My Title of Liberty

     "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." - Alma 46:12    


My Poems from 1976

Poems on this page:
   A Gift from Jesus
   Dead We Are
   O Righteous Father
   We Thank Thee, Father

A Gift from Jesus

The Truth's a Gift from Jesus,
Our LORD who lives above.
It's He who gives us Wisdom.
He sends it with His Love.

He tells us we must seek it,
Like jewels, and like gold.
And we'll be sure to find it,
Like Solomon of old.

There is no other Author
Whose sayings we can trust;
But only those of Jesus.
Believe in them we must.

For He is God, All Powerful,
And He can never lie.
His words to us are certain;
We trust them, though we die.

When all around are groping,
And seeking for the light,
There are things we are sure of,
And know that they are right.

For God has sent His Spirit,
The Holy Ghost, with power,
Who is a friend in trouble;
A Fortress and a Tower.

The Spirit brings His message,
Convincing men of Truth;
No matter what their sect is,
Both aged man and youth.

He gives a burning witness,
Within the heart of all,
Who keep on seeking daily,
And on the Savior call.

He'll give no room to doubt it.
You'll know it in His voice.
He'll make it plain, and show you
That you must make a choice.

It's either: take the Saviour
Who died upon the tree,
Or try to do your own thing
And never be set free.

If to Him you will hearken,
You'll never be the same.
You'll always serve the Saviour,
And bear in you His Name.

He is the great Jehovah.
He is the great "I Am",
"The Everlasting Father",
The bruised and bleeding Lamb.

The debt we owe is greater
Than any can repay.
We only can obey Him,
And walk the Narrow Way.

His Blood has paid the ransom,
For all the sin we've done.
He died to save the people,
And raise us up as one.

He died to save the sinner
From going on in sin;
And those who love another,
Their own soul they will win.

April 27, 1976

Dead We Are

Dead we are to sin and strife,
Raised anew to glorious life.
Praise to Jesus Christ we sing,
And to Him our gifts we bring.

Jesus gives us life anew;
Makes life glow with rainbow hue,
Takes us through each trial and test,
Rewards us with the very best.

Thank you, Father, for the Son,
Dying here, the Victory won,
Buying back the sinful race,
So that we may see Thy face.

May 18, 1976

O Righteous Father

O Righteous Father, Holy Begetter of our souls;
Thou who has watched us down the endless ages.
Grant us wisdom, that we may learn of Thee.
Break our spirits, that we may rest in Thee.
Change our selfish ways, and make them fit Thine Own.
Give us no Rest, that we may know Thy Peace.

May 18, 1976

We Thank Thee, Father

We thank thee, Father, for Thy Son
And for the Vict'ry which He won.
We thank Thee for Thy prophets too,
And for Thy words so sure and true.
Please give us strength to do the right,
And all things fitting in Thy sight.
And may we never go astray,
Nor lead another from the Way.

May, 1976