for His hand
    In all, and then reject
His worship in our schools
    And public places too.
Can we be such great fools
    That think we shall not rue
The day we banned His rules
    And left the path that's True.

October 26, 2001

As We Are One

The LORD has said we must be One, as He and Father are.
I used to think that was some strange, and mystic, mystery,
Some thing I couldn't understand, like staring at a star.
And now I know that isn't so, but still, it's depths to me
Are sweet to learn, and more and more, I search it near and far
To see how I may better form with him a Unity,
And with my brothers, sisters too, be on an even Par.
That we together may improve ourselves Eternally,
And serve each other here below, so at the Judgment bar,
We may be crowned instead of chained for all Eternity.

October 29, 2001

Facing Our Fears

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year
    For pretending to be what we're not.
For being a goblin, or ghoul, or a ghost,
    Some thing that's been left out to rot,
A mummy, or zombie, all wrapped up in rags,
    A werewolf or monster that howls,
Or maybe a vampire all dressed up in tails,
    Or flying the night with the owls.
A man with an axe sticking out of his skull,
    Something ugly, we'd rather not see,
And fairies and nymphs, and brownies and such
    Are flitting and frolicking free.
It's a night full of tricksters and treaters galore
    Passing here, running there, in the dark.
Bearing candles and lights, and bags for the loot.
    And where there's a dog, it will bark.
All in all, it's a time, when our nerves are on edge,
    So why do we suffer the fright?
It could be a way we face what we fear
    By becoming it just for the night.

October 29, 2001