My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from 1990

Take a Bow, Jan

(to the tune of ‘Put on a Happy Face’)

You’ve listened to our problems;
You’ve listened to our joys;
You’ve listened to our sorrows;
You’ve listened to our noise.
You’ve not condemned, complained or criticized,
You’ve been just great!
You even seem to keep your temper when
We come in late.

You gave us appreciation;
You made us want to win;
We knew you really liked us;
You made us want to grin.
You said “Remember that a person’s name
Is sweet to them;
Be a good listener, and encourage them
To talk to them.”

We think a lot of you, Jan.
We think you’re really grand.
You’ve given of yourself, Jan;
We think you need a hand.
You’ve been patient, and thoroughly WOW!
So, come on and take a bow.


May 1990

Thank You, Jan Morgan

(to the tune of ‘Carry Me Back to Old Virginny’)

For teaching us we do thank you, Jan Morgan.
You’ve coaxed and prodded each one out of his shell.
Thanks, now, to you we’re more free to be open,
To speak with courage, and out ideas to sell.

Thank you, Jan Morgan, for listening and coaching.
Thanks for your patience and hope for each one.
Thanks for sincere, honest appreciation.
Thanks, too, for all the encouraging you’ve done.

We have become more at ease and more friendly,
And our relations with others have improved.
We learned to listen, to see others’ viewpoints.
Appreciation we gave and walls removed.

Our goals are set now these skills to develop,
To make these guidelines our habits in life.
To treat the others as we would be treated,
Is the good wisdom which heals and ends all strife.

May 1990