My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from 1999

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   Time Together
   Passing Shower
   Creation Hymn

Time Together

Before the day is through
I long to spend with you
An hour or two of bliss,
With whispers or a kiss.
If still, or passion-filled,
Though they be chance, or willed,
My soul is sure to be
Each time enthralled by thee.

June 7, 1999
* submitted to contest on May 13, 2003
I signed a proof for publishing in a book, Eternal Portraits, on May 29, 2003.

Passing Shower

(written while on a city bus)

I see the droplets on the glass.
I watch the people as they pass.
The rain begins to thicken now.
Pedestrians begin to cow
Beneath the threatening of a cloud
That rumbles with it's passing, loud.

June 10, 1999

Creation Hymn

AT FIRST there was only empty waste.
The LORD made the Earth and Sky;
He did it all without great haste,
So carefully, for you and I.

Day One began - it was still Dark.
His Spirit moved across the Sea.
And then, at last, he lit a Spark -
A Day and Night for you and me.

Day Two was when He made the Sea -
One part above, One part below.
The Air between, for you and me.
A blanket warm of H2O.

Day Three was when He made the Land
Appear from underneath the Seas,
Showing Rock and circling Sand;
He also made the Grass and Trees.

Day Four was when He made the Lights:
The Sun to shine at Morning,
The Moon and Stars for Nights.
And Comets, to give a Warning.

Day Five was when He filled the Seas
With living, moving creatures.
He made the birds to fly, with ease,
To view these added features.

Day Six He had a special Plan:
He made the creatures of the Earth
That crawl or Walk, and then made Man,
Who was of priceless Worth.

Day Seven was His Day of Rest.
He asked that Man should do the same.
He asked us all to do our best
To use this Day to bless His Name.

July 27, 1999