My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from 1977

Ballad of Cove Swimming Pool

(To the tune of "El Paso")

Down at the Cove swimming pool I was swimming
Had all the hot sun that I could endure.
Nila, my cousin, was right there beside me.
We had a fine time, and that was for sure.

Her dad would drive, and sit by the pool.
He said that he didn't mind.
I think he wanted to see that we had fun,
No other reason could I ever find.

We'd go to the counter and lay down our dollar,
Then to the dressing rooms we would retire.
Out of the hot sun we then would be safely
Once in the water we wouldn't perspire.

So we'd swim, and we'd play, and we'd dive for some stone on the bottom.
I'd be as happy if she got there first.
Then when we tired, we'd get out and go home
Where the ice water pitcher would then slake our thirst.

August 9, 1997