My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from May 2001

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   My Compass
   If You, Then I
   What Forever Brings
   Mothers Day 2001
   Fathers Day 2001


Isaiah was a prophet;
He used God's imagery,
And wrote the future down
In prose and poetry.
Like Jesus, when He came
And spoke with parables,
So only faithful men
Saw truth and miracles.

May 1, 2001


  My Compass

(after further reflection)

As the steel needle In the compass cell
To unseen force gives way,
And moves, unknowing, to the North
So we may know the way.

I too shall yield my willfulness
To the Holy Spirit's nudge.
To follow Christ, our Northern Star,
And mankind's final Judge.

Unknowing, too, where it may lead,
Through valleys dark and drear,
But knowing this, that in the end,
I'll see my Savior dear.

The needle, first must be prepared
To serve it's designed plan.
And so must I, through test on test,
Endure the best I can.

Though not alone bear I this pain
For One who bore all things
Is with me, though I see Him not,
And bears the sharpest stings.

My Savior, knowing who I am,
Of what I have been made,
Is working, and will never quit,
Until I make the grade.

To be like Him, Oh what a thought.
A Promise that is His:
To make us fit to be with Him
And see him as He is.

May 8, 2001


If You, Then I

If you were a lawn of green, green grass,
Then I'd be a blanket of snow,
I would give of myself the whole winter through
And be happy when the time came to go.

If you were a bluebird with feathers so fine,
Then I'd be a warm, gentle breeze.
I would rise 'neath your wings and hold you up high,
And do all that I could you to please.

If you were a bee, then I'd be a flower;
If a flower, then I'd be a bee.
For whatever it is, that you need, any time,
That's the thing that I'm hoping to be.

May 8, 2001
Written for a friend of mine to give to his wife.


What Forever Brings

Christina is my daughter dear.
I wish that I could have her near.
But near or far, she's in my heart.
And someday we won't be apart.
For God, in all his kindness great,
His family He won't separate.
And we are His, and He is ours,
By Jesus' Priesthood's sealing powers
We will rejoin in Heaven's due time.
The trumps will sound and bells will chime;
God's Love will reign, and families knit,
And that won't be the end of it,
But just the start of greater things
We'll then see what Forever brings.

May 9, 2001


Mothers Day 2001

Mother's Day is getting near.
And Mothers should expect to hear
The ringing of the telephone,
The voices of their John or Joan
Saying they appreciate
All their Mother's done to date.
Yes, This I do. I'm grateful for
All of this, and yet, still more:
I'm thankful that the future brings
You time to do a lot of things
That you may not have thought of yet,
To Love and Give, yes, even Get.
I love you Mother, and I'm glad
To have what many never had,
The opportunity to see
Their Mother here, when Fifty-three.
I ask the Lord for you each day,
That He will bless you on your way.

May 11, 2001


Fathers Day 2001

I wrote a poem for Mother's Day.
    I thought it would be rude
To not write one for Father's Day
    To boost your attitude.
It's always nice to get a card
    Or letter in the mail,
Especially on a Special Day.
    It cheers me without fail.
I hope this poem will do the same
    For you, And let you know
I'm thankful that you are my Dad,
    And that I love you so.

May 24, 2001